Monday, July 21, 2008

Mondays Mean Groceries

First off, I want to thank everyone for the kind words yesterday on my post about meeting my biological mother. I really didn't do the experience justice in the re-telling, but it's a hard one to put into words.

Anyway, today is Monday. The Evil Twin is off work today (he took Thursday, Friday and today off as vacation days). It's nice when he's home.

However, I do need to get to the grocery store today. How can I convince him to take us to the store, so I don't have to load up all the groceries by myself like I usually do? ;-)

One other good thing about having him home is that our schedule tends to run like a weekend schedule no matter what day it is. Which is to say: it's very laid back.

In fact, he and Sissy are out in the back yard enjoying popsicles and Buddy just had breakfast (at a little after 10AM).

When we saw our nieces this past weekend, they both expressed the desire to have blue stripes in their hair (one is almost 12, the other almost 4). I said, "Well, that makes three of us, then. I want one too!"

So, I'm off to research how to get a blue or purple stripe (non-permanent) in my black hair.

Who said I wasn't funky fresh?


  1. Toots has had an on again off again pink stripe in her hair this summer. I used the Jerome Russell Punky color stuff I bought at Pro Beauty. Painted it on, with foil underneath to keep from staining her head, then wrapped that up and left it on for 15 minutes. Rinsed out and it lasted about 2 weeks (but she is inthe pool ALL the time and I think the chlorine fades it faster.)

  2. Maybe I can get one too!! Ummm that is if I can find enough hair to make a stipe... Hmmmm... I'll keep thinking on how to do this :)

  3. I meant to get bck to you with a comment yesterday, but this couch thing is taking up all my time!

    I think it' WONDERFUL you have been able to make this connection after so many years. It's been great for my kids to get to know the grandfather they didn't even know they had.

    Best of luck...I'm sure it will continue to be nothing but a positive experience for you and your family.

  4. I did the Wal-Mart thing today with the kids, sans husband. It sure is nice to have an extra set of hands to carry all the groceries inside, isn't it? My son is SO good, until we get to the checkout! Then all hell breaks loose. Happy Shopping!

  5. T - I'm going to have to go look at our beauty supply place. :-)

    Ron - Feel free to just get your eyebrow pierced.

    Laureneer - thanks...I thought the same for my kids (nice to have another grandmother).

    Gigi - It was okay, but the Evil Twin emerged, exasperated... I think he finally sees how un-fun the whole ordeal is. LOL.

  6. I just commented on yesterday's too. So sorry I didn't see it yesterday.

    I think Ron could go with blue eyebrows and the eyebrow piercing.

    PS: You are funky fresh.

  7. I went through that phase a few months ago. Ok, who am I kidding I still want a pink layer in my hair! I settled for the spray in colors at the Sally's Beauty Supply. If I were closer, I'd share! :)

  8. BB - you're funky fresh too.

    Honeywine - I've been dying (har har) to do this since I saw that ConAir hair color thingie a couple of years ago.

  9. Man, I wish I didn't work for a conservative corporation in the midst of lay-offs. I'd love a blue/purple stripe in my hair!

  10. Girl, you are firm, fresh and fun to look at. Go for it...can't wait to see YOUR evil twin! ;)

  11. Kathleen - there's always the "hidden" piercings. ;-)

    Laura - I am so going for it!

  12. I wanted pink in the back of my hair for the longest time, but my boss said if I did it that I wouldn't be allowed out of the office ever, ever again.

    Can ya believe???

  13. Yeah, so not into piercings. I have the three in my ears (two right ear, one left) and damn, those hurt so badly, I swore off anymore pain.

    My friend HRH are going to get matching tattoos the next time we're in Vegas. I just haven't figured out where yet. She's getting hers on her ankle.