Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

Tomorrow's the big day, but the Evil Twin likes to incorporate the whole weekend for his celebration.

I had ordered him an assortment of Try My Nuts products. Since they're a food item, I went ahead and gave them to him when they arrived about two weeks ago. We're still snacking away on stuff. They're tasty!

I had heard of this company from Buzzardbilly. It's one she and her husband enjoy. See, Buzzard is truly one of the pickiest eaters I know - thus, I can take it to heart if she says something is yum-tastic. I figure it's not being picky as much as it is being a discerning eater!

The Evil Twin is taking a nap and I am waiting on him to awaken and send me out to pick up Saturday Night Special, which I believe is going to be Cap'n D's. We went to Mayberry's for dinner last night (I was craving the cheeseburger), but no one in town is serving tomatoes - since they're apparently loaded with eColi or something, so we are bummed. My burger was good as usual, but having no tomato on it was sad.

I mentioned earlier that Saturday Night Special should probably be someplace not tomato dependant, like seafood. The Evil Twin is all about some Cap'n D's... I am not so much a fan. So, many times when that restaurant is bandied about in the list of our choices, I say, "Ugh. No seafood." It tends to give me the grease willies.

I'm not a fan of the fish plank, so I stick with shrimp, but even those contain a fairly large amount of grease.

Oh well, I do like the cole slaw.

So, it's all about the Evil Twin this weekend. I guess I'll be waiting on him even more hand and foot than usual. Let's hope he doesn't request I walk around topless all evening (trust me, he has asked before).

If any of my readers are dads - human kids or furry kids, have a happy day!


  1. Hey! It's fathers day weekend! He shouldn't have to ask for a topless weekend it should just happen :)

  2. A completely agree with Ron. I'm topless right now in fact.

    Oh and Cole Slaw is from the devil.

  3. cole slaw is yummy, the right greasy food is okay, the whole weekend about him is reasonable and topless is overrated. :-P

    Hope you all had fun.

  4. I am totally picky! LOL. Hell, I'm practically a cross between Rainman and Monk when it comes to my food. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the nuts and hope you had a good weekend.