Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I went to bed fairly early last night and have had such a hard time waking up today. I think it's because it's really overcast and has rained off and on since last night.

We did run to the pool yesterday, but Buddy - being our ten year old "sullen teenager" - griped and whined the entire time. He said the pool water was too cold (get in, you'll get used to it!) and everything else under the sun. So, we left after only about an hour and half.

Sissy had to be dragged out the front gate, while she cried, "My pool, my pool." The Evil Twin had a talk with Buddy about not cheating the rest of the family on things we wanted to do.

Plus, we are going to seriously restrict his computer time from now on too.

Buddy is just a very introverted kid - kind of like me, but we didn't have computers and such (until I was a teen, 12 or 13, and got an Atari). I spent all my free time with books.

I just don't know if I'm doing something wrong with him. This parenting thing doesn't get any easier, that's for sure.

Buddy is a good kid. He never gets in trouble at school. But, he just doesn't seem very social. He says that he's happy and he's never lied to us (that we know) before.

I'm just worried about him - because I love him.

Well, we're just waiting on the electrician now and then I have to run to the store later. I bought a Shark Steam Mop (product endorsement) and I love it, but it says that for best results, use distilled water. So, I'm going to get that, some food items and a few more cleaning supplies.

One of these days, my house will be completely clean (And the "Wishful Thinking" Award goes to....... Evil Twin's Wife!!). LOL.


  1. We've got an awesome kid in our family who sounds a lot like Buddy. Just marches to a different I understand. These are the kids who are gonna grow up and own the world, ya know ;)

  2. Thing 1 is a lot like Buddy. He has a few friends, but nobody he's got to see over vacations, he likes the 'puter but not the outdoors so much, etc etc.

    I share your worries. We all want our kids to be the well-adjusted children we dreamed of, but sometimes we have to take who God gave us, ya know? :)

  3. I think if you look under the definition of teenager you will see that it says it is required that you cause your parents stress about any and all things.

  4. Laura - I hope so.

    Tiff - thanks. I appreciate your insight.

    Ron - I know I was no prize as a teen, but not at 10 years old. I guess they become tween/teens earlier than "the old days". LOL.

  5. Of course you're doing something wrong with him - that's your job. Can you imagine having the pressure of a perfect parent??

    But you're doing your best, and that's more than good enough... trust me, if he was extroverted and talked to every stranger he met and did occasionally lie and was generally a great kid but way too intense... you'd worry, too. Ask me how I know.

  6. 1. My oldest is going through the "sullen teenager" thing. Kill me now. My Godfather always called that age "assolescence."

    2. YES! The steam mop is awesome! But do use distilled water or it will smell like piss, thereby infusing your home with the scent of the Men's public restroom at the bus station. I found that out the hard way.

  7. I agree on limited time, but I think they grow out of it.

    Mine did. She's a social butterfly now.

  8. Getting him to be a team player in family activities is a great idea. I'm pretty sure it only gets suckier from here! Sorry, hon.

  9. Kate - it's always something, huh?

    Rebecca - assolescence is my new favorite word!

    Diva - I do hope you're right! :-)

    honeywine - yep, I know more headaches are in the works. :::sigh:::

  10. My son definitely "marched to his own drummer." Something I wholeheartedly encouraged. He has a superior intellect and wonderful personality. He still has trouble making new friends (shy), but once he gets over that hurdle, the world is his oyster. As parents, our job is to reign them in and set parameters, yet encourage...and parenting NEVER ends.

  11. Have you thought about getting him involved with Boy Scouts or 4-H (he could even grow a fancy chicken for his project!)?

    When the Bear went through that stage, we really found that structured groups (scouts, softball) helped. The sports parents can be hell to deal with though. And, from what I remember sitting on the opposite side of SA softball, at least in her age bracket, there were some serious sports mothers there, so the competition was way too stressful for kids IMHO.

    Scouts, cheering, and vacation Bible school (and church camp) were what kept my mama sane in my tween years. Oh, and definitely a giant stack of comic books. (Also a hobby that would create some socializing and stimulate both his reading and creative sides if he got out to get to know other 'comic book kids'.)

    Then again, I didn't get in any trouble at school ever until I had someone living nearby to socialize with. The socializing took me down the path to getting in trouble.

  12. I really do think that our 2 are twins from different wombs. ROFL! We'll make it somehow.

  13. themom - It's a very hard job!

    BB - I need to look into some group activities for him (and Sissy too).

    R - We need to chat. I've been watching for you online - you must be a busy bee this summer!

  14. OOOh, I have that same steam mop! It's quite good actually. I find it works best if I get off my lazy ass and drag it around. I'm seriously thinking about it. That doesn't seem to be enough...