Friday, June 20, 2008

WV Day

It's West Virginia day, but I'm not going to blog on that. I'm not originally from the area, although the Evil Twin is - I just don't feel like I'm as knowledgeable as need be. Y'all know how I feel anyway. WV is breathtakingly beautiful and I feel like I'm on vacation every day.

My hair dryer is broken. Again.

I go thru hair dryers like a hobo does wine. I guess I just work them too hard.

This time, it's the little slidey thing that regulates the temperature. It just slides all willy-nilly, but only stays on the hotter than blue blazes temperature.

I DO mostly use that setting, but I also like to move it to cool towards the end to really make sure all my hair is dry. If it's not fully dry, I can expect random hair mutiny later on.

That is simply not part of my agenda.

So, I guess I need to run out (AGAIN!) and buy a new dryer. I only spend $10 to $20 on them because I know mine don't last long.

Luckily, mine still does work - if not completely properly - because if it didn't, I'd be at Kmart right now for replacement. With wet hair. Actually, I'd pull it back and hope no one noticed.

I see fancy dryers for a lot more than my budget will allow. I wonder sometimes if I paid the premium price, would the dryer last longer?

I'm not a betting gal, but I'd have to think probably not. And since I'm cheap on top of being cautious, there will be no "test" for my theory.

Unless some company sends me a free one. In that case, I'd put that bitch thru it's paces.

I think it's a conspiracy from the hair dryer manufacturers.


  1. Fine rub in the fact that I have not seen a hair drier let alone use one for a number of years...

  2. I learned, just last week, that I actually do own a hairdryer. I've never once used it since we moved here. Want it?

  3. I mostly use my hairdryer for

    Heh heh heh....

  4. Ron - you and the Evil Twin, my brother.

    Kate - Thank you for saving a hair dryers' life!

    BG - LOL.

  5. You can have mine too if you want it. It just my hair all frizzy...

  6. Oh, it's a rare day when I crack out the hair dryer anymore. That and I get the frizzy that Tiff mentioned. Perhaps if I used it the way Tammie does, then I'd go through dryers fast too (go-rilla, go-rilla, go-rilla girl, you know).

  7. Tiff and BB - alright. Now, I'm sure it's a conspiracy. I'M the only person to use one, so they have to sell me LOTS. LOL.

  8. I gave up on hair dryers a long time ago....i just let my hair air dry and frizz....who cares? No one ever complimented me when it was coifed so I figure they can take me natural. The hair dryer and vacuum manufacturers are in cahoots.....I go thru one a year.

  9. rosemary - I own two Electrolux vacs. One from the 70s, the other from mid-80s. The one from the 70s is limping along, but the other one is doing great. (knock wood). They aren't cheap - $1500. I inherited both mine. But, when I need a new one, I will march to the Electrolux place and buy.

  10. I haven't owned a hair dryer in....heck, I don't think I've ever owned a hair dryer. I think the last time I used one it was to warm up the bed!

  11. I got a hair dryer for Christmas one year. I was 15 or so. It was the package that fascinated me most before unwrapping, all triangular and stuff.

    I'm a boy.

    So what if I had long hair (rock and roll, baby) - what did I know about hair dryers?

    It was weird to own one, and that was the only one I ever had. Now my remaining hair doesn't even require combing, let alone drying.

  12. oh, and BTW, Electrolux used to be made in my old neighborhood.

    They suck. (heh)

    Moved to Mexico last year and sent an entire city into recession.

  13. I never use hair dryers anymore.

    I got tired of my hair being sucked through the back of it.

    Burning hair smells!!!!!

  14. honeywine - I'm starting to get a complex (like I'm the only person alive who uses a dryer).

    db - Most men don't need one. I knew Electrolux was now Aerus (?), but didn't know they'd moved away. Their cannister vacs still rock.

    PP - What do you people do to dry your hair???? I'm so confuzzled now.

  15. I really like the ion tourmaline hair dryers - they make your hair smoother and less frizzy.

  16. I solved the hair dryer problem by simply cutting my hair off. :) It's still not short enough, though.

  17. k - I looked online and the tourmaline ion ones are only a little bit more than what I pay, so I'm going to try one. Thanks!

    Juanuchis - that wouldn't help me and TET likes my hair to be about shoulder length. Now, when I had a mohawk, I didn't need a dryer.

  18. I blew my most recent hair dryer about two months ago.

    Zzzzzzzzzap. And it was gone.

    I think you're right. It's a conspiracy.