Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I spent a lot of time online last night and read all my best blogs and left comments on many. I'm now enjoying my first lunch - a cheese omelet. 2nd lunch will be around 3 pm and it will be a bowl of Special K. I'm trying a modified low carb diet thingy, plus exercise. I've lost a few pounds just this week alone. I hope I can keep it up until April 22 - the day I turn 40.

Our house has 2 den (or living areas). One is upstairs and that is where the BATV (big ass TV) is located and where we spend the majority of our time. The other one is downstairs. It also has a TV and comfy chairs. I'd been wanting to add a futon/sofa there for a while, so we have extra sleeping areas if we ever have a mess of company over.

Last year, when we had the carpet replaced downstairs, we took an extra bedroom down there that had been utilized as a play room - however, almost no one ever played in it, so we reclassified it as a guest bedroom and moved our old Queen sized bed (still in great shape) to that room and bought ourselves a new Queen bed for our room.

So, I found an excellent futon and a deal on Overstock. com. I got a discount for being an honorary member of Club O (I guess I bought enough last year, they gave me a complimentary membership) and free shipping. I'm so excited and it should be here today! That will give us room to sleep at least 4 more people, if the need should arise. Hey, you never know.

Plus, I found a really cute bed-in-a-bag set from Overstock and ordered that for the futon. So, it's got a set of sheets and matching comforter for whoever would like to snooze on it! I'm so thrilled. We've never had a guest bedroom, nor did we have room to really accommodate extra guests. I just feel better that we have it, even if it never gets used (but I hope it does - anyone wanna come hang out with us???)

The Evil Twin is looking forward to the futon for himself, so he can get all comfy and watch his movies on the TV downstairs. Sometimes, he watches Japanese movies or other foreign films I'm not interested in and he also tries to be considerate of how much gore I can muster to watch and if it's particularly horrific, he won't watch it upstairs where I might catch a glimpse of it. Score one for the Evil Twin being considerate. :-)

It's gloomy and rainy here today, but I don't have any plans other than picking up the kids' from school and taking Buddy to the barber shop for a much needed hair cut. It's nice to have a day of down time every so often. I'm just going to inhale and enjoy my day.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss and on the day to just relax.

  2. ooooo...I am going to Overstock right now.....good going on the diet.

  3. The Big O is da bomb.

    I'm back to watching what I eat and trying to exercise more. I'm re-starting slowly. I was doing very well -- losing weight slowly -- with the help of Sparkpeople.com. But the stress of life threw me for a loop in December. Miraculously, I didn't gain anything back, if anything, I lost another pound.

    It really IS all about changing your mindset and habits. Then I think you body will settle into how it should be -- and obese is not what right looks like.

    Besides, I want to get my little horse under saddle this summer, and I want to tone him, not break his back!

  4. Sounds like a productive day to me!! Good going!

  5. Congratulations on gaining a guest bedroom!