Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Happy

Thanks for all the lovely Birthday wishes yesterday. I am officially one year older than Earth Day - it was started in 1969. :-)

The juice party/playdate was a success. The kids had a great time and the moms had a great time (at least I did!). I had picked up pizzas prior to the party, so we had pizza and juice. The kids REALLY seemed to like the juice. I sampled the different varieties and thought they were all quite good.

Which means a lot coming from a person who only likes water and wine (like Jesus!). Oh, and the occasional sweet iced tea from McDonald's or Wendy's...

And speaking of Wendy's, I made the Evil Twin run down to ours and get me a sandwich at about 10:30 pm. I really, really, really wanted a Big Bacon Classic, but they don't have those on the menu anymore, so I got a single with cheese and everything plus bacon. Voila! A big bacon classic - almost. It was so damn good I nearly cried.

Anyway, prior to all that: when the Evil Twin walked in after work, I noticed he was carrying a small white box. He had said he was going to pick up a cake after work. Now, we all know the cakes from the grocery stores are usually on a black plastic sheet with a clear plastic top. So, I was curious.

He had stopped at Spring Hill Bakery for a cake. That bakery is renowned here for having the BEST cakes and pastries around. It's also not the cheapest place in town. I was thrilled! It was a checkerboard cake with vanilla frosting with chocolate piping. It's some of the best cake I've had in a while.

What a great surprise! :-)

I had a bit of wine last night - not as much as I would have liked but I had a slow start and I was tired. So, I got in bed early. I'll make up for the lack of wine consumption tonight.

I took a few pictures after the juice party yesterday - I totally forgot to get pics of before. They had sent me a table cloth and everything, but after the kids had pizza, it had some sauce on it, so I took it off and threw it away. Dang it! I was just too busy to remember the before pics. Oh well, what matters is that everyone had fun. I'll upload pics later.

And now, I'm off for a glamorous Thursday. I hope you are too!


  1. You're still a pup, as far as I'm concerned. ;)

    I do like how you appear to have a nightly wine quota. Woman after my own heart, you are.

  2. Can't believe i missed your big day!!! Happy Birthday, darling Girl! ( and girls too, I guess !).

    Wasn't it nice of your Hubby to do that? Hope your day was wonderful.

    Love, Nataliexx♥

  3. Yay for surprise extra good cake!!! I'm betting that moment of thoughtfulness is why you were "tired" and went to bed early ;)

  4. I totally forgot to wish you a Happy Happy Birthday. That was so sweet of your hubby to bring you home a DEVINE cake. You were making me so hungry for a Bacon Cheeseburger!! My first job when I was 16 was at Wendys and it was So hard not to eat the food!!! If I worked there now they wouldn't be able to fit me out the door lol. Have a beautiful Thursday!!

  5. I missed that it was your birthday. Hope it was a good one!

  6. Love me some GOOD CAKE!! Glad you had a great day! :)

  7. I'm so glad everything went well with the juice party...and a surprise delicious birthday cake. What more could a person ask for?

  8. I LOVE birthday cake. Any kind. I always go to the kids in the neighborhood birthday parties even if we don't have the kids just for the cake! I love it when J surprises me with the little things and everyone deserves cake on their Birthday! Glad the party juice party was a hit!

  9. Arrrgh! How did I forget to wish you a very happy birthday yesterday? Happy Birthday! Evil Twin was a sweetheart to bring you the cake. I hope you thanked him properly! ;)

    Here's to a great rest of your birthday week!

  10. Cake sounds wonderful. How sweet of your hubby. Hope you had a great day.

  11. A belated Happy B-Day to you! Hope it was special.

  12. Wine and birthday cake...does it get any better then that? I think not!

    Can't wait for the pics!

  13. Would of loved to see that cake...better yet, had a bite of it.(I am at if you have a picture of the cake.. can't see it here!)

    At hosue and in our family we like to extend Birthdays.. a week is a good gauge..bring on the goodies and presents yesterday, today, tomorrow..

    Happy Happy!

    Jan :)

  14. ETW, I am proud of you for making up your wine deficiency today. It takes a committed soul to endure such hardship as that!

    And oh my heck, Spring Hill Bakery is awesome. I never knew the delights I had missed until I had my first pastry from there...delightful!

  15. Glad you had a great birthday! TET is such a sweetie!

  16. Tiff - that's not an "appearance", it's "reality". LOL.

    Natalie - Thanks! It was a nice day.

    Ron - we had to reschedule that for tonight. We were too full of Wendy's! LOL.

    Lisha - If I worked there, I'd also be trapped inside. I love their food!

    3C - Thanks!

    Gigi - Thanks!

    TGG - It is the yummiest!

    themom - and I got a nap too, so it was perfect all the way around!

    JFab - I can totally see attending parties just for the cake. Sounds like something I would do.

    Sujomi - Thanks! He'll get rewarded later tonight!

    TWS - It was a nice day!

    Scott - Thanks! It was perfect.

    Chandra - If I have time, I'll work on the pics later.

    Jan - I'll have cake pics tomorrow. Here, I celebrate from now until Mother's Day. Might as well... :-)

    Warren - I was a bit disappointed in my pathetic wine consumption last night, so tonight bring on the debauchery!

    Bitchy - He's a keeper, that's for sure!

  17. Happy birthday for yesterday...I missed that somehow!

  18. So happy you had a great day! Can't wait for the pics. I want to see the cake, did you shoot that?

  19. Well, I had quite the glamorous Tuesday. Class, more class, meeting with a professor, home with boys. Party, party, party! :P

  20. What an awesome guy!
    Glad you had a nice day.

  21. My doctor's office is two doors down from Spring Hill Bakery. Irony!

    That place makes me think of my grandfather. My grandparents lived in South Charleston and my grandfather adored Spring Hill Bakery, especially the "Hot Dogs" and German Chocolate cake (ew).

  22. I'm glad your juicy juice party went well! I still can't believe there are juicy juice parties.

    :) Glad you had a nice birthday with a yummy cake!

  23. A scrumptious looking cake! YUM! A very happy belated birthday to you my friend! Blessings for a great upcoming year! Lisa