Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Hooked

Hooked on the game "Mobsters" on MySpace. It's sad really. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about making money and doing jobs on the game to get more experience, points and cash - and then I also obsess about people beating up my character and stealing money from me. Pisses me right off!!

Anyway, I also dragged in a few blogger friends who are also MySpace friends (and friends in real life), so that just makes the game more interesting. I need more mobsters in my mob, so if you play and you have a MySpace... let me know and I can give you info to join me.

If having a MySpace didn't make me a big enough dork, I also have a Facebook account. Many of  the friends I have on both sites are the same.

One guy is a friend of mine from Huntington (back in my college days). I had posted one of my self-portrait pictures that he found amusing and he said, "diabolical looking". He also added that all the picture needed was an apron.
Okay, that was an unfair statement for him to make because we all know how I like to shame myself with pictures. I am not even kidding:
And, I did not go out and buy the apron - I already HAD it! LOL!
So, of course, I had to post this as my default pic on my Facebook account and note that I took my new picture just for him. He thought it was hilarious, but thought I needed to add a devil face to the spoon or perhaps just photoshop some extra fingers on myself.
As he put it, "Nothing says lovin' like polydactyly."


  1. I'm not hooked on Mobsters at all, but just so you know I just bought a Hotel!! Woo Hoo!! I also now have several AK47's and I've started winning some fights!! Oh Yeah!!

  2. As I alugh at Ron's comment I fogot what I was gonna post!!!

    Oh yea, I love the apron look. I may try that next time I pole dance for Mr Wonderful!

  3. Extra fingers would come in handy.


    I really like the apron pic. You look so happy! Domestic bliss, eh?

  4. Ron - Mobsters will be the death of me... right now, it's down and I'm worried I'll be robbed blind by the time it's fixed!

    T - sometimes I wear JUST the apron. (wink, wink).

    Tiff - LOL. I'm a master of the 10 fingers I already have, though. ;-)

  5. EWT...just got back and read your post regarding meeting your Mother. I am so happy for you that everything went so well! :)

  6. Oops....uh, that's ETW..damn jet lag ;)

  7. I have MySpace, but alas, my boss would kick my ass if she caught me on it. LOL.

  8. OMG, Mobsters will be the death of me too! I bought a seaside lot the other day and I'm saving up for a yacht harbor! Don't even bother me at :51 past the hour, because that's when I have to refresh and put all my money in the bank before those thieving bastards get to it.

    Tonite, I'm playing Mobsters in my apron.

  9. Efen - thanx. I'm glad you're back home safe and sound too.

    Diva - doooo itttt. LOL.

    Laura - I think you're the one who got me in this mess. I'm currently busy running moonshine and making money off my luxury hotel.

  10. Hmmm. I've not been addicted to mobsters yet. I'll have to think about that one.

    We have a cat that's polydactyl (they call 'em Hemingway cats because he left his house in Key West to his polydactyls in perpetuity). She likes to shred things with her extra claws. Perhaps you would become a Heminway wife (the opposite of a Stepford one, I would presume) with the extra digits.

  11. He's absolutely right. You deserve a few more fingers, ETW. What was God thinking when he only gave you ten?!

    On the other hand (so to speak), I only see 8 fingers in this picture. Was there some bizarre accident years ago that deprived you of thumbs!!????

  12. BB - sign up for the damn game and join my mob! Hemingway wife... I like that!

    Dave - well, you all have seen my thumbs in other pics, but then you also have to remember I do these myself with a remote control contraption, so I only have a few seconds to get in position after I hit the button. Once I've established I'm in the frame (after the 400th try), I'm just tired of trying and go with the best shot I can get. LOL. Good thing I'm not an actress.

  13. Speaking of Mobsters...
    I was fighting some people last night and winning!! I actually stole about $20,000 total from 2 fights! What the heck sort of money are these people carrying around on them???

  14. Ron - you must let me in on your secret. I get beat on all the time (luckily, I deposit all my money as fast as I can), but I got dead - AGAIN - this morning!

  15. OK, the further up into the organization you go, the more mob people you have to have in your family. The smallest mobs get picked on constantly. (Bastards.) Go and pluck a bunch of 'em out of my mob, they're mob whores and will join anyone who asks ;) LOL....good grief, it's stupid, isn't it? Tomorrow.....*drum roll*.....I'm buying my yacht harbor!