Monday, April 27, 2009

614 - I Can't Come Up With a Headline

I am really glad that the Evil Twin and I went to the grocery store yesterday - we had to pick up all the remaining supplies we would need for next week's trip to Disney World! That's a whole lot of shopping right there. It was a big load of shit.

I'm also glad because today, I will spend the day on the phone. The Evil Twin's insurance changed slightly back in July, only no one notified ME (the insurance person) of the changes.

See, Buddy had his yearly check up with his - and the only pediatric opththalmologist in town - eye doctor. He HAS to see an opthtalmologist because of his prematurity. His vision is listed as a MEDICAL problem, not just an everyday type of situation. We don't have just regular vision insurance - that and dental are separate policies that we have to pay extra for. And, really it's cheaper to pay out of pocket for general stuff.

Anwyay, as USUAL, I got a bill on SATURDAY for $150 for that appointment with a note saying it's not covered under the plan. It has been covered for years and now???

So, today, the person the insurance company wishes death upon will call back to slay the dragon (the insurance company). I tell them "Why, yes, I DO have all day. Isn't that convenient?"

I'm not trying to scam them out of anything. So don't think I feel entitled to have this service covered - it always has been and still should be because it's a medical problem. Also, I am very glad and lucky that we do have insurance too, but get frustrated by all the red tape! (I just wanted to clear that up, not that anyone said anything, but I was writing in a hurry this morning and wanted to add those points in).

This is my sad, pathetic boring blog - I AM SO GLAD someone let me know that!

For the love of Pete, Anonymous in Louisville Kentucky, thank you for telling me my blog was boring. And, for also letting me know that you thought "someone should let me know."

You know what I think? I think you are a mother fucking coward to post an anonymous comment on a month old post.

You're pretty clever there, Ms/Mr. Anonydouche.

If you think it's boring, offensive or you don't like my cleavage shots, then DON'T LET THE MOUSE HIT YOUR ASS ON THE WAY OUT! (the cleavage shots line was for Ms/Mr. Seattle Washington who anonymously asked about whether Buddy might be ashamed of his mother posting pictures of her cleavage - GASP! - it's skin! Next time, y'all might get a shot of my elbow!)

Obviously, I'm full of the PMS and hatred this morning, so I'll end this here. Pray for me as I make multiple phone calls this morning. Sheesh.


  1. 1. Insurance sucks.

    2. My boy has exotropia, and I bet he goes to the same "Dr. Rotchy" that you refer to, above. I've always had to pay out of pocket there. Maybe they're using the wrong codes?

    3. Why oh WHY do they let any ol' dumbass have access to the intertubes? How sad that person's life must be...they should fill their time with something productive. Sheesh.

    4. Vacation is soon! w00t!!

  2. Yay, vacation!

    Ugh, insurance, good luck!

    Why did they bother to read if they think you're boring? I mean, just hit "Next blog" and be done with it. Pfffft!

  3. Some people just don't "Get it". The blog isn't for them it's for you, the blogger and for those that have actually come to know and love ya. Trolls are everywhere, don't let em get ya upset.

  4. Oh dear...:)

    Anonydouche....cracking up here!


  5. Again you might want to remind everyone whos name is on the Blog! I love reading your blog and know just who you are from doing so. It says everything (well alot ) about you. And I am sure my 14 year old son is embarrased from his moms cleavage , braless tshirts , bathing suits etc. but how many times can the kids will embarass us? oh and PMS moms with toddlers are very dangerous ! watch out neighbors !

  6. I hate insurance companies. And dont you love when then send you that crap so you get it on the weekends when they aren't taking calls?? Nice. Hope it all works out for you.

    As far as the anonymous comments, people are cowards. I LOVE LOVE your blog and enjoy hearing about the things that make up you and your day :) So keep blogging away girl.

  7. Insurance sucks. It's all for the company and they care nothing about taking care of their clients. Fuck em.

    Sorry you're PMS'y (and hungover?) Boy did I tie one on on Saturday. I paid for it yesterday too!

  8. I hate insurance people.....they are scammers and they know it.

  9. What a douche! So sorry to hear that!

  10. DA - They're going to "resubmit the claim for review". I better not hear back from them.

    Inanna - I know! I know it's boring sometimes, but just like TV - you can just click off stuff you don't like.

    Ron - You're totally right, but I am in a MOOD this morning. LOL.

    Michelle - I am all full of hate this morning. :-)

    Natalie - This is me, on my bad side.:-)

    Anonymous (who is not a douche at all) - thanks for the encouragement!

    Lisha - Thanks! Our insurance company really hates when I call. LOL.

    Vinomom - It does suck, but at least we get some coverage. I still want to strangle them sometimes, though!

    JA - I really hate the car insurance more than anything else. It is literally "highway robbery".

    Alex - Thanks! :-)

  11. Insurance issues suck! YAY for Vacation!!! Hope the PMS & hangover (?) get better today!!

  12. Hey there,

    Gee, well you get lots of comments for a 'boring' blog :)
    Some people seriously need to get a life - if they don't like it fine, don't come back mate!!

    I tagged you on a meme the other day, not sure if you saw it :)


  13. What the fuck is wrong with some people. If you have a problem with something, you dont go out of your way to see it. Dont let any anonydouche get you down. Its your blog to do what you please. Some of us like it. Its real life. Maybe they should get one instead of slagging off people..

  14. Are you trying to lure *my* troll away?? And here I was, just getting used to her! The fact that she visits me several times a day, then leaves her snide little remarks has become something I look forward to!

    And heaven knows I spend my entire life in hopes that I never embarrass my son ... or I try to make up for all the times he embarrasses me ... one or the other!

  15. Sorry for the trolls...but I dig your blog too...

    And please, elbow shots!

  16. You GO, girl! Glad you're good and worked up so you don't get tangled in the red tape today. Fuckers. They know they're WRONG!

    I'll get with you on Fri about the GPS. I don't mind running it by, I know you'll be crazy busy that day!

    I have to go now. I've got some paint drying over here and I'm missing it.

  17. Hahahaha, anydouche, hahahahhahahaha! Yay for Disneyworld next week!

  18. Hahahaha, anydouche, hahahahhahahaha! Yay for Disneyworld next week!

  19. Silly anonydouche, comes all the way over to your blog just to be rude. I'm sure he/she lives a riveting life of intrigue and daring.
    I love your blog, ETW, that's why I read it everyday.

  20. You're going to Disney World? Adopt me please! ;-)

    I used to have anonytrolls a lot. Now they seem to have moved on to other blogs. Like this one! haha

  21. I'm PMS'ing, too. We must be on the same cycle, sista!

  22. TGG - I feel better, but still irritated. I need someone else to be mean to! :-)

    G -Thanks, and I don't know how I missed that. I didn't read alot over the weekend, though.

    voyeur36 - I love the way you put that! Excellent!

    Dana - I hope I'm not stealing from you. ;-)

    Warren - I'll try to spare you all! Cause I love all my regulars.

    Elle - Just give me a call that morning and we'll work something out.

    Ginger - You know I don't suffer no fools!

    powdergirl - Well, this person went to a lot of trouble to "hide" their anonycomment on a really old blog post. But, I get comments emailed to me, so I knew when it came in. LOL.

    Jay - Oh, thanks a lot! LOL.

    SH - I just hope it hurries up and gets here before my vacation! Ack!

  23. You know your regulars love you, so who gives a shit what some anonymous douchenozzle thinks anyway, right?

    Love it when you have your back up! Remind me not to piss you off.

    Count down to vacation has started for both of us! Hope all the bullshit works itself out. Or you get to make yourself feel better by yelling at someone!

  24. OH ETW, even when your mad you crack me up! Sheesh, if cleveage is bad, can you imagine what my kids are gonna think of me someday. He! We can be scarlet letters together. Disney can't come soon enough !

  25. Insurance can be such a pain, but we're lucky to have it.

    Yay for Disneyworld!

  26. Hey its Cst KO here....I'm back.. had to stop my police blof so heres my new one, just started it.. thansk

  27. Another fine, fine person from Louisville. What a shock!

  28. If I have said it once... I've said it a millionmotherfucking times..... if you don't like this blog... PISS-THE-FUCK-OFFFFFFF. Period. Can you read all you "No Nad Anonymous-too scared to leave their read name but shitty comment only?" Did I spell it out for you enought? FUCK OFF FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

    Now, ETW... I hope your day gets better. I've got your back.

  29. Insurance = necessary evil.

    Ms/Mr. Anonydouche = dumbass(es)

    You made it to the big time, you now have your own crackpot anonymous commentors!

    Drink some of that boxed wine in've earned it! ;)

    Hope your phone calls went well.

  30. I had to deal with an issue like this last month. It turned out that the office coded it was a optomitrist visit instead of a opthomologist visit. Apparently, one is covered and one is not.

    YOu may want to check the office to make sure they coded it the same way as they had in the past.

  31. I have to call a psycho homeowner tomorrow. Want to come to work with me?

    I like you just the way you are. Funny, irreverent, creative, and full of great bra advice!

    (I finally picked up a few, by the way.)

  32. I certainly won't get into the hatred I have for the insurance industry, at the moment. Shame on the anonymous posters. I don't let that bother me to much as we do have the power of DELETE!!

  33. Come on ETW... you know better than to let them get to you! Stupid cowardly anonymous commenter! Love the 'don't let the mouse hit you on the way out'! Big hugs and I hope the day got better ;~)

  34. Good luck w everything - I HATE anonymous messages!!

  35. Insurance companies SUCK! I just spent 5 months fighting with mine over a mammogram. A-holes! They pissed me off so much there was no way they were going to get away with not paying it...Guess what, I won!

    1 point for the little guy!

    PMS and hatred comes naturally to some of us!

  36. man.. I am so glad I am post least the PMS is gone!

    Did you see the story they did last week on Dateline, or 20/20 about AIG declining medical claims and making the people jump through hoops for legitimate claims.. makes you even more disgusted with how greedy they are!

    Your only days away from the land of Mickey!


  37. I used to work for an insurance company. ALWAYS fight them, whatever it takes. They count on people just giving in and not fighting. I had to have EMERGENCY surgery last year. The surgeon wasn't 'contracted' so they weren't going to cover it...I was unconcious!! How was I able to pick a surgeon??? I appealed and they gave in. APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL!! It takes time, but 95% of the time they will cover it.

  38. I don't like criticism any more than the next guy, but I can handle it if it's honest, specific, and the person will put their name to it. At least SOME name. I go ballistic over anonymous criticizers too.

    I'm also (in my weaker moments) very vindictive, relentless, thorough, and understand my stat-counter software to a high level. Remind me to tell you some time what I did to someone who pushed me a little too far. Suffice it to say: Anonymity isn't what people think it is.

    Give 'me Hell!

  39. I just cleaned the gatorade off the screen LMAO.

    We love you and that's all that matters.

  40. WTF is wrong with people? Maybe somebody forced them to read your blog and view your cleavage pictures...otherwise, why should they give a crap what you do at your blog? I don't read blogs that I don't find interesting. It's amazing, I just deleted the bookmark, and voila, I was never bothered by them again.