Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Move On, Move On

I really got nothing today. I'm trying to mentally psyche myself up to gather up the kids, the towels, the sunscreen, the extra change for concessions, etc., etc. and go to the pool. Seems like a nice day for it.

So, I think that's where I'll be today.

Tomorrow, I have an electrician coming to add an additional breaker box and dedicate one outlet to its' own circuit. It's only gonna set us back $500 and luckily, my stolen tax money should be here by the end of the week. (or should I say the Evil Twin's stolen money, since I haven't had a paying job in over a decade).

Anywho, maybe I'll have some far more interesting thoughts tomorrow.

I'll make my blog rounds later today! See ya on the flip side!


  1. Stolen tax money is good, spending it on things you need rather than want is bad. Hope you had fun dropping the kids off at the pool :P

  2. Well, I for one would enjoy a new product review and/or recommendation.

    I'm just sayin' ;)

  3. I hope that you and the kids had fun at the pool! My dependable son in law brought the grandbaby over to entertain me while he hung blinds in my kitchen and pictures all over the house. The neighbors are probably sorry that "The Kitchen Show" is over now. :)

  4. Here's to hoping the pool was great!

  5. Well, we would have had more fun at the pool if Buddy had been agreeable. It was okay.

  6. I'm thinkin I am going to get a kids pool and sit in it in my shorts and t-shirt.....it is hotter than hell at the moment.

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