Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More About My Weekend

I took Wyld to a local Mexican place, Rio Grande. It's similar to a lot of Mexican places I see in many states. I was disappointed because he had wanted something kinda "local" and all my regular haunts were closed (remember, nothing is open on Monday around here). I was really hoping for Mayberry's, Diehl's or Aubrey's, but they're all closed on Mondays. Rats.

When Wyld was here, in addition to being fascinated with our driveway, he also inquired as to whether our fireplaces were working ones. I said that as of Tuesday morning (the next day), they would be because I had made an appointment with the Chimney Doctor to check them out, clean them and let us know how to operate them.

He (the Chimney dude) called last night and had to reschedule my appointment for Wednesday. Which is only one more day and that's okay.

Of course, the weather is starting to clear up and that means we probably won't get to test out the fireplaces this year, but we'll be all ready to go by next Winter. (crap, I hate to think about that).

The one thought that will keep me uplifted this year is that I'm planning a trip to WaltDisneyWorld for June of 2009. I know, call me crazy, but I want to really research the parks and the rides and shows and get a semi-decent itinerary in line. I've heard you have to be vigilant about a trip to WDW because there are so many things to do and see, you'll never get even a small portion of each park seen if you don't have some prior planning involved.

I was tagged by Rebecca at Carpe You Some Diem for a meme that I will get to this week.

I also remembered on Sunday evening at about 11 pm that I had missed the episode of "Dexter". I spoke to Buzzardbilly yesterday and knowing she's such a fan, I mentioned it, hoping she could fill me in on the details. Well, being the lovely person she is, she's going to loan us the Season One DVD from Showtime! How's that for a friend indeed?

I'll probably get so excited, I'll watch the rest of the season in one sitting -it's that good, people. Plus, BB told me there is a hot, hot, hot sex scene in episode 5, which will definitely be cut from the CBS prime time airing. I'm a perv, so I'll watch the Showtime version. Hee.


  1. Gosh, Dexter is such a lovable little psychotic killer isn't he? And sex scenes are good too.

  2. Oh dang, Now I have to rent season 1! I knew that the CBS version was tamed down but I can't go on missing that!!

  3. Disney and hot sex scenes in one post. Well done!

  4. Don't do what my son and his family just did. They went to SW last week, and at Animal Kingdom, they saw the lines at the safari and decided not to do it. That is the main reason for going to Animal Kingdom, so you really need to do the safari ride.

  5. I am trying to "get" Dexter....I have never watched it before this season...a bit odd.