Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was very relaxing - which means that very little was accomplished. That's fine.

Sometimes I need a few days of downtime.

I've been reading Ada, Or Ardor by Vladimir Nabokov for a couple of weeks now. It's nearly 600 pages, if I don't add in the "Notes to Ada" section, which I fully intend to read and that comes to 606 pages.

Anyone who has read Nabokov knows that his novels are not the "summer beach reads" and with the kids and my crazy schedule here lately, it's taken me more time than normal to get through this book - although I have really enjoyed it so far. I'm almost at the end! If I didn't have a three year old, I could have finished it in a weekend, but oh well.... :-)

My little playgroup Easter Egg hunt went well on Friday. We did have some early rain showers, so we had to have the hunt indoors. It was still fun.

I was able to get all my chores finished and still throw together a veggie tray:

We had a really nice turnout with lots and lots of food!

And, speaking of food, you all know I gave up bread for Lent (that would be bread and all baked goods), so for Easter, I had half of an Easter bagel, with cream cheese! For lunch, it was Easter pizza and finally, for dinner, the piece de resistance, a Baconator from Wendy's.LOL! I haven't had a hamburger since Ash Wednesday! I needed that. AND, it didn't make me "sick" either, like it has sometimes in the past.

When my parents were both alive, my mom always did the traditional Easter meal, but since they're gone, we just kind of wing it here. The kids get lots of candy in their Easter baskets, so.... it's just kind of a "meh" kind of day.

It's been a "meh" kind of few weeks around here and I've got a lot on my mind. Some pressing family matters (no, we're not sick or anything and the Evil Twin and I are NOT on the outs, but just life in general stuff), so I've been preoccupied.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


  1. I'm very pleased you found some relaxing time :)


  2. wow- that vege tray looks wonderful- the kind of thing i love to whip up- unfortunalty, chocolate has been our main meal around here for the last few days- i am totally over it- plurgh !!
    glad you got some relaxation in- always important xx

  3. I would eat more veggies if someone made me a veggie tray like that everyday. :) lol. I LOVE me some veggie trays!

    It is hard when you have a lot going on so I am glad you got some time to just relax. You are not alone with the Easter dinner. We had Pizza lol.

    Enjoy your Monday!

  4. Downtime is a wonderful thing. I'm so glad everyone could kick back and enjoy. It was a beautiful day (albeit a little chilly), and you got to enjoy "family time." Great.

  5. You had the kind of day I would have preferred - no cooking!

  6. Glad you had a nice weekend. That veggie tray looks yummy!

  7. I had an Easter frozen pizza for dinner. Yay for down time.

  8. Well I'm really glad you enjoyed your downtime, you deserve it!

    I'm sure the kids were just as happy hunting Easter eggs inside as they were outside. :) as long as there is candy involved!

  9. Your Easter sounded very peaceful. I didn't look at my computer once all weekend! Veggie trays ROCK! I hope your family matters smoothe themselves out soon. ((((hugs))))

  10. Your veggie tray made my stomach growl. It must be time for my snack.

  11. G - It *was* nice!

    Lisa - Surprisingly, I haven't even touched the chocolate around here... Weird!

    Lisha - I often do smaller veggie trays for lunch. I love finger foods - and ranch dressing! :-)

    themom - Yep, I'm *still* waiting on Spring...

    Kenju - I feel a little guilty about not cooking, but no one seems bothered by it, so... :-)

    Gigi - I could use more weekends like it!

    Ron - Pizza.... YUM!

    Chandra - They were happy with the candy!

    JFab - I did a lot of reading this weekend and not much computer time myself! Nice to have a break, sometimes. :-)

    3C - Yep, it's about snack time!

  12. I was wondering if you had bread yesterday. Glad you enjoyed it :).
    We have been having a "meh" time too, I wonder if it is just that time of year. Spring and renewal and all. Hang in there.

  13. You're reading a 600 page, thought provoking novel, meanwhile, I just finished a 30 page guide to women's self satisfaction...

  14. I'm glad you had a nice weekend. I love your salt and pepper shakers, I assume they are Fiestaware?
    Happy Easter to you and your family:)

  15. Glad you all had a happy Easter too ;-)
    I bet your bread and burger tasted divine!
    As you know, I over-indulged on ham. Is it too late to start Lent all over again, lol!

  16. Our Easter is pretty relaxed too...we go where we want to visit hang around, talk and drink wine. Glad you go to relax as well! And eat some bread!

  17. You had a bacanator!!?? Wow, you do make a powerful come-back!

  18. Not eating any baked goods for a while would be so difficult. I admire your will power!

  19. Great Easter here...we ate waaay too much candy and it was marvelous! My wife ate a little chocolate as she was scared to eat too much...sort of funny! Anyhow, Happy post-Easter!

  20. Chris - Thanks - I think it's partly the fact that our weather is still dismal around here.

    SH - Don't worry - I ordered that 30 page book too! See, I'm flexible on my reading choices! :-)

    Ms. Barbara Jane - yes, they are Fiestaware! :-) Good eye!

    Carolyn - That Baconator was super tasty! :-)

    Vinomom - I know! Wine and bread!

    Powdergirl - Yep. And it was greasy, too! Just the way I like 'em!

    JA - If you're talking hamburger bunnies, then YES! LOL.

    Dave - It was especially rough on Friday when I couldn't have any meats or bread! I ate lots of salads...

    Warren - I haven't eaten any chocolate yet, but I'm sure I will. The EB was very generous with the candy this year... :-)

  21. Sounds like a great wknd. Glad you got to indulge yourself! Our Easter was busy, but,great! :)

  22. Thanks girl... Baylee also came home on a heart/apnea monitor.

    I do take time in the evenings, but still have everything rolling through my mind. I'm normally pretty good when it comes to stress. I always have multiple things going on. I guess all of this just takes away from "normal" life events!

    Hugs - Tiff

  23. Just wanted to say it was great to see you, Buddy, and the Evil Twin (the last two briefly!). Nate had a great time hanging out with Buddy. Those two are peas in a pod!

    Again, Nate had a great time and I thank you for your hospitality!

  24. Yay!! You got some relaxation!! We made it home and have been mainly hanging out with the family the last 24 hours or so and tomorrow brings some unpacking, household goods schedule-for-arrival time, and job hunting .... But at least we're all together .... Not quite under the same roof but working on it : )

  25. I like your Easter day menu...I think your cheeseburger trumped my waffles. Nicely done! Bet you are happy to have bread back in your life!

  26. As my extended family gets older, holidays aren't the same. This aunt and uncle do this, while that aunt and uncle's kids don't live here anymore. It kind of sucks.

    We've always done brunch on champagne this year. ;-(

  27. Oh yeah, I placed TWO orders for yarn on Sunday evening. ;-)

  28. We didn't have a big Easter dinner, either. We ended up getting Chinese instead.