Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bunny Rescue Squad

The Evil Twin had to get out and take care of the yard today. Yes, it's Father's Day, but it needed to be done. We have a veritable zoo around our property and when he went out to get started, a bunny was startled and dove into a hole in our chain link fence.

He overestimated his ability to get fully thru the opening and his fat little butt was caught. The Evil Twin called me to come help. It was decided to get wire cutters to snip one part of the fence, so he could escape. My job was to hold back some branches that were in the way.

The poor little fella had tired himself out kicking and wriggling, so when the Evil Twin cut and moved the wire, the bunny just sat there. The Evil Twin had to lift up his little back feet and give him a push. Our little bunny friend ran off, unharmed, but definitely shaken and scared.

Later, I took the dinner order. The Evil Twin wanted my Paprika Chicken. That involved a trip to the store. I didn't mind because I needed some other things anyway.

I got in my van, buckled up and started it up. All of a sudden, I was hit by a flying something. A cicada! Bleeech! I was more terrified than the baby bunny, I think. I screamed like a chick in a horror movie.

I quickly removed my seat belt and bolted out the driver's side, still screaming (and I am not even joking about that) with the engine still running. I ran up to the door, practically in tears.

The Evil Twin looked all over my van and said the cicada in question had probably flown back out thru the open door.

I'm not the kind to have huge entomological problems, but those cicadas are nasty, disgusting critters. And they're not small, either. But, if it stings, is a fly or roach or cicada, you can count me out.

The whole incident gave me the skeeving jibblies.


  1. Kudo's for rescuing the poor fat bunny, LOL. As far as the cicado goes it's OK, but if a zombie ever charges the van you need to keep you head in the game, it's a lot more dangerous then.

  2. One summer, I remember breaking about 4 brooms beating cicadas to death - it was their 17 year revival or something! And then there are the kids who like to collect them and put them in jars - YUCK!! I'm sure they serve some ecological benefit - but I don't see it. I am sooo not a bug fan! Now I am putting up with miserable ear wigs.

  3. So, did you make the chicken or what?

  4. Ron - He was sooo cute!

    Themom - that's what we're dealing with, the 17 year dealio.

    Tiff - yes, I made the chicken and the Evil Twin said it was perfect (he's so complimentary).

  5. I don't do bugs. Under any circusmstances.

    I would have screamed like my butt was on fire.

  6. I'm one of those people who love cicadas, especially the 17-year ones. They'e so ugly they're cute. I thoroughly enjoyed Brood X back in 2004 when I worked at Mass. & Neb. Aves. in DC.

    Wouldn't eat one tho. That's going too far!

    However, I think I'll do your chicken tonight! Doesn't look like it's a grillin' night. Mm, your chix with some egg noodles. Delish!

  7. Diva - that's pretty much the scenario.

    Juanuchis - you have to be joking! I was screaming and flailing my arms like a lunatic on crack! LOL. Let me know if you like the chix - egg noodles will be great!

  8. Yay for bunny rescues!

    Grasshopper and Sugar Bear live in the woods. The cicadas are deafening at their house. Sugar Bear hates them. The night before we left, she came home and had to call her mom before she could get in the house because the screen door had a bunch of them hanging out on it.

    Once we started heading back into Appalachia on our trip, the windshield would quickly fill with cicada splat. It's like hitting small birds, only you don't mind so much that it died.

  9. Heh - cicada splat.

    My son had a frog years ago that we would feed all manner of bugs. Cicadas were ON the menu - we'd toss one in the aquarium, watch the interspecies sumo match, and cheer when the frog won.

    Must make recipe. Thanks for sharin'!

    I had to rescue a bunny once, but it didn't turn out as well. My friend's cat caught a bunlet, and tore it to bits. Had to put it out of its misery, and that is something I never want to do again.

  10. That chicken sounds oh so yummy! The cicada, not so much.

  11. BB - that's what I tell TET when we see dead ones all over: "Well, at least they're dead!".

    db - That's sad. Srsly, make the chicken.

    Dave - absolutely!

  12. OMG, I freak if something falls on my head or flies around it and I'm in a confined space like a car.:::shudder:::

    Once I was driving and a huge bee ended up on my foot. I almost crashed the car. I pulled over and jumped out and started dancing around....

  13. Be glad you're not here. We have roaches that fly! It is soooo freakin' creepy!