Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More on Showers

And I don't mean the baby or bridal variety. I'm talking about the turn on the faucet and hose yo nasty self off type. The Evil Twin and I are both uber-picky about water pressure. When Wyld visited, he used our shower downtairs - even though the upstairs one is roomier - but he commented on the good water pressure.

I had to tell him about our almost fanatical desire for finding shower heads that delivered a decent burst of water. We changed the one downstairs shortly after moving in because the one that was installed was pathetic. The Evil Twin removes the regulators out of them and then installs, so it's a sure bet the water will be a solid stream.

I have very thick hair, which requires some serious pressure on it so I can get the shampoo and conditioner to rinse out. A girl has to have her priorities, ya know?

We also enjoy hot showers, so we've tinkered with the hot water tank to deliver that for us. Energy and water conservation be damned! We need GOOD showers!

We had a little shower situation recently and had to replace the shower massage thingy from our main bath tub. The Evil Twin brought one home and installed it.

After I got out of the shower later yesterday morning, I called the Evil Twin at work and said, "That shower head's got to go. It sucks." He agreed and while I was at WalMart, I bought a different one. (I plan to take the other one back - I have the receipt and packaging - and when asked why I'm returning it, I'll say, "It was the shittiest shower I've ever had in my lifetime.").

Of course, I'm lying - the shittiest shower I've ever encountered was at a bed & breakfast we stayed at near Cass Railroad once, but the store in question doesn't have to know that - and besides, I wasn't facing the wretched fact that I LIVED at the B&B and would have to deal with the "Dribbler" on a daily basis. It was just ONE morning of my life ruined by shitty water pressure.

Honestly, if I liked crappy water pressure, I may as well hire someone to stand behind me and spit on me. I'd save on water bills at least.


  1. I'm sure you wouldn't have to pay someone to do that, heck they would probably pay you. LOL, now I'm going to have to go out on the interweb and see if a spitting fetish really exists out there, I'm sure it does everything is out there.

  2. I totally agree on the shower head. I also remove all the stupid regulator/water saver crap, and then even DRILL out the little hole to make it bigger so more water comes through! I'm paying for the water -I might as well use it!

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  4. 1) I believe you may have gotten spammed a little on that comment above.
    2) Man, do I hear you on water pressure. I like the coming out so hard it nearly takes your skin off kind of pressure. We (about a year ago) got one of those waterfall type shower heads. Thought it would be cool. FAIL. That thing sucked so hard! We spent good money on it too! Took that thing back right away!

  5. Way back when I lived in a reantal house with such shitty water pressure that i would tell people taking a shower was like bing spit on by two six-year-olds. Miserable.

    Now I have a cheapo shower head that jets out water so fiercely that the Things say it's like being pelted with rice. i LOVE it.

  6. Don't come to my house, then. Our pressure is not all that great. We are on a well, and I think that's the reason. We love going to hotels that blast you out of the tub!

  7. Being well traveled shower person myself, I agree with you about showers and yours was excellent.

    I don't think you could have someone spit on you for a very long time for a shower, it just seem practical enough, but in rarified circumstances it might be all well and good.

  8. I'd imagine that the cost of the spitter would negate the savings on the water bill.

  9. No, the shittiest shower you can have is at my house....the pump is slowly dying at the well, the water has iron in it, the shower head gets clogged up in days from the iron and everything white has an orange glow about it...ya, that is a shitty shower.

  10. This reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where the apartment super put in low-flow shower heads and everyone had flat hair. Then Kramer went out and bought (thru the black market) shower heads used by the circus to hose down the elephants. Maybe you guys should check into that next time Barnum & Bailey's in town, lol!

  11. I once dated a guy who had six showerheads in his shower. They were placed in pairs in the shower in two columns down the corners angled toward the center. It was like a human car wash.

    When I got out of the shower he was all excited to see how impressed I was by his six showerheads. I said it was okay but the truth was: being 5'2", the top one hit so close to my face that I felt like I was being attacked by water.

    I like me some water pressure, but that one was a bit much.

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