Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snooping and Stalking

I mean, on my site meter doo-dad over there. I love to see what kind of searches lead the blind to my dusty little corner of the web. And, after last week's posts just LOADED with interesting terms, I expected to draw in the perverts like a moth to flame.

No, I get a lot of hits from folks just wondering where the Fiestaware outlet is located (Flatwoods, WV - thanks for stopping by).

One unsuspecting reader was just searching for info on Lowe's and door installation. Poor thing. They got this post that I wrote over a year ago.

Thanks for checking that out, whoever you were. It made me chuckle to read it again. Yes, I do crack myself up. And yes, it does suck to have such low standards. (on the cracking myself up thang).

I don't want to leave my faithful readers out in the cold with no funny - unlike yours truly who still snickers about farts and stuff - I'll share one of my new LOL Youtube vids. I hope this works.


  1. Well, seems i have missed out on quite a bit of info....I must live in a bunker....just going back thru your posts. You are a hoot. I will try to think of or lie about 5 interesting things about me.

  2. Just for your information, I went out and got that haircut the other day and I didnt score anything this weekend :(

  3. I recently got hit by someone searching about Ginger body odor!

    Hey, I'll get my 5 things-- promise!! ;)