Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Learn Something New Every Day

Thanks to my blogging buddy, Renn, I learned yesterday that Tommy Lee Jones is, in fact, a Texan. No wonder he has that accent down! I thought he was Southern, but was too lazy to google more info. Now, I know.

That's the great thing about reading all the blogs I love. I learn so many new and interesting things every single day. It's like a really cool education without having to make it to class on time. And goodness knows, I was never very good at that.

It's also the reason why I hate to make doctor's appointments or get my hair cut. I actually have to let someone know WHEN I will show up. Being a stay at home mom means I don't have to be in a hurry or be anywhere at any time unless I damn well feel like it. Of course, real life gets in the way and makes me bend to the "rules".

We should go back to the days of house calls (including hair dressers). Y'all know I'm cheap, but I'd actually pay a few extra dineros for that service.

The Evil Twin woke up this morning with a sick feeling stomach... I felt that way yesterday but feel fine today, so I'm wondering if it's the mild version of the crud that's been going around. As long as I'm not vomiting or having any *other* gastronomical problems, I can take queasy for a bit.

So, I'm trying to decide if I want to go ahead with my previous plans of hitting WalMart today or put it off until tomorrow. If I go today, I can leave Sissy at home with Daddy. Plus, if I'm by myself, I can turn up the Hank III in my van in an annoying loud fashion and receive withering looks from other motorist. "Hmmph! Who does she think she is - some 20 year old co-ed? She looks a little long in the tooth for that!"

See? One can be both educated AND immature!


  1. I would take the opportunity and run with it. Jam your music, honk your horn and smash some mailboxes. OK maybe not the last one you don't want to be arrested.

  2. OMG. "Long in the tooth" I haven't heard that one in ages!

  3. Hey - I'm 56 and jam my radio as loud as it will go - have to compete with the youngin's you know!! I think they are beginning to like the "oldies." Actually Hank works for me.