Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hopping Caviar

I went to WalMart yesterday. Of course, Buddy had a few dollars burning a hole in his pocket, so we had to pop by the toy section before we spent half an hour in the check out lane (and I am not even exaggerating).

He chose a lego toy and I got this for myself:

It's a piece of walking sushi! Well, it was only .50 cents and I just couldn't resist.

There were several different pieces ("Collect them all!"), but I chose the fish egg one. Not only is sushi just nasty in general, but this one piece has slimy unhatched fish eggs on top.

Ugh. No thanks!

Let's think of ways to make it even nastier. A booger on top, perhaps? A big doo doo log with corn and peanuts? Oh, it's too much for my barely awake brain to assimilate.
In other news, we had a hailacious hail storm on Sunday.

Leave it to your intrepid reporter to get pics. Here's one:

The whole yard was covered with these pieces of hail. The temperature dropped 10 degrees in a very short time period.

It was bizarre and a little scary. A few hours later, all the hail had melted and things were back to normal, although the yard is covered with leaves, sticks and other debris that got blown around in the high winds.

I'm off to get my day started fo real (shower, etc.). Have a totally terrific Tuesday!


  1. I want to eat Sushi!! Wait.. did you say Sushi or Susie?

  2. Brrr! You don't live that far from me and we've not had many days below 90 of late. How in 'ell did you score hail???

  3. I dig candy ass sushi. California Roll type sushi.

    No crazy sea eel or urchin for me.

  4. We drove thought Saint Albans right after the storm. It amount of hail on the ground was surprising. I don't think I had every see hail accumulate like that.

    I see you have a degree in journalism from Marshall. I have a masters degree in journalism from Marshall. What years were you there?

  5. Ron - stop that with your dirty mind! LOL.

    Dave - I don't know! Innit weird?

    Diva - I think we might have been separated at birth!

    Oncee - I was on the "5 year plan" from Fall of '86 to May '91. We were shocked at the hail, too.

  6. We had a raging storm last Sat. and the temp dropped almost 30 degrees in a short time. We didn't get hail, though, and it was predicted.

  7. I'm going to throw Limburger Cheese out there as something that would make even a dog turd with booger gravy nastier. ***warning: long-assed side note ahead*** The ex used to love this English potted cheese called Stilton. It's a bleu kind of cheese, but stronger with the consistency of ricotta cheese (only thicker, really all it ever reminded me of was this nasty chick from high school who used to write on the walls with her panty jam). Since he liked nasty, I bought him some Limburger. The look on his face when he put that cheese in his mouth was priceless and followed by a long bit of spitting and rinsing and cursing. In retrospect, I'm glad I fed him that cheese.

    Hail sucks.

  8. Um, I missed typing that nasty chick was writing on the walls of the bathroom stalls with her cheesy glory.

  9. ??? women keep cheese in their panties?! Oh my another good reason to get there. I'm quite fond on Nacho cheese...

  10. Hey. I love stilton.

    I dig the walking sushi! Too funny! I'll have to look for that at our Wal-mart. That's something to put on my desk at work to further solidify that I'm Odd.

  11. kenju - be glad you didn't get this hail. We were afraid to be too near the windows!

    BB - sick about your classmate, but funny about the ex. LOL.

    Ron - I am going to smack you. You make me laugh AND turn my stomach all at the same time.

    Juanuchis - they were over in our toy aisle, near the legos. At another WM, I saw them near the little cheapy toys along a side wall.

  12. LOL Walking sushi? Impulses are dangerous things! :) My sis makes a candy sushi with fruit rollups, rice crispie treats, and gummy fish that kids adore.

  13. @Ron, Believe me. This is not nacho cheese, more like "this is not cho cheese".

  14. Ha! I bought the same one from WM for my daughter's college roommate. She is a sushi freak.