Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Q&A

Natalie asked "WHAT IS YOUR NAME??????????????"

And, I'm sorry I can't answer that here. If you'd like to email me at - I will gladly tell you, but I live in a very small town and need to remain anonymous for this blog. :-)

Ron asked: "Hmmmm..... Let's see... Were you ever in a movie that involved a man getting his taint shaved??? ooops.. no fair I know the answer. :)"

For the rest of you: I was in a movie, directed by my ex-boyfriend that involved me getting my right nipple pierced. It was called "A Piercing Look" and it featured three segments of piercings. I was the first, then at a completely different location, a guy had his taint pierced (it ain't your balls and it ain't your asshole... it's that "in between area"). And yes, he had it pierced on the film. It was never distributed and I am under the impression that I am the sole owner of the last copy of the movie.

Warren said: " the stripper thing too.

Related to that, what sort of jobs have you ever worked? What would you love to do if you were not a SAHM?"

I have worked many jobs. My first job was at Rax Roast Beef (I don't even think they exist anymore). Prior to that, I babysat. In college, I worked for the school newspaper in layout (pre-press work), I've worked as a waitress at the dog track and a seafood restaurant, I cleaned a lawyer's house once a week, I worked at Lazarus during the Christmas season, I was a temp employee at a law office when a regular employee was out for maternity leave. After I graduated from college, I worked at several places doing graphic design/glorified secretarial work. My last job before now was as Executive Secretary for a social service agency. I cried when I quit to stay home with Buddy. It was such a great job.

I love my current gig, but if I went back to work, I think I would like to pursue a career in Real Estate. I'm really drawn to that field.

powdergirl asked: "Sooo, Just wtf is your bra size anyway?"

I currently wear a 36DD.

I got another question by Ron, which was dittoed by Alex:
"Have you ever performed a rusty trombone? How about a Cleveland Steamer? LOL....."

No, I have never performed a rusty trombone or had a Cleveland Steamer. Thank goodness. I do have standards, ya know?

All Click asked: "You're still taking me with you to Disney, right??"

Of course, honey, if you can fit in the cargo area of our van once it's packed up, you're more than welcome to come along. I promise to get lots of pics!

Pwn Star asked "Would you rather:
Have your parents walk in on YOU having sex, or, you walk in on THEM having sex?"

Well, seeing as how my parents are both dead, I'm sure if I believe they keep an eye on us from the afterlife, they DO catch us sometimes! LOL. Supposing all parties were alive, I would much rather have them catch us. After all, the Evil Twin and I are married (not that it matters much), and we have two kids together. I'm pretty sure they knew we had/have sex. But, I was adopted. I can still blissfully believe they may have had sex a time or two and just let that image go! LOL.

I had an email from a friend who had questions. This person does not have a blog, so I'll list the questions here:

1. What is the meaning of your tattoo?
Actually, there are three tattoos. The first one is the lizard in a circle. For that one, I just liked the imagery. The 2nd is a Rose, which is a flower I happen to like much and the third is a tribal design that hides the last part of the Rose tattoo, which had the vine flowing thru the circle and dripping blood. No one ever understood that part of the rose tat, so I had it covered up with a tribal design.

2. Ever flash someone other than ET?
I flash people on a regular basis. I'm sure most of our friends would like to say "Put your titties away!" But, I can't help myself!

3. Do you have lots of "kinda" friends or a few very close friends? (My wife has one type I have the other).
I tend to keep a few tight friends, but I'm open to acquaintances, too.

4. Favorite board game to play with friends?
The Evil Twin and I enjoy Yahtzee and Scrabble, but only infrequently. We're not really a board game family.

5. Favorite meal? Something you could eat 3 times a week if you had to.
Anything Mexican, definitely. And I could do that 3 times a day 7 days a week.

6. Ever had an RC and/or Moon Pie?
I have and hope to never experience that again. Blech.

7. What happened to HNT?
Oh, I was just trying that on. I think my cleavage gets stale after a while. I'll need to put my more creative hat on for HNT.

8. Newly Wed Game bounus question: Where is the oddest place you made whoopie?

I'm assuming you mean with the Evil Twin. Sadly, that's been most tame. In his home office? The Guest Room sometimes (OK - guest - I wash the sheets every time anyone even breathes on them!). With anyone else? In assorted cars and abandoned buildings. One time on the concrete steps of the Kanawha River! Oh! and one time at the top flight of stairs in a parking garage. And one time in the kitchen at a party in Morgantown. Whew. I really am a whore!

LeighMo asked "In your opinion, is or is not the Hokey Pokey what its all about?"

I don't think so. The Hokey Pokey is fun, that's for sure. And, I think we should ALL consider the Hokey Pokey in a regular everyday way. But, we should not consider it as "that what it's all about".

Jan asked: "so you are almost at that magic 100, what wonderful gift will you be teasing us all with???"

So, I could say, the 100th follower gets to request a photo, but I don't do anything too over the top, so how about an extra post for the day, whatever topic follower 100 asks for? I'm 7 away, let's make this happen!

Dave asked, "Q: Life seems to be good. You have a wonderful family, a great husband (at least he draws good) and you seem to enjoy living the "glamorous life of a Hausfrau". Is there any thought of, once the youngsters are of an appropriate age, giving up the stay at home mom lifestyle and going into the work place?

And if so, what line of work would you consider pursuing? Something simple like Wal Mart Greeter or part time librarian, or would you immerse yourself into a post child-raising career like real estate or brain surgery?"

I'd love to pursue Real Estate, as I stated above. However, the best fit, jobwise for me, would most likely be administrative work in a school, so I could have the same schedule as the kids. Ideally, I plan to be a stay at home mom for the rest of my life. That's how much my kids mean to me. My mom was a stay at home mom all of my life and I want to be there for my kids.

And, an Anonymous question: (I turned that feature back on the other day and shouldn't have) "Do you ever worry about always putting picture of the "girls" on you site and one day one of Buddy's friends or the parents run across you site and are offended? What would Buddy himself think of his own mother posting such pictures?"

What I'm showing is skin flesh. There is nothing pornographic about the photos I post. It's just cleavage. You see it all the time out in public. I have personally seen more revealing tops in public myself. If anyone is offended by that, they have some serious psychological issues they might want to see someone about. And futhermore, if anyone is offended, there's always the "next" button on Blogger. Don't let the mouse hit your ass on the way out.

Finally, my boy fattie20xl had a few questions:

#1 who's your favorite disney princess? Snow White.

#2 what's your view on porn? It doesn't bother me - in fact, I enjoy a session with YouPorn every now and then.

#3 if the evil twin was to demand that the livingroom/bedroom be converted into a startrek themed room... would it be the original series or the next generation? or would it be more like starwars? I'm fairly sure that it would be the original series, but I would prefer TNG.

#4 do you know the difference between startrek and starwars (i'm pretty sure only about 30% of women do... ) Yes, I do. And, I watched most of the Star Trek series on TV. I haven't seen ALL the Star Wars movies, but I did see the first one in the theatre (waited in a very long line) when it came out. I think I was 9 (1977?).

#5 what's the worst thing you've ever done? That's kind of relative, isn't it? I mean, what I might consider bad, some might consider mild. I've taken every drug known to mankind, except PCP and tea. I've egged someone's house. I've TPed several houses. I slept with a guy my girlfriend liked. I'm guilty of my fair share of white lies, but I don't cheat and I don't steal. I had sex with my ex boyfriend on the top floor of a parking garage, doggie style. I don't know? Any of that bad?

#6 can you give milk chocolate my number? i kinda have a thing for her.... I think I gave you all the link to her website, but she's all sold out! Here's the link if you missed it: Booty Babe art by Spencer Davis.

Alright, hope you all enjoy this. It took me all night and part of this morning to compile.


  1. ETW,
    does taint refer to dick? balls? fuck?
    Sorry, the kids finally left for school and I needed to get those words out. It's Friday for chrissake!

  2. Interesting,

    I am adopted too.

    So a question now comes to mind, have you had contact with your natural parents?


  3. Good job, a very interesting post!
    Doggie style on a parking garage roof? Nah, thats not bad at all.

  4. LOL.....I enjoyed reading. Next time I see you, I'll tell you a story about weird places to have sex. Remind me.

  5. LOL... Good answers. Well except for the Hokey Pokey one. I will not give up my hopt that that is what it is all about!!!

  6. Wait...back haven't seen all of the Star Wars movies?!

    You have to see them! You must! can't go on without it! Please, this weekend (or at least before summer ends) see them!

    A little tear came to my eye there...a life w/o Star Wars...I can't imagine...

  7. Love it! Great questions and answers. And I could never be offended by the girls ;)!

  8. Buddy's done more than look at them hooters, I'm guessing. :)

    Re: the whore thing - you're ain't one if you're not getting apid. I think that makes you (and me) a slut. Hooray!!

  9. Love your answers! I'm with you on that list of "bad" things for the most part so if they are "bad" you're in good company! (If I do say so myself...)

    Find me on Facebook?


  10. Nope, you're definitely not a whore. I could tell you some stories that would make your hair curl. Some are mine; some are others.

    I have a question for Warren? Last night Curmy was telling me about people listing "Jedi" as their official religion (like there are so many in the British military and so many in another US survey). Warren, what do you list your religion as? :)

  11. So, then you haven't seen the Star Wars movie where the Jedi gets his taint peirced while performing a rusty trombone?

  12. SH - Taint is the area of skin in between the butthole and balls if we're talking guys. Between butthole and vajajay for girls. LOL.

    G - Yes, my biological (younger) sister found me a couple of years ago. I'm in touch with her and my bio mom.

    powdergirl - Thanks!

    Kenju - I can't wait! :-)

    Ron - if it helps you to hold onto something, go for it! :-)

    Warren - I saw the first 3, but none since then.

    Bitchy - Thanks! :-)

    Tiff - Slut sounds good. Or perhaps, just "acting like a man"?

    Cute Ella - Happy to be in such great company!

    BB - I'm all ears...

    TT - Must have missed that one...

  13. Uh, you aren't (and weren't) a slut. I'm with BB; I could tell you brow-lifting stories from 'back in the day'.

    Most of them began with "So we were drunk and bored..." and end with places like 'the college music pavilion', 'with a guy with braids in his beard', and 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'.

    I probably WAS a slut, now that I think about it. (It was sporadic, though...)

  14. nothing wrong with being a slut. if it weren't for sluts i'd be a 30 year old virgin....

  15. Well now. I've learned a lot today!

  16. gave me the best laugh so far this morning dear girl!!
    "I really am a whore" have to name it to claim it. I embrass my inner whore......regularly :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  17. Ah ETW, I love your candid answers! You're so awesome!

  18. Ooooh, you saucy minx! You revealed a lot with this one! ;) Now I want a banana Moon Pie. MMMM.

  19. Excellent answers!!!

    I have a suggestion that might appease Natalie... Why dont you make up a name to use - or we could choose one for you!!

    My choice would be... Ludwina. Which is of German origin and means "Friend of the people".

    Love your blog
    Keep up the good work

  20. You are a hoot!

    Just when you think it's a small community where you live, you find out it's an even smaller world. More and more, I am meeting people who are less than 6* from me.

    Keep 'em lookin up!


  21. Doood... looks like I missed the whole Q and A thing! So sorry... it's been a rough week at this house ;~( I think *hope* I am starting to feel better... at least enough to make the blog rounds!