Friday, June 13, 2008

Wasting Time

I've been extremely lazy the last couple of days. Yesterday, I planned to gather up the kids and go to the pool, but Sissy took a nap (something she almost never does) and Buddy, who at 10 is already a sullen teenager, slept most of the day too. He doesn't really have a set bedtime during summer break.

It also rained just briefly early in the day, so that kinda pointed to signs of "no pool".

Today is Friday the 13th, so I'm debating the safety of leaving the house and further, being around water. The Evil Twin says I shouldn't be superstitious, but really, why push it?

Soooo, I finally got in the shower (wasn't going to shower until AFTER the pool, IF we went). And now my hair and face are all ready.

I'm sweating my ass off after being under the super hot hair dryer.

I guess I'll have to break down and switch the AC on in a bit. Our outside thermometer is saying it's 94 already, but my Weather Station desktop icon is saying 89. Doesn't really matter - it's hot.

And the nasty cicadas are ruining my summer. They're so gross and they are everywhere. Live ones flying all over and dead ones littering the yard. Blech!

Thanks for coming by to waste some time with me today - I've got to get laundry going. ::::Sigh::::


  1. Your AC isn't on yet? At anythong over about 80, mine's kicking to bring hte internal temps down to a balmy 74....couldn't live without it.

    Hey - summer vacation menas everything slows down...including mama.

  2. I like my living area nice and cool. I prefer to see my breath when I walk into a room.