Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Money Down

I'm gonna add a video in the next post, because apparently, I'm not intelligent enough to embed a Youtube video within a blog post. What the hell am I doing wrong? If you can offer help, it'd be muchly appreciated.

Anyway, this video is really funny - to me, anyway. The guy who plays the part of the 2nd Abe Lincoln is a man I dated for about 2 years back when we were much younger. The story he tells is true. I know the other two people he mentions, too. In fact, Johnny Puke is on my MySpace friends list. Puke is from this same area and we've known each other for eons. Same with me and my ex.

We broke up, finally, for good at some point before I turned 22. It was off and on, etc. for a long while. But, we remain friends to this very day. I spoke to him last Friday on the phone.

He was with me when I got my third tattoo and helped it move in the direction that is my tat. It was a custom design at the Pittsburgh Tattoo Convention in 1991.

We were just kids back then and we went thru a lot together, which is why I think I'll always love him in a way - even if it's not romantic love or emotional love.

He and the Evil Twin were friends before I met either of them. After he graduated from graduate school with a Master's Degree in film making, he lived back "home" for a bit. We got lucky and hired him as the videographer for our wedding. He came to the party at our hotel room later - along with the majority of the guests who were not older relatives of ours. And shot more video. LOL.

We recently transferred both tapes to DVD.

I'm proud of him - he's come a long way in his film and photography career.


  1. Wow... you invited multiple people back to the hotel room for your wedding night and you had it taped. Is it just me or does that sound really naughty :)

  2. Aww, shit! I re-read that and thought "That sounds bad". No, it's basically just video of us all having too much to drink and me getting progressively drunk as the night went on. WVU was playing football that evening, so the TV was on full-blast (no, don't let my wedding or anything interfere with your football viewing, friends!). It was drunken debauchery, but when the important time rolled around, the ET and I were alone.

  3. Roflmao! I'm so glad Ron had you 'splain that!

  4. you have to put ALL of the text you want onto the youtube post or no video if you try to add it later. it is just easier sometimes to add it like you did,

  5. Copy the embed link from YouTube, then click the edit tab on your blog writing window and paste the embed linnk into the blogger text where you want it.

    Now, does anyone know how to make blogger automatically force the div-/div set on every hard return when you paste a photo in?

    Now on to watch video spit ;)