Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy Day Ahead

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to respond to comments yesterday. Y'all seem to have liked the hot dog ad! It's actually part of an ad campaign for the KCafe (Kmart) and represents that they're selling Nathan's hot dogs (wieners), and now, they're only 2 for $2. I have no issue with Nathan's dogs. In fact, I think they're quite tasty. But, they just don't look very appealing in that ad.

Anyway, yesterday was a busy, but fun day. In the morning, I had to make/take 3 really important phone calls, but I also needed to be at a playdate down the street for a local group I joined so Sissy can socialize with other kids her age.

When Buddy was little, I had joined a group in the county where we lived at the time. While I am sure the group dynamics have changed over the years (if that group still exists), I had a really lousy experience with the group at the time. I had never really encountered such snobby people.

I stuck with the group for a few reasons: For Buddy to have a chance to play with other children and learn important socialization skills - For me to have a chance to meet some other stay at home moms and lastly, for a group experience of attending events that I normally wouldn't have done on my own.

When Buddy entered preschool, I stepped back from that group and was so relieved. Shortly thereafter, we also moved to a new county, so I didn't even have to run into some of the snots out doing my errands and such.

When I met a local mom here who told me she had started up a group, I was leery at first, but decided that I needed to make an effort for Sissy's sake.

I'm glad I did.

These moms are down to earth and really nice. The playdate went well, but of course, left all us moms exhausted! When you get a houseful of 4 and unders together, it's always interesting!

I had considered participating in HNT (Half Naked Thursday), but in reviewing the shots I took last night, I think even the three that turned out presentable may even cross the line for my little old blog here.

Oh, hell... might as well.

May be NSFW. Don't scroll down if you're unsure.


  1. Hey,
    Just started Twitter because of you...Hows your day going...Loved the post yesterday....Love the pic today...later
    Cst KO

  2. Nice shot, but some robe or something got in the way. :)
    Glad Sissy got to get out and play with some youngsters close to her own age, it's a good experience.

  3. What can I say.. you sure keep me entertained!!! Love the story about play groups, isn't it funny how two groups can be so different?


  4. Oh! Do I ever know what you mean about the snobbies.
    Nice message of superiority and entitlement they send out to their kids, hey?
    Ha, I still don't know what NSFW means.
    Nice picture though.
    Ron made me laugh with his comment.

  5. Love the pick. Glad this new group is better. I hate snobby bitches! Have a great day!

  6. PG...

    I believe NSFW would mean Not Suitable For Work or it could mean Nice Set For Watching.

    I this case I choose #2!

    Yeah for HNT!

  7. Glad the playgroup went well; they sure are exhausting. Glad you found some nice moms, too - I am still looking for moms that I can relate to, outside of standard mommy-talk!

  8. Been there. Group dynamics can sometimes seriously suck! It usually comes down to 2 or 3 key people too. I'd rather be a homebody, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I hope these people stay cool! :)

  9. CstKO - yep, I added you to my Twitter - hope to see you there!

    Ron - That darn robe! LOL. Sissy had a great time playing.

    Jan - It really doesn't surprise me about this group being so much better. This is a much more "laid back" county.

    Powdergirl - it means Not Safe For Work - some offices have certain filters and blocks for things that could be deemed "pornographic", which I don't think this is, but you never know...

    Bitchy - I'm glad I found the group,too. I'm the "new girl" and still getting to know people, but I just know they'll warm up to my crazy ways eventually!

    Al - somehow, I knew you'd be a fan. :-)

    Gigi - It's hard when it might be a very diverse group. My handicap with this group is that I am by far, the oldest mom there.

    Honeywine - Me too! As long as they can handle a little weirdness from me, it's all good. ;-)

  10. Okay, I'll bite and reveal how outta the loop I am AGAIN. Whats HNT?

  11. Have to say I'm not sad to see those preschool difficulties in the readr-view mirror...because even though kids are adorable as all hell during those years, the WORK of raising them is monstrous.

    Good you've found a suitable group - makes all the difference.

  12. Happy HNT :-) quite the tease pic, very nice >;-)

  13. Hausfrau--VAVOOM! way to keep us on our toes.

    I think that I could have photo edited that hot dog to look better then they did. I love Nathans dogs...but never eat them at Kmart. Can't say I would start now.

    I imagine in real life you would be a fun Mom to come to play group. You would be welcome anytime at mine!

    Have a great day!

  14. I'm with you onthe playgroup thing. I did that when Shark was little, and soon I discovered the moms were totally competitive about who was walking first, and who was talking first and all that shizzzz..

    Hope this one works out for you and Sissy!!!

    Nice boobies - but them dawgs are kinda weird!!!

  15. Lovin' the boobage, and looking forward to seeing more. :)

  16. I know what you mean about the playgroup thing....sheesh, the things we do for our kiddos!! Nice pic of the girls...

  17. Powdergirl - Half Naked Thursday. Yeah, I don't get it either, but I was low on material today.

    Tiff - I know! I'm so exhausted by the end of a playgroup day...And then I still have more chores.

    Kyle - Welcome! And Thanx!

    Tamis - I like to think I'm fun - I'm the oldest, but probably the silliest one there!

    Momma - some moms can be sooo competitive! Drives me nuts too!

    Bucky - My cleavage pops up every now and again... Just never know!

    TGG - I know - you want them to learn socially acceptable manners before preschool, but us moms really pay the price!

  18. Morning girls!
    I gotta tell you honey, if there is one thing I am truly terrified of - is PLAYGROUPS! I know i should go for the littlies, but fair dinkum, it almost makes me comatose with fear.

  19. Now that's a group I could play with!

    Glad the new mommies weren't a bunch of snobs.

    We never had playgroups for our kids because as it turned out, my wife and her two sisters all had kids around the same time. So, we had four kids within a three year age grouping. Made babysitting for each other easy and when my wife and her sisters got bitchy with one another, my MIL could set 'em all straight!

  20. Playdates would make me a nervous wreck. Heck, there are 79 kids on my street (not that many, but at least 12) and that's too many for me... wait 2 of those are mine! LOL

    Nice picture today! :)

  21. Ahh the Corset!

    There's all kinds of moms out there. I'm glad this particular group worked a little better for you!

  22. now those are some hot dogs hanging out of the bun!

  23. I thought playgroups was a code name for fight club...huh...

    Anyhow, as always, the ending piece was magnificent!

  24. you are the undisputed queen of the boobies xxx

  25. Where do you get your corsets from? I thought you'd mentioned it in this post, but alas...