Thursday, March 13, 2008

Furthering My Education

Warning: this post contains some seriously twisted information - things I wouldn't normally discuss on here, but having a sick sense of humor, I'll indulge some people.

Okay, Ron mentioned the Rusty Trombone yesterday in the comments and The Film Geek asked how I acquired my knowledge of the Dirty Sanchez. So I figured today was a good day to reveal that information.

I think both terms were mentioned in the movie "Strangers With Candy", and the show (which used to air on Comedy Central) was so irreverent, I wondered if the terms used were for actual acts or if they were mentioned because they just sound hilarious.

I Googled them. Oh, the links I found! My brain seared with my new-found knowledge. Not only did I find those two terms, but I found plenty others as well. What I find most shocking about this discovery was that (aside from the Rusty Trombone), I seriously wondered about the sanity of a dude who would attempt the Dirty Sanchez and what low self esteem bimbo would allow it to happen. Not I, said the Evil Twin's Wife. What's more, the acts have to be at least moderately commonplace if someone thought to attach a name to them, wouldn't you think?

I don't have many hang ups in life, but certain things are just off limits. And, as I stated yesterday, I've seen, heard and read more than my fair share of shocking depravities. When I first met the Evil Twin, he had a movie called "Butt Boys Have Lunch". Yep, coprophilia abounded in that one. Plus, one large, leather clad gay man "gave birth" to a Bert (of Ernie and Bert fame) doll out his ass. It wasn't a tiny plastic doll, either.

None of this is to say that this sort of behaviour is what the Evil Twin finds erotic, but in our social circle, the bearer of the most shocking toys was the winner.

Ok, so two years ago-ish, I'm reading these websites just chock full of interesting terms. My best friend (who is a gay man) stopped over around the holidays and being my age and all, I decided to run these terms past him to see if I was the only person in the dark about this. Well, he said he hadn't heard of the Dirty Sanchez or the Rusty Trombone, but when I went into detail about them and described the Rusty Trombone, he says, "Oh! I did that one once!" Oh, really? "But on the receiving end." That makes that thought in my head SO much better! Thanks!

Oh - and if you're still curious and you haven't hit Google yet, here's a link to the Wiki definition of the Rusty Trombone:

And another link, for those who really can't stand being out of the know:

I didn't write anything involved in either of the two links provided. I'm just giving you value added service to your blog reading experience, should you desire it. NSFW. Not safe anywhere, I'm afraid. Read at your own risk. And preferably not around lunch or snack time. You've been warned.


  1. LOL... I've heard of most of these before. What I truly don't understand is that trying any of those techniques, I'm guessing, would gaurantee that you never get a second chance with that woman. How often do you really think someone would let you give them a Donkey Punch?

  2. Sooo much better than I even anticipated! LOL That was a terrific post.

  3. I've heard these terms before - been mildly tempted to Google them.

    So far I have resisted. I don't think I really want those things in my brain. At heart, I'm really the prude my Catholic Mother raised me to be.

  4. Ahem.

    (wipes brow)

    No dirty sanchez for me, thanks, but I'm a brass player from way

    (leaves quickly)

  5. I just had lunch so I think I'll pass those links quickly.....LOL

  6. Whoa - just read the descriptions. Let's just say the someone must really hate women...


  7. I had to look that up a couple years ago because a kid wanted to use the phrase "Dirty Sanchez" with a picture of a bandito on his T-shirt design project.

    Guess they think we don't know what Wikipedia is.

    I don't know what was worse -- finding out what that meant or having to explain to his parents why he failed that project.

  8. Ewww, Ewww, Ewww! The kissing thing was one thing, but this stuff makes me throw up in my mouth. How could anyone.. and involve poo.. and...


  9. Oh, WOW.

    I think that's pretty much all I have to say right now...

  10. I've always been partial the "The Snowmobile" myself.... :D

  11. Sheesh. At my age I'm just feeling lucky if we fuck. POF. Plain old fucking.

    Are you sure the butt boys doing lunch didn't involve coprophagia? Don't they also eat it if they love it? Just asking.

  12. BTW, Thanks because I never get to use that word. I'm partial to it. The word. NOT the doing.

  13. Unfortunately, this old broad, is familiar with the terms - as theson was considered the "Porn King" in college. Now there's something to reach for! Thank heavens he has a good job and is smart to boot - but still a little bit of a perv. LOL