Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Didn't Know It

I've been watching the show "Dead Like Me", thanks to Ron. He lent me the DVDs of the two seasons it ran when he visited in April. I'm just now finding the time to watch them.

I'm currently on Season 2 and I really enjoy it. The basic premise is that an 18 year old girl dies in a freak accident, but instead of "moving on", she joins a crew of the undead (reapers) who are facilitators for the living soon to be dead.

Not surprisingly, the show has some sad moments, but surprisingly, the show is also full of humor and the regular daily examples of what makes life worth living.

Mandy Patinkin plays the role of Rube, who is the "supervisor" of the crew of reapers. In one episode, he is at a yoga studio in preparation of assisting a soon to be dead soul. The yoga instructor is asked by an attractive participant to demonstrate a complicated yoga move in order to help perfect hers.

I was shocked that the "move" was something I do regularly - a contorted position I put myself in just for the hell of it - because it makes my back feel better.

I'm incredibly limber. And double jointed. (Use your imagination). Maybe I should take up yoga.

This was the pose: The Plow Pose. It makes my back feel good.


  1. Season 2 just gets better. It was really gaining speed to be a great series IHO when it got cancelled. Mandy Pantankin has a really good story line in the second season and it was truly done well. Loved this show.

  2. I've never watched that show, ETW, but I do like Mandy Patinkin. Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die

  3. I really loved that show & continue to watch reruns. I plan on being a reaper when I leave this body. ;-p

  4. I love that show too. If I remember correctly Ron said I could also borrow it when you're done with it...

    Yoga is very relaxing and de-stressing. I do mostly stretching but it helps. I'd kill myself attempting some of those moves...

  5. My boss hit me up with that show when we were in Alabama a few weeks ago.

    I thought it was adorable.

    Aaaand, I sure wish I could do Yoga... Not limber, not coordinated.

  6. Ron - I've wondered why it got cancelled after really getting into it.

    U - I liked Mandy in "Chicago Hope" too. He's just talented at being lots of different characters.

    Carolyn - wouldn't that be neat? But, I would probably get too sad.

    BG - I think he did too. I'm finished with Season 1 and will be wrapping up Season 2 soon. We need to get together.

    Diva - it really is cute. I'm not coordinated either. I think my mom used the term "bull in a china shop" LOL.

  7. Count me in as another fan. LOVE that show.

    Yoga rocks, but is harder than it looks. Who'd-a thought that just standing still could be so difficult?

  8. Tiff - I probably couldn't do some of the poses that require steadiness, but bendiness? Yes.

    Dave - ask and receive my friend.

  9. I never really focused on Georg(ia) but I loved the other reapers. I did especially love the bear episode with the fasting protesters. :)

  10. Um. Don't mean to harp but certain anatomy of your might mean suffocation if you do that for too long.

    Two words.

    Global. Warming.

    (lol! man I crack myself up)

  11. Honey - George is probably my least favorite reaper too.

    Stew - You are amazingly hilarious, but you obviously don't realize I really rein things in with industrial type bras. LOL.