Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doctor Doctor

I have an appointment with my neurologist today. I have to see her or the physician's assistant about 3 times a year.

Luckily, it's one doctor's visit that I don't need to worry about having to get naked for and I don't get poked at all. They just ask the same questions - blah, blah, blah.

I'm glad that my appointment is at 1 pm. That gives me plenty of time to get myself and the kids ready in the morning. The Evil Twin is coming home at noon to hang out with them while I make the trek downtown - thank goodness he can do that! I would hate to have to drag them both down to my appointment.

So, I'll get to see if "they" want me to have another MRI. My last one came back with only a slight change in brain activity.

I don't mind the MRI tube. It's comforting. What is not comforting is the daily injection ritual. 8 years old and it still feels like a bitch.

And I am not a needle-phobic person. I have three tattoos. My tats represent something tangible, something beautiful. I can't say as much for my other injections.

I dread these visits for a far more important reason. Will "they" find I've become less a person? Will "they" want me to give a little bit more of me away with meds and appointments and poking and prodding?

I have MS. It doesn't have me.


  1. Hey ETW,
    I have an auto-immune neurological thing myself (they thought I had MS - turns out it was my peripheral nervous system, not central) Anyhow, I too have no problem with the MRI tube. I've dozed off a couple times. I have big problems with spinal taps. Had a couple of those - not fun.

    I think you are very brave and you never complain about your MS. It doesn't define who you are and I really admire that in you.

    Have fun with the q and a!

  2. Holy crap, my wife has MS. Bless you, it can be pretty tough to deal with.

  3. {{HUGS}} Hope everything goes well today!! I was wondering, if you fart in the MRI tube does it echo really loud?

  4. Michael - thanks. I've only had one spinal tap and it was pretty un-fun. Hope it doesn't happen again.

    Stew - no way! I'm lucky to have no serious problems - other than tiredness, which I think is really laziness.

    Ron - thanks. And I'm sure it would... that tube is really small and claustrophobic.

  5. ETW - so, no beans for lunch!

    Hope all goes well and that they find nothing new or worrisome.

    Damn right it doesn't have you!

    My SIL has MS and my other SIL has Lupus. Makes me think I shouldn't complain about the minor stuff.

  6. Your last line is an excellent way to keep this in perspective! I hope "they" find nothing more, unless it's a miracle :)

  7. I love your attitude. Keeping good thoughts going you way today!

  8. I had no idea ... ! Hang in there. Ditto on your last line. That's the attitude we should all have in the face of difficulty!


  9. Can you explain the "becoming less of a person" to me please :-) I'd like to know more about that.

  10. Hey girl! You are amazing and you have the bestest attitude ever!

    Something I really needed to see somewhere, somehow today.

    And you are right, it doesn't have you!

  11. k - I didn't have to do the MRI today. LOL.

    Carolyn - got the A ok. :-)

    Tiff - thanks.

    Juanuchis - thanks, too.

    AC - MS is a disease that can cause permanent physical disability. I don't want to lose pieces of my abilities. (like walking or vision).

    Diva - My mom always taught me: "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar". It's an attitude that helps me in many facets of my life.

  12. I love that you don't see yourself as a victim! Attitude is half the solution!

  13. I don't know how you do it. I don't know if I could stand the needles for so long. There should really be a better way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hon!

  14. kenju - I feel like I have two choices: lay down and die or keep a good attitude. It definitely goes a long way.

    honeywine - when I was pregnant with Sissy, I had to do TWO injections a day (blood thinner). To say I am a human pincushion is an understatement! And, there are oral meds clinical trials underway - yay!

  15. Question, if i may - what medications does one take for MS? This is one area (of several) that I don't know anything about. You'd think that by working in the pharmaceutical industry for 17+ years I'd have heard of them all, but no.

  16. Tiff - there are several available now. I take a non-interferon sub cutaneous daily injection called Copaxone. Mine has almost no side effects.

    Avonex is a once a week intermuscular injection (that comes with some really crappy side effects). Beta Seron is a once every other day sub q injection with similar side effects.

    There is at least one other newer injectible I don't know much about. (I think it starts with N, would have to research it).

    All are basically t-cell inhibitors which work to minimize the risk of attacks on the central nervous system.

    There is a clinical trial on an oral med right now, which I do not qualify for as I have had no relapses in the past year (thank goodness). Let me know if you have more questions - I really don't know much about it, but I try. :-)