Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If U Seek Amy

A few (couple) of nights ago, I posted something on Twitter. It was a line stolen from something I had read from Scandalous Housewife's blog. There were a couple of reviews of the show called "The Cougar", which is a reality based "dating" show where the "cougar" is the older, more experienced partner (typically a female) looking for a many years younger male partner for fun and games.

I have no problems with that set up, but the show seemed contrived and ridiculous - and we all know it totally is all that, but I also know that people will watch that crap and be seriously emotionally invested in it, too.

So, when the Scandies posted updates of the show, I was thrilled. I didn't have to watch it, but I could get a play by play in a snarky way and still experience the shame, humiliation and degrading without having to actually be a party to watching! Excellent!

As we all know, these "reality" dating shows are a hoot. But, in the opening sequence of this one, one of the "contestants" greets the "cougar" with :

"I want to give you an Australian Kiss." She questioned that. He leaned in and told her it's like a French kiss, but down under. Then he winked at her.


I like that. If I weren't so busy laughing.

So, I posted something similar on Twitter only I said, "I think the Evil Twin needs to give me the Australian Kiss - Like French kiss, only down under". I was totally joking.

You WOULD NOT believe the responses I had.

People need to get a sense of humor. I don't think anyone sells them, but to me, that one statement is comedy GOLD.

When I told the Evil Twin about it, he laughed for a full minute or so and then, referenced it through the evening as being hysterical.

And now, what the title is about:


  1. I thought it was hilarious!

    I guess some people are overly easily scandalized. It wasn't like you said you wanted a Dirty Sanchez or something.

  2. I saw that and LOVED IT! And I don't know about you, but many of the people I follow on Twitter say much worse than that every single day. Which is why I continue to follow them!

    Perhaps it's time to "thin the herd" ;)

  3. Oh! I hadn't heard that before, and I am Australian! I will have to remedy that, thanks, you Evil girl, you.xx♥ :D

  4. it is hilarious and i have never heard of the Australian Kiss and if someone went down under with me we would never find them again !!!

  5. How positively scandalous!!! I'm in shock!! Well... not really :)

  6. It's kind of amazing how many people have no sense of humor at all. I don't know how they make it through life being so dang serious all the time.

    I missed it when you posted that though cause you're twitter updates are protected so they don't show up in my TweetGrid. ;-)

  7. When I first heard all the fuss about the Britney Spears song, I didn't get it. I had to say it out loud a lot of times before I realized. I'm quick like that.

  8. I want an Australian kiss, a dirty sanchez, oh, and my real name IS Amy.
    Ironically, ETW, my birth name really IS Amy.
    La, la lalalalalalalalalalala...

  9. Seems like a very sweet way to kiss to me. Not so good in public tho.

  10. Huh...I guess it's best to just post snippets from wikipedia on the feeding habits of the planaria...sheesh

    Water off a duck's ass I say...

  11. I haven't watched it and I'm sure the Scandies are grand, but I usually go to the Television Without Pity boards for my dose of snarking (be warned though, there are lots of spoilers there...supposedly TV show execs even go drop spoilers there, but who knows about that). They are hilariously merciless. It is truly television without pity.

  12. Blair - I don't think anyone *really* wants a Dirty Sanchez...although there are plenty of freaks out there.

    Elle - I follow some that are VERY risque - and like you, that's WHY I follow them. ;-)

    Natalie - you can use the line and be dead serious! :-)

    Lisa - I still laugh when I think about it and it's been days ago!

    Ron - you know me too well. :-)

    Jay - I use TweetDeck and I get all responses (even protected ones) wonder why TweetGrid weeds them out?

    3C - You and me both - I had to really slow it down and sound it out. Finally "got it" LOL.

    SH- You dirty housewife you! ;-)

    Dave - I wouldn't recommend that one in public. Even a French in public is a bit lewd for me.

    JA - If you have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy, it truly is! And that's me. :-)

    Warren - oddly enough, I didn't lose followers on there, so, who knows?

    BB - the show itself (from commercial previews I've seen) looks positively ridiculous. I don't think I could watch it with a straight face. Well, I don't think I could watch it at all.... LOL.

  13. Dang...I haven't heard of that one. Need to work it in a conversaton with HandsomeHusband and quick! Thanks for the heads-up! (or should I say "heads-down")

  14. I'd leave a comment but I'm busy packing my weapons of mass seduction and heading off to Australia.

  15. LMAO - that was great !!!!!! I'm gonna have to remember the Aussie kiss !

  16. I haven't wanted to "if you seek a" Britney since mid-2004.

  17. LOL! They obviously don't know who they are dealing with...if they only knew. ;)

  18. Wait - people get offended by cunnilingus?

    That's just sick and wrong.

    (BTW - there had been talk a while ago about changing the title of the Brit-Brit song to "If you seek me" which would totally ruin the naughty vibe, don't you think?)

  19. Tweetgrid works in your browser and uses Twitter Search to grab tweets from people. If your tweets are protected they don't show up in search.

    I can't use Tweetdeck because it runs on Adobe Air and my laptop is too old for Air to run. And Air is a memory hog too.

    Which is totally my problem and not anyone else's of course.

  20. Man, why are people so uptight? Have a little fun and don't take anything too seriously...what else is there to do? Some people are just born with their panties in a wad I have figured out!

  21. The only thing offensive in this post is Britney Spears voice, and the sad fact that she, and others, think she can actually sing. Nails on a chalkboard, it is.

  22. I just can't bring myself to watch another "reality" show....not that they contain any reality. These "cougars" have probably had their fur relocated several times. reminded me of the Mary Tyler Moore joke (yes, I am dating myself) If she had one more face lift she would have a moustache.....I don't twitter either...hell,I rarely text.....anyway I think the Aussie comment is funny......

  23. Now you know the people that lack a sense of humor so you can avoid them in the future.

  24. Sujomi - The Evil Twin and I say it and laugh every single time. :-)

    Alex - That's what I love about it!

    powdergirl - ROFL!

    The Girl - Definitely one to remember.

    Chris - yeah, she went skank didn't she?

    Chandra - My sense of humor is a bit out there, so they should be warned! LOL.

    Tiff - I suppose there are those who find it wrong. Yeah, changing the title would make it even stinkier.

    Jay - Aha! You should put a tip jar on your blog, so we can all chip in for a new computer! :-)

    Tamis - That's me - life is too short to be serious ALL the time.

    Mary - Sorry about that. I just wanted to illustrate the title, so I had to do the unthinkable....

    rosemary - somehow I knew you'd find it funny, too!

    Christine - I guess it's a good barometer.

  25. It's your blog or Twitter. Say what you want and if it offends someone... oh well. They can tune out. I totally got that whole Brittney song and It was hysterical!

  26. Oh how I wish I had seen the responses!

  27. That last comment was from me...the computer was logged in as someone else!

  28. ROFLMBO!

    I'm ashamed to say I had to study on it a minute. At first I thought he meant the chin ;-D

  29. I always say that the ones that don't laugh at that stuff are the ones that need that stuff the MOST!!!

  30. Damn computer! I can't view it from here. I will have to wait until later.
    One of the losers from Millionare matchmaker used that line No wonder why this idiot is still single!

  31. People need to get over themselves. If they don't like your humor... or even your serious... unsubscribe! Keep being as snarky and sarcastic as you want... the people with humor will keep smiling with you!

  32. ..too funny.. and I'm old!

    Jan :)