Monday, April 6, 2009

Best Weekend EVAR!

This was such a wonderful weekend!

Saturday was not super warm, but it was nice enough. About a week or so ago, several local gals on my Twitter account and I had made plans to have a girls' night in at my house for Saturday night.

Sarah from The Putnam Scoop was here, as well as another local - B - who doesn't have a blog, but she sure does have a great sense of humor.

I had picked up some cheese cubes, veggies & dip and cocktail wienies along with a couple of bottles of wine (definitely better quality than what I buy for myself). Sarah came by with a bottle of Merlot and B brought a bottle of Spanish Red wine, a cheeseball and crackers.

We ate, and drank and chatted - we had the best time. I just really enjoyed spending time with these 2 very interesting and sweet ladies. I don't get to do that very often! All in all, a really great evening!

The next morning, the Evil Twin and I woke up around 8 am Sunday morning, the kids both piled in bed with us and we laughed about silly things.

After we got out of bed, the Evil Twin got my Sunday paper for me - as he always does - such a keeper! I started going through the Sunday circulars. I always like to browse.

Then I saw it: the new DSi was released on Sunday. (For those not in the know of such things, this is the next generation of handheld game from Nintendo - up from the DS Lite).

I just knew we had to have one. I jumped in the shower, ordered the kids to get dressed quickly, and called Toys R Us, who assured me that they had plenty and there were no lines.

We got there about 20 minutes after my phone call and the electronics department was all but deserted! Yippee. Buddy ran to find a game he wanted and I snagged the Crosswords game for myself.

You see, all this was a ploy to get my hands on Buddy's "old" DS Lite and have it to play games on myself. Plus, the kid had a crappy birthday. His birthday is January 21, less than a month after Christmas and he really couldn't think of anything he wanted, so we bought him clothes. Just what every 11 year old boy wants, right?

And before you accuse me of spoiling my children: Let me tell you - My children are only allowed to ask for 3 things from us for Christmas and then 3 things from Santa. That's it. They get other random gifts from extended family.

But, they do not get a ton of things. And, they're grateful for each little gift they do receive.

So, I looked at this as an opportunity to score a DS Lite for myself and also to make up to Buddy for his lame-o birthday.

Besides, Sissy had been promised one new toy for doing such a great job using the potty and she had her heart set on a doll called "PJ Sparkles". We had looked all over for her, but the best I could find out was that she was only available at Toys R Us.

While Daddy mowed the lawn, the kids and I went on a toy spree. (well, not really spree, just picked up the few items we had in mind).

Buddy playing his new bright blue DSi in the beautiful sunshine yesterday!

I was able to get a half hour nap in my hammock and we had Taco Bell for dinner.

Friends and wine. Toys and sunshine. Naps in a hammock and a dinner that's sure to haunt me. It just doesn't get any better than that!


  1. How funny,I had Taco Bell too last night(ummm...or was this posted last night)
    What a great way to do Christmas.I over-did it I think when mine were young,because I realize now how much it took away from the TRUE meaning of Christmas...but I guess I'll just have to spoil my new grandbaby now.LOL
    What a cool Mom.Sometimes I sneak a link off of Walkers blog and snoop,and I'm glad I picked this one.
    Have a great day!!

  2. Sounds like a loverly weekend! Hopefully the weather gets warm enough for more hammock naps soon.

  3. Taco Bell for dinner is just a win-win for everyone. N=What games do you play on the ds?

  4. sounds beautiful sweet friend- domestic bliss- as for kids, spoil 'em rotten i say, love them to bits xx

  5. Your a super cool Mom. And what's wrong with spoiling your kids a little, as long as they are well behaved. Sounds like a weekend for the memory book. Hope your week is just as good :)

  6. That does sound like the perfect weekend! How exciting! And, I think it's okay to buy your kids stuff like that from time to time. After all, Christmas and birthdays only come once a year! :)

    Hugs - Tiff

  7. Sounds like a great time. PJ Sparkles, huh? I may have to check her out for my 2 year old. Does she do anything special, or is she just cute? :)

  8. Ah! Life is good, is it not? I'm still old school and play my N64 on a regular basis. Finally got all 120 stars on Mario 64! Take that Bowser!! Saving up for a Wii. But I may get a DS before November ... something to do on the plane on the way to Mexico.

  9. Sounds like a fabulous wknd. ETW!!! Glad you got some "me" time in!!! :)

  10. Awesome weekend!!!

    I had a good one, too. It must be catching. ;)

  11. Wow, I'm jealous. Looks like a great weekend! Let me know how the family likes the DSi. I'm really tempted to buy one. I had a DS Lite but I sold it last year because I wasn't using it much.

  12. Tammi - Welcome, Thanks for stopping by! Spoiling grandchildren is just an unwritten rule that must happen!

    Ron - It's forecasted to SNOW tomorrow here... So, yes, I'm eagerly awaiting hammock napping weather full time!

    JA - I only bought the Crosswords game, but I want Brain Age and a few others. :-)

    Lisa - there you are, looking gorgeous in that dress, my love!

    The Girl - Fingers crossed the week is good. The weather looks like crap!

    Tiff - I know. I just feel a little bit guilty! :-)

    Gigi - She's pretty, when a button on her chest is pressed, several areas on her "sparkle" (light up).

    Crazy Mo - Go for the DSi! It's really cool!

    TGG - I can't remember when I enjoyed myself as much!

    Rebecca - Good weather = good weekends, I think. :-)

    Paul - He loves it! It takes really nice pictures and has several more features than the DS Lite.

  13. Glad you had a great weekend! My kids are itcihn' for a ds!! Now that this is out, I'm sure I'll be hearing about it soon!

  14. Me time is always good. Sounds like you had a FAB weekend. I just don't get the whole video game thing. I have a short attention span though. Hammock? Sweet! I need one for sure!

  15. Sounds like a great weekend!
    Twas a good one here as well, was Little Man's first birthday, beautiful weather for a party.
    Today it's off to the opthamologist for Little Bit and I, then snow tomorrow, bleh.
    Let me know how Buddy likes his DSi, I know that Little Bit is going to want one :)

  16. New toys AND Taco Bell for dinner? Will you adopt me?? haha

  17. I wanna nap in a hammock! It snowed here last night. :(

  18. Yea for you! Adult time is hard to come by when you have little ones!

    I'm really jealous that you had nice weather, it's April and we are still wearing heavy coats and fighting snow, blech!

  19. Sounds like a great weekend! For some reason, Taco Bell seemed like a perfect end to it. :)

  20. That does sound like a good weekend. So, are you still playing or have you come up for air?

  21. Aww, that sounds all around fantastic. I'm so glad for you. It's the little things, ain't it? Good company, family, napping in the sun.... beautiful post.

  22. Sorry, quick funny kid story because of PJ sparkles.
    I have 2 nieces(sisters) who each have a 3 year old daughter.
    One is called Blueberry Princess, for her big purple eyes, the other is Sparkling Princess, for her effervescent personality.(we're big on nick-names)
    Blueberry Princess can't say sparkling so it comes out "Fart-away Princess" when she calls her cousin.
    I love it.

  23. Oh no - you mentioned cutting grass. I just hate to start, because you have to keep doing it...all summer. Although I am not allowed to mow anymore, I have to pay someone and he rips me off. I would like to have a small riding mower and then I could do it again - myself. Sounds like a super great Sunday at the ETW domicile.

  24. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

    Hammock you say...hmmmmm,where could I put one???

    Jan ;)

  25. My son is getting a DSi in his Easter basket. All a ploy for Mommy to get his DS.

    It's not just you!!!

  26. I bet my grandkids will have them by next weekend. They always have to have the latest toy.

  27. Dang girl - that sounds like a perfect weekend!! Love the pic of Buddy!

  28. Hmmm...DSi, eh? I think I know what Martian will be asking for next. *sigh* I so need a nice simple weekend like that. Think ToysRUs has one in stock? :)

  29. What a great weekend!! And I am not saying you spoil your kids, but I also think there is nothing wrong with a little spoiling here and there - as long as the kids don't expect it, it will never hurt them!

  30. Sounds so nice. :)
    Glad you had fun.

  31. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm going to do that 3 & 3 for Christmas this year...seems like a lot less stress and a good limit for the kiddos.

    I'd play my youngest's DS, but it has disappeared somewhere in our house. Sigh.

  32. I saw the ad too....I have a it, love it. You know the price on a DS has never gone down....stayed at more no least on the west coast.

  33. Oooh, new toys all around! Hooray!

  34. What a great weekend!! Drinks and toys So much fun!! Women need that time together and i am glad you got it!!

  35. Sounds like heaven! Nap in a hammock, DSi for Buddy. You are now Buddy's super-mom. How cool is that!

  36. I saw the New DSi a month or so ago. Didn't know it was available already. Been debating on getting one for Haley for her birthday in June. It seems so extravagant...but you do make a valid point! There are some games I've been wanting to check out on her DS - so I could use the old one for myself! Especially the crosswords one!

  37. I have been waiting for this new DS to come out, as Estelle is dying for one. I will buy the old version though so I'm looking for a sale. Glad you had a good weekend - it's snowing here now - arrgh!

  38. I used to love when the kiddo's would pile into bed with us Hausfrau. You aren't spoiling your can't "over love" your babies. Trust me.
    Look at me today with my serious comments........this post brought back beautiful memorie's for me and I thank you :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  39. The nap in the hammock... oh that sounds just divine!