Monday, March 10, 2008


I wanted to take my digital camera to lunch and I totally forgot it. Unfortunately, Wyld left just after lunch and didn't return to Casa Evil Twin. He did take a pic of our driveway (it's unbelievably steep, but ya know, unless you're a Rockefeller, you don't live on a flat lot in WV! LOL).

However, he called to let the worrywart Mom in me know that he arrived back home safely and when I spoke to him, I gently urged him to return at some point and spend more time with us.

Now, anyone else who wants to come visit, the guest room is available. :-)


  1. When I visit family in WV I have to drive up a 90 degree slope to get to their house :)

  2. Do you have to drink V-8 on a regular basis. You know to even things out?

    It works on the commercials...