Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ready for the Day

Yawwwnnn! I'm up early and getting ready to get in the shower. The Evil Twin needs to take his car for an inspection sticker this AM, so he's in the shower and headed to our main guy here in a few to get that sticker.

Then, Buddy has a birthday party that is just past the Barboursville (Huntington) area. For those not from around here, that's about an hour west of us. So, we'll drop him off and get some shopping done while we wait the 2 hours for the party to run its' course. I bought the Evil Twin a new computer back in July and it runs Vista, which is apparently not compatible with our scanner. So, we'll head to Best Buy and find a scanner, then pop by Lowe's for assorted home owner needs.

With the Evil Twin's freelance work, he really needs to have a scanner on hand and it needs to be a top quality one, so a replacement is a priority. He doesn't believe in the "all-in-one" contraptions, so we have a laser printer, a color printer and a flat bed scanner at all times.

I'm ready for Easter morning too. The Easter Bunny will visit overnight and we've got eggs to dye. I also found the kids' a Butterfly Pavilion from It's a kit that comes with a butterfly habitat (a mesh net thingy) and live caterpillars in containers. The caterpillars become chrysalids, which eventually become Painted Lady butterflies. You can observe them in their habitat for a while and then let them out in the wild, where they can live out their natural butterfly lives in peace.

I was so excited when it arrived yesterday and we spent the day looking at our ten new caterpillars. I think this is a really fun activity, plus it's a learning opportunity for the kids to see the life cycle of an insect. It wasn't very expensive, either and now is the time to order one - while the weather is warmer.

The Evil Twin designed the new brochure for Buddy's school and he got a super nice Thank You note in the mail with $50 worth of Applebee's gift card. Guess where we're having lunch today? :-) YUM.

I'll try to get pictures of my caterpillars, chrysalids and eventually butterflies to post here. I think I might be more excited than my young 'uns about it! LOL.


  1. Oooh! Applebee's!

    We've spent the morning cleaning, and are preparing to venture out to BOWL this afternoon.

    I'm not sure where we'll be eating, but I'm guessing it will involve a drive through.


  2. That catapillar project does sound cool! Hope you do get piccies up soon. Happy Easter to all of you :)

  3. Just be careful I hear there was an outbreak of catepillars attacking people on the news... or maybe that was a dream? I'm not sure, but safety first!

  4. Happy Easter to you and the brood! The caterpillar project was a great idea. Enjoy!

  5. You were less than 5 min. from me today! I thought I sensed a disturbance in the force! LOL (ok, the kids are watching starwars,, It's giving me issues)
    Good luck with the butterflies and have a wonderful Easter!

  6. I would so love to have one of those butterfly habitat kit thingymabobs!