Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Wedding Shoes

Sissy looooooves shoes. She especially loves to wear other people's shoes and then clomp around the house in them.

This morning, she was rooting around in the closet I share with the Evil Twin and found my wedding shoes.

She must have been digging hard because they were in the very back. In a box. And each wrapped in its' own little plastic bag. Exactly as they had arrived to me.

I saw them in a bridal magazine and thought they would go with my dress perfectly, so I ordered them. Then, I worried the heel would be too high and I would match or tower over the Evil Twin. (I'm a tall gal).

Of course, seeing Sissy in my shoes brought back memories. The day was rather bittersweet for us. You see, the Evil Twin had been married when we met. I liked him as a person, but hey, he was a married man. As was my luck back then, all the good ones were married or gay.

So, we were friends. And I was friends with his then wife, too. I often wondered how they got together because they didn't have much in common.

Turns out the marriage was over before I ever met either one of them. She had packed her bags and threatened to leave on several occasions.

Finally, she said it was over and that left the Evil Twin single. We ended up living together (and doing other things together as well LOL).

A year and a half later, we got engaged.

His then ex-wife flew off the handle. She threatened to crash the wedding. My parents considered hiring security.

I couldn't understand the hate she was dishing out for us when she clearly left the relationship of her own accord. Like many things in life, jealousy can be an ugly, ugly beast. She was jealous.

Despite her ugly ways, we had a lovely wedding, without incident.

Almost fifteen years, two houses, two children and boundless love later, here we are.

And he's still the hottest thing I ever laid eyes on.


  1. I can't believe how much we have in common..I too, married a man who was separated from his wife (she made sure to drag the divorce proceedings forever), and we married 2 weeks after divorce was final. We lived together for 2 years before marrying. On another front...have you survived the torrential rans and flooding in your neck of the woods? For once, the worst of the storms hit south of me.

  2. Awww, that's sweet.

    DH and I have a similar story. Sort of, except she didn't threaten to crash the wedding.

    He was married, we were friends. That's all. That was it. Until it wasn't. I mean I didn't break them up; they were already done, no kids, a mistake, a mismatch and miserable. I was engaged - I almost moved to Louisiana.

    And then we realized we were really good friends that could be something more. And were.

    You know, we need to remember that when we get bogged down with parenting issues, and being tired, and pissy with each other.

    We like each other (at least we used to) and love each other (still do)

  3. Sooo, did you wear those shoes, or different ones?

  4. themom - I know several couples who have lived thru the "ex from hell" scenario. What doesn't kill us, right?

    K - Homewrecker! (ha! Just kidding). Yes, I wore those shoes. They were fine. :-)

  5. Lil B did the same thing with shoes. What is it about little girls and shoes? I mean cute factor is high, but they can't be comfy :)

  6. Hey, it looks like I'm in good company.

    And FTR, I did not break up the marriage.

  7. Ron - I don't know. Buddy never did this. Must just be a girl thang.

    k - I know you didn't. I was just teasing you. ;-)

  8. I don't remember what shoes I wore at my wedding.
    I still have the dress, but the shoes?

    I DO remember wearing nothing BUT the shoes on my wedding night! Maybe that's why I don't have them? Hmmm...I'll have to question Mr.Man about this. Perhaps we will have to re-enact the wedding night in order to discover what happened to the wedding shoes?


  9. Isn't it nice to know you still feel that way about him? I have to look at photos - or go way back in my memory bank to remember how mr. kenju looked when we met, but I do know that my heart skipped a beat!

  10. What a sweet story. And I love the photo.

  11. Marriage is ugly and divorces are worse! It sounds like the sort of thing I'd do. lol I can be pretty darn vindictive. Come to think of it, M.'s been getting uppity; where's the Exlax?

  12. Kenju - just check on your own site - your wedding pics are there! ;)

    I have my wedding shoes, but the dress is still someplace at my Mom's house. Prolly won't be using it again, so there it shall remain.

    Like I could even get into it now anyhow.

  13. BG - I was completely obliterated drunk that evening, but I remember it all. LOL.

    kenju - The Evil Twin has remained a hottie all these years. ;-)

    wordnerd - thanks. It's hard to get a pic of a moving target, but she finally stopped for me.

    honeywine - LOL.

    Tiff - I can't fit in my dress, either, but it hangs downstairs in a wardrobe. If Sissy ever lands at an adult size 7, she can have the shoes.

  14. I remember exactly which shoes I wore to my wedding. I had to go and buy the flattest white leather I could find. I think they may have been houseshoes. They were butt ugly shoes too. You see, just days before the wedding the late seamstress returned my dress to the shop. Not only had she simply cut off a buttload of beading to shorten the dress, she also hemmed the dress too short so the front was more like a frame for my feet and ankles. They made her let it down as far as she possibly could adn I had to wear flat moccasins. To my wedding. I'm 5'2" ferchrissakes!

    Sorry, that brought on a vent ;)

    Now back to cleaning for my unexpected company. :(

  15. Did I mention how much I really hate cleaning?

  16. BB - I remember the shoes you had at your wedding. They weren't ugly at all. I figured you had chosen flats because your dress was so elaborate and floor length (not to mention the comfort factor. My toes were screaming by the end of the day at my wedding). I had a tea length in the front and floor length in the back dress, so my feet were clearly visible.

  17. My first wedding has faded into blissful memory.

    When David & I married, I wore an ivory salwar kameez. Pretty. Ironic that the wedding color for that culture is red. I wore the same plain, but timeless, ivory shoes I wore at my first wedding. See, I'm practical. I can use those shoes for other than weddings. :)

  18. ETW, Thanks, but I hated those shoes.

    Janis, EGADS! First weddings! I worn an Edwardian (really, antique) boiling silk wedding gown with a full neck collar that would've made Jane Austen proud. Only pleasant memory about that wedding was we had a three-tiered chocolate American sponge (what they call it) cake with real buttercream frosting. I hate it all in the course of a week. All three tiers. Mhm. I was not a happy bride.

    Second times are best. They're the one you married when you knew what marriage meant and loved him enough to enter into it anyway. Can I get a "Hell Yeah?"

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  20. Janis - I hope I don't have to reuse my shoes, but like you, I am of a practical nature and WOULD if necessary. LOL.

    BB - Hell, yeah! (said with my best Hank III inflection).

  21. Awww, I'm a sucker for a happy, happy story.

    You rock!