Thursday, March 20, 2008

For A Friend

Things I Love/Things I Hate v. 1.0

This is for a friend of mine from college who is also on my MySpace. He has Wegener's Granulomatosis, which is a serious autoimmune disorder. He's an attorney in town and let me tell you, that takes a lot of time and energy. When you're stuck on dialysis and waiting for a kidney (at the age of 40), sometimes you have to count the small blessings in life. Oh sure, you could write a book on the "hates" (as he and I discussed), but it's nice to round those out with likes or loves just for balance.

Also, he is extremely intelligent and I like to read his stuff because guess what? He makes sense! My college roommate had gone to high school with him and his brother and it's hard to believe how much the four of us partied back in college and all turned out "normal" or in his and his bro's case, above average even. I've lost touch with my college roommate. Last I heard, she was in Redwood, CA. If you know Maria Zita, let her know I miss her.

He blogs on MySpace quite often. I used to - not as much these days. So, I'll take up his challenge to do my own list and then email it to him. Having an autoimmune disorder myself, I can see where he's coming from most of the time. I could "waller" in self-pity or I could be a shameless fool who laughs at myself - a lot. Typically, I pick option 2. Being a dork does have it's advantages.

I love: my kids. They keep me young... feeling, at least.

I hate: the fact that I don't get many breaks. Since my parents' both passed away, we don't trust anyone for child care, so I spend all waking moments with one or both of the rugrats.

I love sunshine and sandal weather.

I hate snow and cold. (Note to self: I probably shouldn't live in WV).

I love that my MS medicine seems to be working for me.

I hate giving myself an injection every day.

I love the moments in bed with the Evil Twin, just before we go to sleep. We'll talk about different things and usually end up laughing like loons about stupid stuff. Like last night, we both were laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our faces. The subject matter is classified.

I hate getting up in the morning - always. I might have had a good 8 hours of sleep or only 3 - I don't like getting out of my nice snuggly bed.

I love writting my silly little blog and getting to "know" so many great people over the internet.

I hate when I don't get very many comments. I'm a comment WHORE folks. Get with it!

I love weekends - I get to spend time with my whole family!

I hate weekdays - I get lonely sometimes and I have to get up too early. For those who think "Oh, she's a stay at home mom - sitting around watching TV, eating bonbons, and napping whenever possible." Wrong! I can't even get through writting here without a dozen or more interruptions.

That's all I can think of for now. It's injection time. Yesterday was particularly fun, as I had to stick myself 3 times just to find a spot that wasn't ruined and I could finish the job. So, I've been putting it off this morning. Here goes....


  1. Mmmmmm... sandal weather!!!! I can't wait! Actually, I would already be wearing them if they weren't banned at my school. Gah!

    I'm with you on not getting any breaks. My parents are alive and well, but they're caring for my Grandma, who has had some mini-strokes, so they can't babysit anymore. I have friends who do, but I hate to ask tehm because I have four kids, and most of my friends only have 1-2, so it seems unfair to even ask. Although I might... I'm almost that desperate. OMG, just to have an hour at home with nobody there would be near-orgasmic.

  2. Woo Hoo!! Here's one more comment for you :)

    It's sooo much easier to see the negatives and miss the positives in life and I'm certainly guilty of that. I must try to focus on positive things more if possible, but boy that can be tough at times.

    May sandal weather be here shortly for you :)

  3. I'm with ya on the bed thing. Excapt I don't sleep with TET.

    I think we're all comment whores. It's a thrill to see the double-digit comments, ain't it?

  4. Oooooooh, I might just have to do this one XD

    Excellent list. You forever have my sympathy on the injections. I puked when I got my ears pierced. Right on the jeweler. I hate needles.

  5. good list, good woman, good thoughts, good blog....want me to comment several times? I will.

  6. I would really like you to give me that dickless poet award.

  7. You don't know what snow is....really....come and of snow falling...right now.

  8. I don't wear sandals...I hate my this rate i won't have to worry about sandals because I will be wearing snow boots all of 2008.

  9. Our sweetest time used to be right before we fell asleep too...just small talk and laughing too....then he got his c-pap machine.....I talk to a mask and can't understand a word he says.


  11. I stopped by, and I'm leaving a comment just to make you feel better about breaking the 10 comment mark. I love you.

    - The Evil Twin

  12. WOW - I certainly hope Romsemary's fingers aren't bleeding after ALL those comments. Nice love/hate list. Sandals, ah yes...mine go on at Easter and last sometimes past Halloween. I HATE SHOES!!! Sure sign I was a West Virginian!

  13. I like your new profile picture.

  14. Do you consider yourself a hillbilly?

  15. So who's the sexy legged woman? your new pic and that doesn't mean I have the hots for you. I can just appreciate other female's beauty.

  16. Mr.Man has a thing for women in thigh highs...perhaps I should show him the picture? Heh Heh Heh

  17. Well, did I miss the picture? Do they still make garter belts other than at Frederick's? maybe Victoria's Secret? I like the legs but the clevage was good too.

  18. I'm a CW too - LOL - and I hate it when I don't get many!

  19. I didn't realize you were suffering with MS. Glad to hear your meds are working!
    I've got that autoimmune thing going on too. Lupus. It totally sux ass.

  20. Oh, sweet Lord!

    I hate shots every two weeks. You have to take one every DAY?

    I would totally pass out.

    ALL of us are CWs, by the way.