Monday, March 24, 2008

Buena Suerte

That means Good Luck in Spanish. That's how I feel about getting my blog finished on most days. I also cuss in Spanish in my head. Any more these days, I find myself feeling (and thinking), "F**k it." I mean, who really cares if I get this mess out anyway? I guess me, in my obsessive compulsive sick little brain.

It doesn't help my mood any that this is Easter Break week for Buddy - a whole week of enjoying our time off and I actually got to sleep in a half hour later than normal. I still had to get up and pack the Evil Twin's lunch, but I woke up on my own around 7:15 ish. I find that happening more and more these days (waking up on my own as opposed to the alarm or the Evil Twin reminding me that it's time to get up). Okay, so it's spring break and the temps are registering more "winter" than "spring" here.

It also doesn't help that Sissy is about to ride my last nerve straight to hell - with spurs on. I need to get to WalMart today and Buddy is still in bed - at nearly 10 AM. I haven't had a shower yet and it's only 31 degrees outside.

The Evil Twin got a taste of "Shopping with Sissy" on Saturday. He couldn't believe how much she whines. I've learned to tune it out, as most moms do (or risk losing their sanity along with their brain cells), but it's not easy for the Dads who aren't used to the grating "bamboo under fingernails" whine of a 2 year old.

Please, if you're the praying type or just sending good vibes type: send them our way that potty training happens sooner than later and Sissy can be shuttled off to preschool for at least 4 hours a week. That's a tall order, too, people. She acts like she'd rather eat a vegetable than sit on the potty chair.

Seriously, she hates veggies. I blame myself. While pregnant with Buddy, I ate loads of salads. That's what I craved more than anything. Salads and pickled items (pickles, pickled okra, etc). With Sissy, I ate a lot of deep fried cheesecake from Mayberry's. A whole order .... by myself. Well, no one wanted to split it with me and I wasn't going to let it go to waste! I also snuck miniature Snickers bars on a daily basis. I still only gained 13 pounds in 39 weeks, but she came out like a fly. She loves the sugar.

Buddy needs braces and Sissy will probably need a boatload of dental work, too - for cavities. And, she'll probably also need braces. My parents' paid a small fortune for my mouth. Turn about is fair play, I suppose.

I'm gonna go lurk on the Walt Disney website and make myself feel better. Hope you all have a great Monday - including you lurkers from Parkersburg and Kentucky (oh wait, that's probably downfall from KY - he's "too busy" to leave a comment).


  1. Hey! I care! Without reading blogs I would go even insaner (is that a word?) I've never heard of a craving for vegi's ??? Sending good thoughts on potty training your way, I would send good thoughts about helping with the whining, but really there is only so much good thougts can do with a 2 year old :)

  2. Good thoughts about potty training? Dude - that's pretty much an oxymoron.

    2 year olds - it's a good thing they're cute, eh?

  3. "Too busy?" or "Worst friend ever?" - you decide!

    I see how it is though - call me out in front of everyone! That's fine - you just wait. ;)

  4. "Everyone" = my loyal 12 readers (well, 11 and you, d)? Oh, the shame!!! ;-)

  5. Hey, I'll send as many prayers as you want your way, but I think 2 might be wishful thinking for the whole potty-training thing.