Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Say No

I don't wear t-shirts. You know, the crew neck variety, sometimes with a saying or something on it? I only wear regular tops and they have to be either v-neck or square neck. I don't do 3/4 length sleeves, so it's only short or long. Many of my short sleeved tops have cap sleeves and that's okay - but it has to be some sort of sleeve.

I don't wear tanks, either. At least not out in public. I do own a few t-shirts, from years ago - mostly for sentimental reasons.

Unlike sweats, I consider t-shirts to be "real" clothes, but I just don't wear them.

There's a mom who has a son at Buddy's school. She's very pretty, but she always wears large (like way too big for her little figure) baggy t-shirts and track pants. I mean, every time I see her. I often wonder if she owns a mirror....

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I dress like some high fashionista myself. But, I do take pride in my appearance enough to try to match and look semi decent. My regular summer uniform is denim shorts and a top of some sort. I slip sandals on to leave the house.

Which is another of my "clothing" issues. Shoes.

I don't like tennis shoes and in fact, don't own any. Not.One.Pair. I don't plan to take up jogging anytime soon, but if I change my mind, I'll definitely invest in an appropriate shoe.

Until then, it's sandals in the summer and Land's End hand sewn mocs in the winter. With only beige colored socks.

It may be a mental illness, but it makes my life SO much easier.

The only times I change clothes a million times are if we're going to a decent restaurant. Otherwise, I just wear what I've got on.

For church, I might don a denim skirt... or just wear what I have on. The Catholic Church is very laid back when it comes to attire. I love that about it.

No one cares that I have tattoos. Or if they do, they don't tell me about their issues. Which, trust me, is a good thing - because I would hate to have to tell someone to stick it up their ass in church.

I have loads of other "clothing" issues. But, it helps the budget (I don't buy, buy, buy) and it makes shopping easy (I know what I'm looking for, so I don't waste time looking at everything).


  1. I don't wear tank tops or even halter tops myself so I'm right with ya :)

  2. I don't wear t-shirts either. I have them - too many, in fact. But I would only wear them for actual athletic-type activity. Or maybe cleaning out the garage or gardening.

    And I won't wear sneakers unless I'm running (I do that now. sort of.)or walking for actual exercise.

    I like v necks, too, but now that my body has significantly changed shape, I'm dressing to hid my stomach, not my chest. It's a whole different thang.

    I don't care about anyone else's tattoos. Although I do wonder what it will be like when all these twenty-somethings with great bodies and cute tattoos turn like, 82.

    What's your stance on ankle bracelets? :-)

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  4. Excellent outlook on clothing.

    I'm not picky patsy, but men's type t-shirts are a no-no in my closet too.

  5. Ron - but you'd look so cute in a wife beater.

    K - I like ankle bracelets. I wore one for years, but it broke this summer.

    smichal - thank you. I actually saw that one on Amazon yesterday and put it on my wish list!

    Diva - thanks. I start to wonder about myself sometimes. LOL

  6. I love t-shirts and have almost as many shoes as the average woman. It's scary. But with the hiking, kayaking, running etc there's all sorts of specialized footwear. I only have a few pair for regular activities.

  7. I'm a walking clothing disaster...seriously.

    I don't really give it a lot of thought. Normally I'm more concerned about whether I rinsed all the soap out of my hair in the ninety seconds I had free to shower... or I'm thinking about whether I need to pick up Little Beatle at 3 or 4 o'clock.

    Just call me a fashion disaster...

  8. I have two favorite T-shirts, plain solid color that are just the right size and softness - and one just got paint on it. Dammit. My closet is stuffed with shirts (including a Smoking Fish shirt or two), but I think I should clear most of 'em out and get more like my favorites. It's my work uniform basically.

    I'd like to hear you say that to someone: "Stick it up your ass in church!"

  9. Dave - ya gootta go with what you need.

    BG - Well, you were nicely dressed when I've seen you, so I think not a disaster!

    db - for guys, tees are expected. The Evil Twin loves his WVSR shirt.

  10. Oh, I'm a fashion plate of what NOT to do.

    When I'm not working, I'm in some gawdawful get up of sweats or shorts and some t-shirt which inevitably clashes with the shorts, sometimes mismatched socks, my $6 Dollar Store "crocs" OR muck boots.

    Oh, and said shirt and sweats/shorts may have a hole in them thanks to Gleason.

    They're all clean! David just shakes his head.

  11. My entire family has threatened to nominate me for "What not to Wear".

    This includes my 7 year old daughter.

    My sister went through my clothes (with my permission!) while I was in Maine. She threw out 4 t-shirts, 3 regular shirts and took away 2 shirts, a jacket and a pair of pants. Her comments? "Too big, too big, too big, NASTY, OLD, Worn out...TOO BIG! How many people wear your clothes while you do?!"

    I'm down to 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants for work.

    I only wear white socks (sport - they help with the swelling) and slip on sandal/sneakers, generic Docs or Generic Birks.

    We ALL have our issues!

  12. I can dress up with the "best of them", but my casual attire consists of mostly Steeler wear. Winter - it's sweatshirts & sweats, Summer - it's T-shits and shorts (or capris). And I stated before - the sandals come out first day of Spring until probably end of October or into November. I'm not quite a fashion disaster, maybe Just need to update the casual wear a wee tad.

  13. Juanuchis - hey, you have a lot of outdoor activities going on.

    Renn - too funny.

    themom - You can't go wrong with Steeler wear! I got the Evil Twin a Hines Ward NFL (home) jersey for Christmas a coupla years ago!

  14. Curmy and I both have a love thang for t-shirts, especially nasty ones. It all springs from our mutual hatred of people. Why have them try to talk to you when you can scare them away with your shirt?

  15. I feel the same way when I see my friend Rachel coming in her pajama pants, husband's T-shirt, and requisite ponytail. It takes just as long to put on actual clothes. I highly suspect she sleeps in them. :(