Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The ABCs of Me, Me, Me

I stole this from my pal,kwr at Give Me A Minute.....

Accent: Southern-ish. Evil Twin says I sound like a magpie.

Bra size: LOL. I don’t know. Bigger than a 36 D apparently.

Chore I hate: all of them, bathrooms the most.

Dad’s name: Billy Robert _______

Essential make-up: eyeliner

Favorite perfume: Coco Chanel or Clinique Happy (currently the Chanel)

Gold or Silver: silver

Hometown: Birmingham, AL.

Interesting fact: I could read at the college level by the time I was 7.

Job title: Domestic Engineer

Kids: son, Buddy (10) and daughter, Sissy (2).

Living arrangements: Ranch style house with full finished basement in WV with my husband and two chili-beans. And a bird.

Mom’s Birthplace: Elba, AL.

Number of apples eaten in last week: One half.

Overnight hospital stays: 2 as an adult (one for each c-section) and one as a child. I refused to stay overnight after an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy surgery.

Phobia: Bees

Question you ask yourself a lot: Do I have enough wine?

Religious affiliation: Catholic (convert in my 30s).

Siblings: 1 younger brother (adopted, who I was raised with). 1 younger biological sister and 1 younger biological brother (not raised with).

Time I wake up: For summer break, about 7:30am

Unnatural hair color: With black hair, I have to cover the greys.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: mushrooms... brussels sprouts (ditto).

Worst habit: Laziness.

X-rays: Bunches. And I get to spend time in the MRI often, too.

Yummy food I make: meatballs, enchiladas, pound cake

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Who's next?


  1. I was gonna do this here meme, but then I read Bra size and favorite perfume and I was a little put off.

  2. Cool! I'll do it in a bit!

    I also have a literary meme to add. :)

  3. Lol on the question. I'd have to agree with that!

  4. OK - so what'd you convert FROM? And why?

  5. Ron - but you can just ditto my answer on Make up essential - eyeliner!

    Juanuchis - I'll be looking forward to it.

    k - a girl's got to have her priorities.

    Tiff - I was raised Southern Baptist, went thru an agnostic phase and converted b/c I have always been in love with the Catholic faith. When I was 14, I visited Mexico and saw the cloak of Juan Diego in the basilica and I was hooked. But, a southern baptist gal doesn't just tell her family she's going to be Catholic... she waits 'til she's an adult and does it anyway!

  6. Yeah, answer Tiff's query! I'm curious too. Good meme.

  7. kenju - see brief answer above.

    Wyld - where've you been?

  8. Evil Twin says I sound like a magpie.


    Ugh... I hate cleaning bathrooms, too. It's probably my least fave, as well.

  9. I done it too, except for the girly questions. OK, I answered those too. But totally forgot about mushrooms, but then remembered they're not veggies but fungus, so it's ok.