Thursday, July 24, 2008

Friends and Lunch

Last Wednesday, I met Laura for lunch. We had been emailing each other on MySpace and had talked on the phone a time or two. She was on vacation last week, so I thought perhaps she'd like to meet up for lunch.

As they say, a sucker is born every minute and she went for it. (just kidding!). She agreed to meet us - I have both kids since it's still STILL summer break - anywho....

We met and she is as nice and lovely in person as she is on her blog and in her picture. The conversation flowed right along. In getting to "know" each other on MySpace, we discovered that we know many of the same people in real life.

We graduated from different high schools, but I dated a guy who went to her school and she had been contacted for a friend request on MySpace from a guy I know from high school, so it's just a very small world.

It was a super lunch. I only wished we could have had more of the gang there, but that planning is in the works. Since a few of the local bloggers have regular day jobs, we might have to schedule a weekend meet up, but I think that's doable.

I'm open to any suggestions from Teays Valley to Kanawha City locations, so if other bloggers would like to chime in with ideas, that would be wonderful!

I'm having lunch with Buzzardbilly today. I have a few things to give her and she's going to loan me a book, plus we just really enjoy hanging out.

Also, I know I posted some pics yesterday and I meant to add that I would take request on pics. Want to see me doing something insane? Let me know. I'm only willing to go as far as cleavage - so no nudity, unless you want to see my feet or something (and I believe I already showcased one in a blog about "really cute sandals" a while back).

As for the rest of you - get a MySpace and email me at I'll tell you how to add me as a friend and then join my mob. I'm serious, people. I might have to start breaking knuckles around here and then how will you type? Hmmmm?


  1. I'm game for another bloggy get together. That fried cheesecake is still on my mind, mmmmmmm....

    Picture requests??? Hmmm... Let's see.. How about you in a corset while riding a unicycle and juggling flaming chainsaws!! Just a thought.

  2. And may I say "right back atcha" regarding all the nice things you said about me! I am very much looking forward to next time :).

  3. I'm not that far from you kids. Am I cool enough to come to the next fiesta???

    We have blogfests around here now and then too.

    You'll find me on MySpace

  4. Ron - You know you're welcome anytime. And, I take these pics by myself. It has to be something I do that way. LOL.

    Laura - We really need to find a day for all of us to get together.

    Diva - you are most certainly welcome to join us. I'd love that!

  5. I'm guessing I'd have to type with my tongue...or a helper monkey! Actually I think I'd really like a monkey...hmmm...

    I'm a little far off to join. It must be something about the cold northern weather that breeds bloggers. I only know a couple in the south.

  6. Don't forget about the potential Cass trip, tho it may just be moi. :)

  7. Strange picture, not nekkid.

    Let's see you at a local grocery store with an older gentleman in the background (bonus if his wife is looking on in horror) and you are holding a large cucumber shaking it briskly, mouthing the words, "Are you aware of the penal codes in this state?"

    Or something with midgets.

  8. Honeywine - WV isn't technically north (well, not ALL north) and you obviously haven't been here in the humid summer! LOL.

    Juanuchis - I'm still working on it!

    Dave - the grocery pic may be doable, but I'd have to get the Evil Twin in on it to "man the camera."

  9. Lunch was great and I love, love, love my hillbilly gifts!

    When Sissy saw my shirt and said, "Lion shirt," then later quizzically said, "just eyes" (because the shirt's just a cat face with no cat face outline) I was floored. Her speech is coming along so quickly. And Buddy's turning into a little man on us faster than you can say "look out the hormones are coming to your house."

    I scarfed down the rest of my Andy sandwich last night. It was just as good as when I had it at lunch.

  10. I don't blog, I just get nosey and read everyone elses! Haha. My ex-boyfriend-but-still-good-friend tattooed a gal that commented on his MySpace, we were looking at her MySpace to see a decent pic of it and you were one of her friends. Is aid "Hey, I know that lady!" but then had to backtrack... "well, I dont KNOW her per se, but I read her blog". Yea, I look like mega-dork now :)

    Anyway, small world! and sorry for the tl;dr

    Lindsay in Charleston

  11. BB - I'm glad you like your stuff. I'm halfway thrut the book. Glad your sandwich was tasty again!

    Lindsay - Let's see. I have two female friends who recently got ink - one's name starts with A, the other with M, so I'm guessing it's one of those two.

  12. I want to do lunch!!! I'm free until the 18th, but if you ever want to meet after school for coffee, that would rock, too!

    I'm on Myspace... I think you friended me there, right? I'm never on Myspace.