Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Lucky Day!

The Evil Twin is off work for the next coupla days. He took today off as a vacation day and tomorrow is WV Day, so it's a regular holiday for where he works.

This weekend is also the big city-wide yard sale gig. He and Buddy are going to Wonderfest in July, so they're trying to get money for their weekend there.

I refuse to be involved in anything yard-sale-ish.

Of course, as luck would have it, Sissy woke up really early this morning - on a potentially "sleep in" (even if for just a wee tiny bit) morning.

You know, there is no better therapy than hammock therapy.

I had a bit yesterday and it was most excellent.

Then, the Evil Twin called from his cell phone to tell me he'd been in a car accident. He was rear-ended by an apparently inebrieted "rode hard and put away wet" woman.

The damage to the bumper is very minimal (just scuffs, really). It still pisses me off. It seems like he and I both have bulls-eyes on our vehicles.

My van still sports dents from getting a hit n run about a year ago in a parking lot. Whatever hit my back end was a truck or SUV (higher than my short wheel base van). It's going to cost us $300 to have the repairs done and I can't really "afford" to have it in the shop for long because it's our main vehicle.

It's already been in the shop once, after I got rear ended when I was pregnant with Sissy. The replacement van I initially got smelled like smoke so badly that I had to return it after only hours. The next van I got was a super duper base model without even the remote lock feature.

The Evil Twin's car was damaged the next week in his work parking lot. The rental he had? Same base model van I'd had the week before.

Cursed, I'm telling ya.

I may not leave the driveway today. Not like I can afford it anyway.


  1. 1. I LOVE garage sales, tag sales, whatever you call 'em, I love'em. At least I used to - now I'm too busy :-( I think they're fun to have - provided you're properly set-up - that is, a good friend and a pitcher of mimosas. :-) and they can be a source of great treasures.
    2. Sorry about the car trouble - glad no one was hurt.

    3. enjoy the hammock!

  2. I too am a target. I've been hit in the ass three times, once while sitting still in a parking lot. Each time I've been hit it has been by some asshole that feels it is not their responsibility to have insurance of any type. God!! I hate people!

  3. k - thanks. TET looooves tag sales too. That's one reason he's in charge of this. And I plan enjoying hammock time in the next few days.

    Ron - I hear ya! People!

  4. I'd be laying back and watching the yard sale show from the comfort of my hammock too girl.

    Your philosophy is perfect there.

    I hope you can erase the big ass bulls eyes on the vehicles.
    That just sucks.

  5. Yard sales - a place to buy other people's junk. Not for me - I'm a good will girl. Dioesn't net me any cash, but it does get the shit out of my house and into someone else's bag of problems.

  6. I love yard sales! It's a chore to have them, but if stuff sells and your house is cleaned out and your wallet is full again, then it's worth it :)

    Hmm... think I just talked myself into having one!

  7. Diva - yes, it sux. I went to the store earlier and returned unscathed.

    Tiff - anyway I can get stuff out, I'm fine with!

    Carolyn - the house cleaning IS worth it. What doesn't sell goes to Goodwill. Win-win sitch.

  8. I have NO luck with yard sales, in fact I suspect that people are actually dropping off THEIR stuff at my yard sale when I'm not looking.
    Glad that the ET wasn't hurt in the accident! I remember back when you guys had those other accidents, that was sort of eerie, especially the ET's car getting hit when ordinarily he would've been getting into it at that same time. Makes you think.

  9. The only person damaging my car lately is me. I scratched it on the mailbox (on the passenger side) when mr. kenju wanted me to stop and check the mail as we left the driveway some months ago. I blamed it on him, as I was not used to approaching the mailbox from that side of the car...

  10. Exciting - I'm tellin' ya: the poor back ends are cursed!

    kenju - LOL!!!