Monday, March 17, 2008

ETW Movie Thoughts

Last night, the Evil Twin and I watched "No Country for Old Men". Excellent flick. We're Coen brothers fans anyway - although we might be the only fans of theirs who do not find anything about "The Big Lebowski" to be super entertaining - or even up to par with films like "Fargo" and "O, Brother Where Art Thou?" and "Raising Arizona".

Of course, the main tip off that "Hudsucker Proxy" may not have been their best work is boldly portrayed in the title. It just sucked. They might have wanted to re-think that title.

That being said, the Coen brothers don't suck very often - and they pulled out all the stops for "No Country for Old Men" - it's beautifully shot. The scenes that were meant as suspensful were agonizingly so. I jumped several times (and had to cover my peepers a few times too - but I utilize the "slightly open fingers" method so I have a little bit of vision, but can shut it off quickly, if needed.)

The story is set in a west Texas town and along the Mexico border, and I really enjoyed listening to the "Texans" speak. Many actors nailed the accents and the dialogue was true to that region. I'm a stickler for Southern accents. I hate movies where the actors move freely from a semi-passable Southern accent to no accent at all.

Tommy Lee Jones and the gal who played Lewellen's (sp?) wife both had excellent accents. It's fun to translate from time to time. Plus, I got a few opportunities to translate Spanish to English for my non-Spanish speaking husband.

Well, that's about as thoughtful and thorough as I can be on this one without giving it all away. Orignially, we thought the movie was about 3 hours long, so we got an early start. It ended after maybe a bit more than 2 hours - however, if there had been an extra hour - I would have watched that in rapt attention too. It was that good!


  1. I could translate spanish to english as long as all they said was "My name is...", "How are you?" or "My pencil is green.". Other than that I would have been lost.

  2. I really want to see this movie. It sounds really creepy, and I probably won't sleep for weeks after watching it, but it does sound really good!

  3. This one's next on my list! I'm really looking forward to it.

  4. Tommy Lee Jones can nail the accent because he is Texan.

    I love him, but couldn't bear to watch that movie.

    I'm glad to know it was good, though.

  5. Thanks for the good review. I want to see this one, now I'm more sure about it :)

  6. OK - email me with the details. If it's a sad movie I won't watch it. If it's creepy, then I'm all over it, but I NEED YOUR HELP!