Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Day Ahead

Today, I have to hit the ground running.

Somehow, I got roped into doing a Juicy Juice House Party. I don't even remember how I got signed up to do this. (Ed. note - she gets tipsy and signs up for shit online).

The House Parties are popular right now. Apparently, lots of companies are looking for ways to spread the word about their products, so they offer the opportunity to host "parties" to individuals.

The company in question (in my case - Juicy Juice) then sends the host a package of their product samples, plus goodie bag treats, etc. This way, the company can get the word out in a relatively cheap manner. The hosts of the parties do all the work - by inviting their friends (in my case - Sissy's playgroup) and "advertise" the product.

So, I'm going to order some pizzas and the juice is in the fridge chillin'. They sent me 8 full containers of their newest product - their Immunity and Brain Booster juices.

I already buy their Harvest Surprise juice - because it contains 100% full days serving of fruits and vegetables in a 8 oz glass - or something like that. And, we all know Sissy doesn't eat well (unless it's dumpster diving) and she certainly doesn't like ANY vegetable, so that's one way I sneak it into her little bossy body.

They also sent me reusable plastic bottles (like the kind you can put a beverage in to take along, not like baby bottles), mini decks of playing cards, reusable shopping bags, growth charts, coloring books and coupons for their product.

I put the goodie bags together last night, which is why this is late this morning.

The Evil Twin helped me arrange the dining room to accommodate more guests - our table has a hidden leaf in the middle, but it definitely takes two people to pull the table apart to set it up. However, we now have seating for six, plus a few extra stools and of course, the couch and love seat in the den (living room area), so I think I can comfortably seat lots of moms and tots today.

Unfortunately, it's only 40 degrees right now and not supposed to be above the mid 50s at the high today AND the forecast is calling for rain (more of it!!!!), so we won't be able to play outside - and we have such a nice backyard too! Wah!

Speaking of, my cotton rope hammock snapped a rope, so I had to order a new one. I found the same product, only in a synthetic at the same place I ordered the first one. It was on sale and free shipping and it should be here tomorrow!

Just in time, too because we're supposed to have a beautiful weekend!

I hope you all have a fabbo Hump Day. I KNOW I will. ;-)


  1. I know you won't mention it here, so I will (as well as being FIRST!)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you! Me and Buddy and The Bossy Bear all love you and hope you have the best birthday ever!!! You're not getting older - you're getting hotter! Yeah, babybee!!!

    The Evil Twin

  2. I CAN'T believe you didn't mention your own birthday!!

    Happy Day, ETW, and many, many more!

  3. Happy birthday!

    Have fun at the juice party. It sounds cute!!!

  4. I throw those same parties, but with Jose Cuervo. The kids love it!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    See! I remembered (which is no small feat6 for me!)
    Hope your day is a great one and you have a wonderful time!

  6. See now this is why the Evil Twin Rocks OUT LOUD ! What a sweetheart, your a really lucky woman. Happy Birthday !!!! Good luck at your party today, I hope it's a smashing success ! I also hope you get expensive presents, a wonderful cake, and lots of hugs and kisses from the kids today.

  7. Honey - thanks. I love you too!

    kenju - Thanks!

    JA - Thanks and that sounds like MY kind of party. The Evil Twin was joking this morning that my box o' wine was my Juicy Juice (hey, it's a fruit, right?)

    BG - Thanks, darlin'. I know you've got one coming up soon too.

    The Girl - Thanks - I am super lucky!

  8. happy Birthday you beautiful girl !!!!!
    and those parties sound Great for promoting new goods.........what did you get for your birthday xx

  9. Happy Birthday!!!

    When I started reading I was thinking..hmmm..Juicy this one of those underwear or adult toy parties? But's just juice. I mean really, REAL juice. >>>Dissappointed sigh<<< That would have been much better blog fodder LOL!

    Hope you have a wonderful day! Hang tight! You always get your weather after me, and it's 60 today and 80 tomorrow!

  10. What a great idea for a birthday party!!! Too bad that they didn't send juice boxes, or maybe they did, ie that large juice box in the fridge??? :-)

    Good luck with your juice party; in honor of your special day I suggest that you spike your own there's a brain booster for you!

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day!!!

  11. A) Happy Birthday, you deserve a great day!

    B) Hope the juice box party goes well.

    C) Ummmm... you have to get the hammock fixed ASAP!!!! I love that thing!

  12. Happy Juice Day AND Birthday ;-D

  13. Happy birthday. Save me some cake.

    You can drink all the juice though..that healthy gunk totally screws up my system. It only accepts sugar, fat and carbs. :-)

  14. Happy birthday and enjoy your juicy juice day too. That sounds like a great way for the company to get it's message out to moms.

  15. Happy birthday! And have fun getting juiced tonight!

  16. Happy Birthday, have a fun party, enjoy the new hammock, hope the week-end is all it's cracked up to be!

  17. Happy Freaken Birthday!! You'll have to sneak in a cup of your "special" boxed juice in a the party to celebrate!

  18. Happy Birthday (I think the 3rd time I have said that to you today)! Enjoy the juice!

  19. Happy birthday!!!! I agree that you should sneak in some adult beverages to celebrate....

  20. Will you have special juice boxes for the mommys? I recommend 'Sophia' by Francis Ford Coppola. It's champagne that comes in tiny, little, pink cans with matching little bendy straws. I call it 'Mommy's Little Juice Box'. Yummy!

  21. WOW!!! Its your BD?? Well, then may I be the 23rd person here to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 'Juicy-Juice' code? ;)

  22. Great BIG Happy Birthday to you!

    Can't believe you scheduled to have a bunch of curtain climbers celebrate with you. How might brave!

  23. Happy Birthday!

    Juicy Juice gives me flashbacks to my cashier days, and the only people who bought Juicy Juice (in the big metal can) were the people on WIC. LOL

  24. Sounds like an AWESOME party, wish I lived closer to you, I bet you throw awesome parties...and speaking of parties...


  25. Lisa - Thanks! I think I'm getting dinner out - probably tomorrow.

    TGG - Thanks!

    (K)arla - We'll have adult juice later on!

    MEL - Oh, I'm ready for a drink right about now.

    JFab - Thanks! And my hammock came today! I wasn't going to let that slide.

    Leighmo - Thanks!

    Carolyn - Thanks! It's a two-fer day!

    Christine - Thanks! The juice is just for the kids, so I'll let you off the hook.

    Dave - Thanks and yep, it's a neat way to get their products noticed.

    Warren - Thanks and you better believe I will be three sheets to the wind soon!

    powdergirl - Thanks! And it's supposed to be 80 on Friday, so it should be a great weekend.

    Ron - I think I'm going to sneak a glass now!

    Bitchy - Thanks and yep, you hit me up on Twitter, FB and now here - you are very ambitious today!

    Alex - I'll be ingesting some wine as soon as appropriate! Thanks!

    SH - I've never seen those. Will have to look next time I'm shopping. They sound GREAT!

    Efen - Thanks! And no, it's just juice - like Apple, Grape, etc.

    Tamis - Thanks! It was the only day I had "free" this week....

    Blair - Thanks! LOL. We talked about that very thing at the playgroup - you must have been here in spirit. :-)

    Chandra - I would have loved to have you and your boys here! Thanks for the birthday wishes. :-)

  26. Happy Birthday, try not to break this hammock cord breaking it in after a few Adult Juicy Jucies...

    I wonder if my fav wine company would get on board with the "parties" it would certainly cut down my wine bills!

  27. Oh that juice party sounds like fun. Hope it goes well. (no rain no rain!)

    and Finally...



    Thanks ET for letting us know.

  28. At first, I thought "juice party" was code for "sex toy party." Sex toy party, I would've expected from you!

  29. Happy juicy birthday! My next one will be rather more dry, as tends to happen when one gets old.

  30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope the Juicy juice party went well. Yucky day today, but the next few days may end up being scorchers.

  31. Juice party? Think the Jim Beam company does those?

    Again - Happy BeeDay!

  32. How did your Juice party go?? An acquaintance of mine did a Hershey Bliss house party one time. I missed it though..which is probably good b/c I would have gained 30 lbs!! lol.

    Hope the weather clears up in your neck of WV. Ours is tomorrow :) WOOHOO!!

  33. Yeah here's me little comment #35 - you are a dirty comment whore you know that? :)

    Happy Birthday although I already said that on my post today (which you discreetly ignored)

    Love ya!