Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Uninspired doesn't mean unhappy - it just means not feeling too creative or chatty today.

I took the kids to the pool yesterday. That makes me feel weird saying it. I'm always worried that someone will take it figuratively and think I mean, "I took a dump", but no. I'm a girl, I don't do that sort of business. LOL. But, I literally put my children in swim suits and we went to the actual swimming pool.

It was a cooler day when the wind blew, so Buddy was standing there shivering. Sissy and I had a good time. It was the first time of the season we had gone. We belong to a private pool, so it's always not too crowded. Sissy and I had the baby pool to ourselves.

I'm going on day three of no sex. It doesn't make me a happy camper, nor necessarily an unhappy camper, but it does make me a horny camper, so there.

Seems like someone (the Evil Twin) will be busy later on whether he wants to be or not.

It also seems like I have been at the Kroger's every evening for one or two things. I had to go last night. Even though it was Tuesday evening, and all the elderly had completed their shopping, it was a fricking madhouse in there. I came home and told the Evil Twin that they should just change the name to Cavalcade of Morons.

Seriously, folks, open your eyes! When you're blocking an entire aisle with your shopping cart and others (yours truly) are standing behind you trying to get by (and in a hurry, I might add), move your fucking cart!!!

To make matters worse, no one told me we were out of toilet paper before my little shopping nightmare, so guess where I'll be later?

That's right. At the Cavalcade of Morons buying apples and toilet paper. Nothing screams "I need to wipe my ass!!!" like buying a large package of TP and maybe one or two other items.

Then again, I'm a girl and thusly do not do that kind of thing.


  1. Oh, I hear you.

    I went grocery shopping last night instead of birthday shopping, so I'm a little stressed right now, but I distinctly remember steering my cart over to the bags of baby carrots. I vaguely remember steering around a man in the aisle and spying the bags of frozen veggies (I needed spinach, I know, exciting info) - I could have SWORN that I bought carrots, but when I was packing lunches this morning, no carrots. I have to go back again today. Maybe I am going senile or could I have adult ADD?

  2. Are you saying you 'took a dip' yesterday? lol!

    I hear ya about the aisle blockers. I posted about that same thing this morning in fact! Great minds :)

  3. I've been without coffe for the past few days, and can't work up the desire to go to the grocery store to get more. That's pretty bad.

    I like the 'cavalcade of morons.' The phrase, not the place.

  4. k - I hate it when I forget things that are on my list! I'm going to have to chalk it up to mental stress from dealing with the morons.

    Carolyn - I didn't even take a dip, I just sat on the edge of the baby pool. Of course, I could have just said, "There I sat all broken hearted...." LOL.

    Tiff - that is sad. I could live w/o coffee, but not the Evil Twin - he'd have my balls in a vice if there was no coffee.

  5. Buy bananas instead of apples.

    You won't need the toilet paper.

    Just trying to help.

  6. I guess I don't know you as well as I thought I did, ie "he'd have my balls in a vice if there was no coffee." LOL

  7. Mooooog - thanks for you concern! It turns out I'll be getting bananas, too. :-)

    Exciting - you have obviously forgotten who wears the pants in this family! lol.

  8. HAHAHA....I'm still laughing at the comment about having your balls in a vice...

    I KNOW who wears the pants in your house. The same one who keeps the Evil Twins balls in her purse! (I need lessons on how to be in charge here at my house...hahahaha)

  9. I avoid WalMart at all costs due to the overwhelming number of idiots, asshats and morons that the place attracts.

    Crap! I gotta stop and get toilet paper too.

  10. Shopping ettiquette should be taught in schools.

  11. BG - well, it's more equal than that, but I like to tease him.

    Diva - you gotta wipe your butt, too?

    Ron - agreed, but it would most likely go in one ear, out the other.

  12. I went to Kroger's yesterday. There was one little deaf kid in there apparently named "Bobbystop" and no one had told his mom he was deaf. All through the store I could hearing her screaming "Bobbystop, Bobbystop, Bobbystop." Once in a while she'd throw in his last name "Bobbystop Thatrightnow" and all of them were in that "we reason with our children" tone of know, the one says she's so proud of the reasoning that she's been blinded to the fact that it's clearly not working.

    I hate Kroger's. I hate people. Put them together and it's a festival of hate. You have my sympathies.

  13. Up here, it's "dropping the kids off at the pool"... so a bit different.

  14. I'm with ya. I've had to go to Walmart every freakin' day. And Tina is sending me again tomorrow! :( With the sex however, I concur!

  15. BB - you've always been a girl after my own heart.

    Kate - we say that too. Any sentence with both "kids" and "pool" just seems suspicious to me now.

    Honeywine - what is up with that? LOL.

  16. Hey uh, don't look now but you're channeling a certain Swede...