Saturday, June 28, 2008

She wuvs everything

Sissy has gotten into this new "habit" (?) of saying the name of an object or food, and then immediately following that with "I wuv ____". For example, she'll say "Oh, chicken nuggets. I wuuuv chicken nuggets." If it's a food, sometimes, she'll also rub her tummy and say, "Yummy."

But it's everything. The other day, we were in the back yard and she picked up a leaf. "Weaf. I wuuuv weafs." (and I know it's spelled weaves, but that's the way she says it.)

She has also taken to spontaneously telling me, the Evil Twin or Buddy, "I wuv you." and give us kisses. I just think it's the cutest thing. She can also be pretty demanding for hugs.

Luckily, she's as cute as a button, so I don't mind indulging her.

I know one thing Sissy wouldn't love and that's a scumbag thief.

A fellow blogger and close personal friend of ours (I'm not going to link to his blog because he's been on hiatus for a while and I want to protect his privacy, too) had his home burgled in broad daylight earlier in the week as he and his wife were at work.

This friend of ours is in his early 20s and used to work with the Evil Twin. They became friends, despite the age difference. In fact, the Evil Twin is a few years older than our friend's own father. But, neither one of them acts their age and I think they bonded somewhere in the middle.

Our friend was born and raised here, but found a good job a few states over and moved. He and the wife bought a house, settled in and started on the regular routine about a year or so ago... I can't remember exactly.

He came home from work to find a busted window and blood in his house with half their shit missing. I guess the dirtbag got cut on the way in (good!). Whoever it was took his wife's laptop that had two years worth of school work on it - among other items (their Wii, assorted electronics).

All this stuff he and his wife had worked hard for.

Someone violated their home, their sanctuary for what most likely is drug money.

The police did get blood samples and lift fingerprints. I hope it will lead to something conclusive. In the meantime, they do have homeowner's insurance.

It's a shitty reason to need it, though.

So, if you could keep my friend and his wife in your good thoughts, prayers, what have you, I'd appreciate it.


  1. Words fail to describe how I feel about those who believe they can just take what others have worked hard for, not to mention breaking into their homes to take it, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Your friends will be in my prayers.

  2. Having homeowners insurance is a good thing, but...$$$ cannot replace the sentimentality, or seriousness of items stored on our laptops or PC's. "Things" can always be replaced - but not the point. Damn thieves - GET A JOB LOSERS! I have been robbed a couple of times and nothing gets my blood boiling more than a thief!

  3. As a person that values my privacy an act like that is more than just taking the physical it takes your security. Hope the blood is from the scumbags nuts and he gets caught soon. As far as Sissy goes indulge this stage as much as possible. My little niece was all about the hugs at one point and now I practically have to beg her to get a hug.

  4. Sissy sounds like an angel!!

    I know how your friend feels. We were robbed 2 times in one week by a kid we knew and his 5 buddies. Oxycontin money. They robbed 17 homes before the police (with my and a neighbor lady's help) got enough evidence to send a couple of them off for 2 years.

    I hope your friends can recover their things or get compensated. We knew who our robbers were, but I still felt violated anyway, knowing they pulled my stuff out of my closet, handled my clothes, and even pee'd in my toilet (left the seat up)! I know it had to left your friends feeling somewhat unnerved.

  5. My heart goes out to your friends! The feeling of violation and invasion of their space will be the hardest to get over in time. When we got our alarm system, ADT was running a special that if you signed a two-year contract for the $30-some-a-month service, you got the system free. I've known a few people who mentioned that to ADT when they went and ADT extended them the same deal. It does help with feeling a little more secure, and it helps with reducing the home insurance rates too.

    Hopefully the police can catch them since they left evidence. I wuv police catching bad guys.

    This stage of language acquisition that Sissy is going through is just precious. You should keep her baby book handy and throw some of her sayings in there from time-to-time. I wish we had done that with Nik.

  6. There are absolutely no words to describe how violated you feel when something like that happens. My silly little CAR was broken into while I was in college, which is nothing compared to what happened to your friends, and I was unbelievably freaked out by it. I mean, it's YOUR stuff! Incomprehensible that someone feels its ok to just take what isn't theirs. Thhhpppppttt...thieving bastards.

  7. I love the thin link between Sissy and the thieves :-p

    That sucks for your friends though :-s There is nothing worse than that feeling of being violated.

    Sissy sounds a lot like me. As soon as I'm in a restaurant I say "oh Cheeseburgers. I wuv cheeseburgers" and rub my tummy ;-)

  8. That is a drug money special fo sho! Time to move!

  9. That feeling of coming home to see the window broken is the worst.

    We were robbed once (handily, way back in college and so didn't actually have any valuables) and the theif grabbed our two VCRS.

    I wasn't so much worried about the crappy old VCRS (he left the remotes, in any case, which makes them virtually useless) but he had pushed the mattress off the bed (assuming he was looking for $$) and the idea that he touched my bed gave me the heebie jeebies for weeks.