Friday, March 7, 2008


I'm glad it's Friday. Don't know why - I just am. Buddy's Easter Break is coming up in a couple of weeks and that's always a nice little vacation from the school routine.

Also, we're heading into mid-March, which in WV doesn't really mean much. It has snowed here on my birthday (late April), so anything is possible, but I'm hoping that warmer weather is on the horizon. I'm so ready to get out my Spring/Summer clothes and get a chance to wear my really cute new sandals.

A word about "Women and Money" by Suze Orman - great book and a really easy read. It's full of great advice and it helped me see some ways I was keeping myself down financially when I had the resources to turn that around. I wish I could loan the book to every single person who reads my blog. But, since I can't do that, I will tell you that Suze has an agreement with TD Ameritrade in which if you open an account with them before the end of March and put at least $50 a month into it for 12 consecutive months, TD Ameritrade will give you $100 at the end of that time, in addition to the regular interest you earn on the account.

This is a great deal and so, if you're interested, get the book (you need the special code to take advantage of it) and open your account prior to 3/31/08. I did and it was super easy. I guess I could just give out the code, but that would kind of be like cheating, wouldn't it? This book has been out for a while, so you may be able to find it at your library. I got mine from Amazon and it wasn't very expensive.

However, now that I'm finished reading that - in addition to two other books I had ordered - it's time for me to hit the library myself for some free reading material. Perhaps I can find an hour or two tomorrow to go to the library - by myself - and browse in peace. Wouldn't that be nice?

Sissy doesn't care much for naps anymore so I rarely get a quiet moment to myself - ever - during the day. I can't even eat lunch without being pestered. I'm lucky that Noggin has some quality programming on now so I can do this blog. LOL. I wouldn't trade Sissy for the world though! She makes me laugh too much. :-)

Being a stay at home mom does have it's perks sometimes!


  1. I would get the book, but it's titled "Women and Money" so the tips probably wouldnt work for me :(

  2. Gawd, I hope we get some good weather soon! The yuckiness outside right now is bumming me out. I need sunshine!

  3. I've been away from this blog (and all blogs!) for a while so It was great to read through and catch up on anything. Took me a while to discover the origin of the "cute sandals" thing. That's another thing I don't understand about shoes. How can they be cute? lol

    Anyway, Friday is an uber-cool day so enjoy it and keep us updated on your finance changing plan things.

  4. $50.00 a month sounds pretty do-able. And good advice :)