Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Funny Man

Last night, I checked my email before I went to bed. I had an email from my husband - who sits downstairs on his computer some evenings and emails me stuff.

It was this picture:

It was accompanied by this note: Honey, Just in case any of your blog regulars want to know what I looked like when I had hair, here is a portrait that you can show them. I don't mind.

This is, of course, not my husband. Even when he HAD hair (which he did when I met him).

Humor can go a long way to making a relationship work.

His sense of humor was the second thing I found most attractive about him - aside from his general good looks. So: face, sense of humor, hands.

I like a man with nice hands. Clean fingernails and nails of a normal length (trimmed and in shape). A long time ago, there was a guy who pursued me in an almost stalker like manner. He was a nail biter. That right there sealed his fate to never get a date with me.

He had unacceptable hands.

I guess we all have our deal breakers. I'd be interested to hear yours, if you want to share them in the comments....


  1. hmm, dealbreakers.
    Most of mine are personality things, not physical things. When I was younger I had a 'type', now I find lots of 'types' attractive.
    ok, excessive hair/makeup/fussing. Can't stand it. (I prefer au natural, whoohoo!)
    Game players/manipulators - hate it, hate it, hate it.
    Bad hygiene - ugh.

  2. bad teeth, along with bad nails.
    Greasy, realy greasy hair = yuck.

    But really, bad teeth and breath are an absolute dealbreaker - the other two are more easily fixable.
    Who wants to be near someone gross?

    I Lol'd at the pic and the hair was funny - but the eyes were nice.

    I have a thing for eyes. :-)

  3. Bad shoes, bad breath, big ass, and/or criminal record are my biggie deal breakers!

  4. I'm more of a personality person too...but I do have a thing for manly hands...rough and scarred with thick fingers.
    I like a guy with an ass too. If his pants are drooping..well..I can live with it but I'd rather have something filling it out.

  5. My deal breakers are extreme good looks along with those that have a nymphmaniac type personality. It's a real deal breaker if she's got a nice rack and ass too. Gosh I'm just so particular.

  6. M - I put hygiene in the "looks" department. If they look clean, etc. They also have to smell clean.

    k - I agree on the eyes. TET has pretty eyes, but his are brown.

    the kitchen - yep, criminal record would be a really bad thing!

    BG - you'd appreciate the Evil Twin. I used to jokingly call his ass "Big Momma". LOL.

    Ron - aren't you the picky one! ;-)

  7. If I see someone treating someone else badly.... I won't even look twice, let alone speak.

    I agree, humor can definitely make things easier.

  8. CRAPPIE! I lost my comment!

    I don't do haters was the short version LOL...

  9. LMAO at that pic! It's like Eddie Munster grew facial hair and dressed for a prom.

    I used to think I didn't have a physical type. Then I learned that a dude with one female tit is where my line is naturally drawn.

    Personality is the dealbreaker. I can't stand manipulaters, snobs, humorless twits, mean-spiritedness or bigotry in any form.

    And, I totally don't do stupid. I found out the hard way that if he doesn't have enough experience and brain cells to keep it interesting, I cannot take being around them for long.

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  11. PS: I deleted the second version of my huge comment because it was an ether burp.

  12. hmm deal breaker? I think excessive make-up..which can be a sign of egotism. So, i'll say egotism as well. Another deal-breaker? Crazy dad. Or just a crazy family.

  13. deal breaker = lazy, whiny, nacissistic, cruel, manipulative, smelly, careless.

    Instant attention getters - nice smile, eyes, hands, SHOULDERS!!

  14. Diva - yep. Treating others with respect is a big one.

    BB - I think that humor and intelligence go hand in hand (most of the time). If he's smart enough to make me laugh then he's usually smart enough to carry on a decent convo.

    AC - Interesting. I never saw lots of make up as being egotistic. I figured it was more an insecurity issue (and bad taste LOL), but what they don't realize that instead of making them look better, it makes them look worse.

  15. Dealbreakers: bad hygiene, the type of "humor" that must always insult someone else, lack of respect, and a serious lack of brain cells.

    Back to the photo, can you imagine the hairspray that must've gone on that do??? Tell the ET that he was lookin' goooooooooooooooooood! :)

  16. That is so weird. I never really noticed the physical attributes of men. For me, they had to be able to hold a conversation. M. apparently faked it!

  17. Deal Breakers for guys - Bad teeth, long fingernails (which I call fingerMALES). Yuck!!

  18. Am I the only one who thinks that is a good look? I mean, seriously, just look how the hair fades seamlessly into the sideburns which grow effortlessly into the mustache and semi-goatee.

    Of course, the crossed-eye would turn me off if I was a woman looking for a well-groomed man.

  19. Tiff - all good ones.

    Exciting - I'll tell him.

    honeywine - LOL!

    Anon - fingermales - good one!

    Dave - The Evil Twin made the same observation about the hair going into the sideburns.

  20. I'm a big fan of girls that don't try to explode me. Or my vehicle. If I meet a girl that has mad explodery skills I'll just pass on it.

    So I guess my deal breaker is exploding girls.


  21. The mother of all deal breakers for me?


    'nuff said.