Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Later Tater

I am running SO far behind this AM. I finally got a shower, but I had to use the one downstairs. Apparently, the shower massage/shower head thing in our main bathroom is defective. Hair dryers and shower heads... I live an exciting life of replacing those two things. Often.

So, I'm going to have to gather up the tots and trek to Lowe's today.

I was at WM on Monday and I did purchase a new tourmaline ion hair dryer, as suggested by my friend, K. That is the most super terrific hair dryer on the planet!! I was so disgusted with my hair, I was ready to have it chopped off. This dryer works miracles! I hope it lasts forever. Of course, I probably just jinxed myself.

It really doesn't matter - if this one dies, I'll be purchasing another one - Just. Like. It. It was only $23, which is not much more than I'd normally spend.

Ok - off to a different topic. Over the weekend, I had to visit the restroom (for a pee). While there, I noticed a blue line on the edge of the tub. Crayon! Sissy has been really digging crayons lately and I guess she decided to gussy up the tub.

I called the Evil Twin to come look at it, and we scolded her. But, I knew it would be an easy clean up job. One swipe with a Magic Eraser... I turned to walk down the hall to get said Magic Eraser and I screamed in horror.

One wall of the hallway had crayon art on it.

Buddy never did stuff like this.

That hallway is on our list of "to-dos" (it needs a fresh coat of paint, along with our bedroom). However, we aren't ready to get to it yet, so I pulled the Magic Eraser out for that too. It took all the crayon off, along with a fine layer of dry, dry flat paint (seriously, why even bother with flat paint? Even we're not that cheap).

But, it is passable until we can get around to repainting.

As I was sitting on the floor (crayon marks were at a 2 year old level), I actually started laughing. I wish I had thought to get a picture of it.

Sissy will have many interesting stories for later.... She is a handful! (But we love her like crazy). :-)


  1. Yay on the hairdryer! I love mine. :-)

    It really does make a difference.

    I can relate to the crayon on the wall... but mine used black permanent marker. :-(

    I do LOVE magic eraser - for som many things.

  2. I love the magic eraser.

    I don't really know how it works... magis, I guess... but by golly it sure does erase!

  3. Be sure to get at the 2 year old level to get in the mind set of the creature you are stalking. From that perspective you will be able to see what areas are more accessible and alluring to the 2 year old. Be careful as they can be quite dangerous when startled and most will be carrying crayons and other objects that can and will be thrown with deadly accuracy!!!

  4. I love using the Magic Eraser on my shower doors - If I wipe them down every other day or so -it keeps them much cleaner. However, I find it is very dangerous to use on other surfaces, even the lightest touch can leave a mark...

  5. I never used crayons at home as a kid but I remember sprucing up my mom's room with her lipstick one day ;-)

  6. K - I would have shit my pants over permanent marker.

    NCP - it does have an accurate name!

    Ron - LOL! She is dangerous - and crotch level. The Evil Twin pays the price for that.

    Anon - yep, it's wrong for some surfaces.

    AC - I would have freaked about lipstick too!

  7. Lil T is a wall writer as of recent days.

    I'm gonna have to buy stock in Magic Eraser.

  8. I love Magic Eraser. It does wonders with German Shepherd level wall dirts too.

    Before Magic Eraser existed, I had a toddler visitor use a permanent marker on every stick of a solid wood bedroom suite from the 50's. Luckily, that furniture has some kind of great finish that's kept it's shine all these years. Foaming Windex (do they still make that?) took it off like it was dust.

    Grasshopper had a half-finished mural on a wall in her house when she bought it. It was creepy. It had partially painted children. She asked at the hardware store about the right paint to cover it over and they told her to use Scrubbing Bubbles to clean it off the wall first. It came off like a breeze.

    That's all the tips I know of for living with a toddler Picasso.

  9. Diva - you and me, sister.

    BB - thanks for the tips. We've confiscated crayons for now.

  10. Are you sure you couldn't use a few gallons of grayish graffiti cover-up paint?

  11. Nooze drew stick figures on our living room wall when she was two.

    She also gave herself (and her buddy) "manicures" and freckles with a black sharpie.

    It had to wear off.

    Crayons are good.

    HIDE your sharpies.

  12. about Twitter - you know I can relate to controlling DHs. Freaks.

    Have another glass of wine. In your hammock.

    Oh, wait. It's morning. Wait 'til later.

  13. Dave - I *could* use it! But, I think I'll pick a shade of beige (as usual).

    Renn - Well, after she "made up her face" with a highlighter, the big dogs ARE hidden! LOL.

    K - later, later.... mmmmm.

  14. I personally like me some flat paint. I just like the way it looks better than some applications. I sucks when the kids draw on it though...cause it means you need to paint again--period. I love my kids, just gotta deal with the cave art.