Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome to the D List

And by that, I mean when we went shopping today I got a new bra. 36 D. Sheesh. I knew the Jugs of Fury were popping out of the 36 C I had been wearing, but let's get real here - I'm a tall, but slender person. What happened???? Oh well, the Evil Twin thinks it's just great.

To make up for my disgruntled attitude, I found the cutest sandals ever and they only had ONE pair of size 7s, so I just had to get them, ya know?

It was the only thing I got for myself all day. I found a few cute outfits for Sissy for Spring, the Evil Twin found new fat man pants and shirts and after all the crazy Kohl's mess, we went to Sam's (the exclusive club, according to Jeff at the WVSR - LOL).

I love Saturdays at Sam's. It's free sample day. And, even though we'd just had lunch at the I-HOP and I was full as a tick, it didn't stop me from being shameless and sampling several freebies. Yumm-o. I didn't have any dinner, nor have I eaten since then - and that's been since about 2 pm. I am FULL. :::Burp:::

The Evil Twin and I just finished watching "Hard Candy", which is a film starring Ellen Page (of "Juno" fame). This was recommended by DonutBuzz and I believe also the Film Geek. It was an amazing, thrilling, bite your nails type of movie. The Evil Twin unfairly had pegged it prematurely as a chick flick - he was completely blown away by the complexity of the film and just loved it.

I have to log my time on my exercise ball this evening - otherwise, lunch at I-HOP will ruin my dieting efforts.


  1. Congrats on the D's and the sandals. Free food always tastes better doesn't it?

  2. Was this a new brand of bra? A new style, perhaps?

    I range anywhere from high C (rare) to E when I shop, depending on store and brand.

    I try to stick to the middle, and now shop almost exclusively at JC Penny's or The Pennyrich Bra Patch.

    Congratulations on the cute sandals for Spring! Is there a pedi in your future to 'get into the spirit of the new season'?!

  3. Bra size - we won't go there...but you could bowl with the knockers I am stuck with. I call them the weather predictors, because as I leave the house, they know the temp before the rest of my body. Wish we had an iHop around here - love 'em.

  4. I love free sample day. YUM!!!

    Thanks for the movie recommendation! It sounds like my kind of flick!

  5. Exercise ball?! I have one somewhere. I tended to roll right off of it. I didn't get it, obviously. ;)