Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Orange Tic Tac

The Evil Twin and I used to live in a different county and work in this one, so we commuted together almost every day. I liked that because I could zone out and semi-snooze while he drove. (The Evil Twin does not a good passenger make. I think I've driven the car while he rides about 4 or 5 times in 16 years).

One morning, I had a hangover and was feeling less than fresh in the breath area. I had brushed and mouthwashed at home, but my breath just wasn't feeling so groovy.

So, I asked the Evil Twin if he'd mind stopping at a convenience store to run in and get me some gum or mints or something... He said, "No problem."

Well, he (much to his credit - he's a really nice guy) goes in and when he comes back to the car, he hands me a box of orange tic tacs. I wanted to scream.

We had been married about 2 years at that point - together for about 3 and a half. I asked, "Have you EVER, in the course of knowing me, seen me eat orange candy?"

Because, friends, I HATE orange flavored things. Hate them, that's right.

And, everyone knows that orange tic tacs aren't really the number one choice for a breath-freshening candy.

What was he thinking? I don't know.

I have a blood clotting disorder and I have to take a baby aspirin every day. A friend told me that Saint Joseph's baby aspirin tasted the best. I promptly told her I didn't care because I hate orange things, so the baby aspirin goes flying to the back of my throat and is swallowed whole with a bit of ice water.

Funny enough, I do like oranges and orange juice (not my first choice for a fruit or beverage, though). It's just orange flavored things that make me gag.

The Evil Twin learned a valuable lesson that day. And I only see orange tic tacs as a joke these days. Buddy likes 'em. (who, incidentally, is the same baby who sent me flying to the toilet to vomit if I'd drink OJ while pregnant with him and still won't drink it!)


  1. Oh... well there goes my Christmas gift ideas.... What about those orange slice candy thingies?? I just love those things!

  2. I don't care for orange tic tacs, but I still like that story :)

  3. I'm that way about grape and lime. Anything artificially flavored with either of those makes me gag, yet I love both the fruits.

    Orange tic tacs. Of all the mints and gums, he chose orange tic tacs. That's like someone coming back from the concession stand at the movies with Junior Mints. Blech.

  4. I'm with you, ETW! Those little orange things are just nasty!

  5. I'm the same way with watermelon flavor... ech.

  6. Ron - are ya trying to kill me?

    Exciting - yep, we still laugh about it.

    Wordnerd - it's been 14 years and I still can't figure it out.

    Kitchen - yes, very yucky!

    Diva - Isn't it strange how certain things will set us off?

  7. That's funny. I don't like lime candy, but I'm not rabid about it.

  8. I feel the same way about anything with watermelon flavor - it doesn't usually even resemble the actual taste of watermelon (which I'm also not crazy about)

  9. I'm with you - no orange thingies. I am supposed to take a baby aspirin every day - and do Ecotrin instead, can't even get the baby aspirin down! GAG!!!

  10. kenju - it's just the orange that sets me off.

    NCP - you and the Evil Twin. He also does not like watermelon.

    themom - They make baby aspirin in cherry flavor, too (but I don't enjoy that flavor either). I just swallow it like a pill and hope I don't burp it back up! LOL.

  11. Yesterday, I was forced to drink flavored water (no plain water for sale). It was orange/lime. It was so nasty that I threw it away and stood spitting into a public trashcan on a busy street (normally not a big public hocker kind of gal).

    I thought of you and the orange tic tacs. It was that kind of flavor, like watered down and artificially sweetened orange tic tac. Blech!

  12. I'm the same way with banana flavored anything. If it's not the real thing, forget it. Plus, I have to be in the mood to eat a banana because I'm a person driven by the texture of food.

    If I don't like the texture, forget it. Bananas are slimy, so I have to eat them frozen, or not think about them. I like the taste, just if I think about what I'm eating, I'm done.