Friday, April 3, 2009

Strange Confession 1

I've shared a lot on here. More than a lot.

But, this is a weird one.

Most people think feet are icky. I'm one of those people. But, I'm partial to my own feet. I think they are downright darling.

Yes, I have a weird birthmark on my left foot and yes, I'm 40 and wear a toe ring - in the warmer months. What of it?

And yes, I'm in need of a new pedicure, but notice how my 2nd toe is not longer than my big toe? How they all go down in size in order?

I think that is cute.

The Evil Twin says it's not natural, but I really don't care.

Plus, for a tall girl (nearly 5 foot 10), I only wear a size 7 shoe - for my overseas friends, I think in European sizing, that's a 38. And I know that because I'm in love with Naot's.

I also take really good care of my feet. I use a pumice stone in the shower, then use lots of lotion on them so they stay soft.

I love being barefoot and wearing sandals, so I keep the old tootsies sandal ready all year round!

Around here, you never know when that will be.

I'll be taking my Naot Paris and my soon to be freshly painted toe nails to Disney World in THIRTY DAYS! :-)


  1. Okay, your feet are like the opposite of mine- i have Flinstone toes and don't even want to talk about the nails. I think it's admirable to be aware and kind to yourself!

  2. I love the toe ring on the piggies!!
    Now I have foot envy to go along with all of my other envies!! My baby toes both turn inward and I think it's gross. Prince sez it's sexy but he's from Europe and ummmmm whatever. Still, I barefoot, flip-flop and sandal with the best of them and just don't care. Hope someone points it out to me one day at which time I shall politely introduce their butt to my ugly feet, lol.
    Happy Friday to you Hausfrau and thanks for making me feel inferior yet again :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. I love your toe ring - the one I used to wear for years broke; and I've never found one I liked again! I have a size 9 1/2 foot, so anything I can do to make them look better - I do. Although I still have not used the 'Pedi-Egg' I got as a gift - it kinda scares me.

  4. You have very cute feet - love the color & the toe ring!! :)

  5. Hmmm... my feel look like I regularly walk through broken glass or something so way to go on the nice feet thang. And I agree the toes shrinking in size like that is not natural :)

  6. overall they look nice, but the toenails are WAY too long - they aren't supposed to look like fingernails. I was at a pool in Arizona last week - most people there had the grossest feet - just big old dry calluouses all over their feet. Cover that crap up!

  7. Maura - My kids have Flintstone toes too. They're cute!

    Reggie - both of Sissy's little toes turn inward and I think it's adorable!

    Gigi - I think I found this toe ring at a shop in Myrtle Beach for $8...definitely nothing fancy. I have a Pedi-Egg, too, but prefer the pumice stone.

    TGG - I love the color too. It's Revlon Color Stay in Always Vintage.

    Ron - guys aren't supposed to have cute feet. It might not be natural, but I think it is cute as hell! ;-)

    Anonymous - My toenails are flush with the end of the toes. I'm not going to cut into the quick just to make them shorter. Besides, if I cut them any shorter, there wouldn't be anything to polish.:-)

  8. Not fair, I'm 5' 11" ish, and I'm a(perfect) 10. I have hideous feet, but I can swim like a fish!
    I watched a show once on which women were having cosmetic surgery to get that whole descending order of toe length thing, that you got naturally. They are actually being put under and having BONE and soft tissue removed.
    I nearly passed out.
    Be sure and feature those toes often!
    They are very rare.

  9. You do have cute feet, and I love the toe ring, I wish I could wear one but they bother me. Your going to Disney??? Oh fun fun fun fun !

  10. Now.. you have reminded me that I better go get a Pedicure..and get working on the feet..they say we will get warm weather here in Seattle area at some time..(today it was snowing when I came in to work)NOT sandal weather!!


    PS,, yes very cute toes!

  11. Good looks. Great boobs. Cute feet. Honestly, why am I even your blogger friend?

  12. Love the toe ring. IF my toes weren't so damned short, I'd be sproting one too - but hey, with size 11 feets I'm SURE I don't want longer toes. :)

    Love the nail color, BTW.

  13. Your feet remind me of my feet. My 2nd toe is not longer than my big toe either and they go down in size the same, except one of mine is crooked on the left foot. And I was never able to move my toes much. Oh, and I wear a size 6 shoe :)

  14. Nice feet and I am not a foot person, AT ALL.
    I wear a toe ring as well because, well, we need all the help we can get to make them prettier!

  15. I have bad feet days kinda like bad hair days! I always keep mine pedicured, but some days I think 'Oh my feet are so ugly!' Then some days I like them. I have very long toes lol!

  16. Not fair! I'm 5'9" and I wear a size 10!! I demand that you take some of my feet.

  17. powdergirl - The surgery sounds icky. I would never do that! Maybe they won't be considered odd in a few years...

    The Girl - It takes a day or two for me to get used to it. And, where have you been? Our trip has been frequently discussed here! LOL.

    Jan - I start working on mine in February in anticipation for sandal weather. :-)

    Crazy Mo - Because you make me laugh. Plus, us crazies have to stick together!

    Tiff - Revlon's ColorStay in Always Vintage! It lasts forever!

    Carolyn - We have twin feet!

    Chandra - A little bling never hurt a thing, huh?

    Vevay - Oh, come on, you know they are cute! Embrace that!

    Lisa - You'll have to share with someone else. Sorry! :-)

  18. very nice feet! I usually wear a toe ring but from what I am told when my feet start sweeling from the pregnancy, I can probably use my wedding band!

  19. I have almost the exact same feet as you. Descending order toes with nails that go right to the end. When I was younger I used to think that I could be discovered to be a foot model because they were so pretty to me. But them someone pointed out that my arch was too high and I had cankles so they weren't that pretty. They ruined my foot model dream!

  20.'re perfect. we all must acknowledge that. You are such a blog slut.

  21. I'm 68 1/2 and I wear a toe ring. My daughter gave it to me. I used to have nearly perfect feet until I ran a lawn mower over my left big toe.

  22. Although your feet are a thing of beauty, the say that if your 2nd toe is longer than your big toe it means that you are the boss in the family.

  23. Your feet are shaped like my feet. Maybe we're long-lost unusual second-toe relatives.


  24. My feet are just plain ole ugly...thanks to ruining both 2nd toes while wearing rubber boots (blisters under the nail) during mud season and having them constantly shoved forward due to slipping in the mud. They do descend in size so i don't know why the big toe was not damaged. I have 3 pairs of Naots...not sandals but the cutest Mary Janes ever designed and made. Have you tried Keens? Danskos? Borns? And I also discovered Riekers at my fave place just like you...ZAPPOS!!!! Do you like handbags? Look at Sharon Eisenhauer.....adorable bags.

  25. You do have cute feet. Mine are only cute after a pedicure, of which I am in serious need! And size 7's - that's small! I USED to be a size 9, then I had 3 children and now my boats are a size 10. I'm almost 5' 9" tall.

  26. I guess my jealousy factor in the brain blocked it out, or I've been to focused on the Vegas trip.

  27. Damn that's a small foot for your height! How do you not tip over?

  28. Hi. Came here from a comment on Karen's (smiling through it all) blog.

    I'm not big on feet either, but a nice coat of polish does go a long way. My wife uses all sorts of treatments to smooth out hers, I'd use the word obsessed, but she might be watching :)

    Have fun in Disney.

    P.s. Nice HNT, sexy without being over stated. I like the old school feel of the corset.

  29. You would die if you saw my feet with the four month old polish on the nails. It's bad. Very bad.

  30. My electric blender isn't a blender at all, really. It's an old sanding wheel that I attached a large plastic cup to. It mixes up my ice cream and ginger ale just fine, thank you. It may not be pretty, but it works for me.

  31. Guess what? I have cute feet too. I admit it. But I definitely don't keep them sandal ready year long. I refuse to paint my own toe nails. I get about three pedicures in the summer and pay the $10 for a color change every few weeks.

    You have cute feet too - maybe we should have a cute foot contest? But only after my pedi!

  32. No fair that you only wear a 7. I'm only 5'7" and wear a 10. POUT.

  33. I have ugly feet, which are hereditary in my family.

    I recently splurged on a manicure (girl outing with friends) and nearly passed out when they suggested a pedicure.

    I declined.

  34. JFab - my feet never swelled (either kiddo), so you may not have that issue.

    Kate - I thought about the foot model thing too, but I also have high arches (no cankles, though). Our dreams, dashed, just like that!

    JA - I am far from perfect. But, I DO have cute toes! ;-)

    Kenju - This just gives me one more reason to tell the Evil Twin I will never touch that mower.

    Bitchy - I have heard that too. Perhaps that's why I make such a good submissive housewife....

    rebecca - Wouldn't that be COOL? :-)

    rosemary - I only have 2 pair of Naot's (both sandals). I'll have to check out the others you recommend!

    Sujomi - My feet retained their size thru both pregnancies.

    The Girl - you know I just like to give you a hard time, right? ;-)

    SH - believe it or not, I've been asked that before. I'm very slightly built, so maybe that helps (I don't really know)?

    G-Man - Welcome! And thanks for the kind words on the pic. :-)

    Debbie - Revlon ColorStay - this stuff DOES NOT chip!

    BeLila - Ginger Ale just makes me burp!

    Vinomom - Are you saying we should go toe to toe in a foot-off? LOL.

    Ginger - Remember my biological mom is only 4 foot 11. I may have inherited her small foot genes...

    Renn - I've only had one pedicure. Honestly, I prefer to do my own feet. The way *I* like to do them! (control freak that I am).

  35. No!!!

    Feet freak me out. Especially guys' feet.


  36. Foot fetishes are definitely weird. I don't think much about a woman's feet, as long as they don't really stink or have some major horrible skin problem. Yours are obviously well cared for and the toe ring is kinda sexy. But as far as I'm concerned, I'd rather you feature the girls in your pics like you usually do. Boobs is a body part I can really get behind.
    Take care,

  37. If I disguise myself as a toe or toe ring, can I come to Disney too??

  38. My boyfriend hates feet. All feet, even his own.

  39. I love my feet too! I am just like you... I think the descending size toes is a thing of beauty! once I get them prettied for the season I will post a pic!

  40. Pretty pedicure!! I have one as well, with matching (needing re-painted actually) manicure .... And I wish I was brave enough to wear a toe ring .... eventually I'll be working too much and have my feet always covered up. Ah well. And Disney World?! LUCKY!! Also - you'd think for your height you'd be a size 8 shoe .... I'm about a 7 - depends on the shoe. Huh. You're lucky though!

  41. I LOVE your feet! Cute! Love the toe ring and the color! I just got a pedi yesterday and I love how my feet feel afterwards. I bought an awesome put pumice pad from my chinese peeps and love it. Keeps my feet soft in between peds!

    Hugs - Tiff

  42. Red toes...very nice. I like decending toes...not that I have them...callused feet from to much barefoot time. That is me!

  43. Oooh! You do have darling feet. For the most part, I feel that man feet are gross and lady feet are cute as long as they're taken care of!

    And you lucky duck. I'm 5'6" and wear a size 10.

  44. i actually am at a loss as to what could possibly be wrong with your feet- they are as close to perfect as i ahve seen and the fact taht you look after them so well, blows me away- jeez, i cant even SEE mine !!!