Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Break

Before I get started here, let me say that I'm sorry about the nasty feet/toe pics yesterday, but I just HAD to make my point. Ya know? Thanks for all the wonderful and funny comments - I'm sorry I couldn't reply as I usually do, but it was a hectic day of trying to get things done here at home. Okay, on to our regularly scheduled program:

Buddy goes to Catholic School, so their schedule is just a little different than the public schools - especially when the most holiest of all holidays for Catholics (that would be Easter) is concerned.

The local county schools had their "Spring" break (I guess bringing religion into it is verboten anymore) was weeks ago. But, the Catholic schools ALWAYS have the week after Easter off and they call it Easter Break.

Call it "Captain Fudgesicles Week" or what have you. I really don't care. I'm just looking forward to a small break in the normal routine. (And, I'm Catholic!).

I like the school schedule for the most part, but I also enjoy some down time where we don't have to be planning for it, making sure uniforms are clean, homework is done and deadlines are met. No packing of school lunches for me next week!

Buddy is off on Good Friday and then the whole week that follows Easter. I'm quite sure I will be most ready for him to return to school by the end of that time!

His school had their Easter Egg hunt today. He came home with a full baggie of loot.

On Friday, the playgroup I joined for Sissy will have their egg hunt. It will be in our own backyard - we're just about the only family with a flat, fenced backyard in the group.

Buddy can be my "helper" that day. He's so good with his little sister and all smaller kids.

I guess Friday evening will be reserved for hard boiling and coloring eggs. No one eats the damn things. I don't know why we even do it!

My personal schedule for the next month and a half will just be nuts. So, if I don't reply to every comment or even comment on every blog, please know I'm out here reading and stuff.

I just need to back off for a bit. I'll still be posting here, of course. 'Cause I'm a shameless hussy.


  1. O.k run along now, don't worry about a thing. Well maybe only your toenails getting too long, you shameless hussy!

    Have a wonderful Easter Break.xx♥

  2. You don't eat hard boiled eggs???
    You might as well be hiding plastic ones! We love them here.

  3. That's right Missy!! You need to focus all your energies toward the Disney adventure after all that damn vacation won't plan itself!

  4. Enjoy the Week After Easter Break :) I'll still be around checkin' in...take care!!! :)

  5. Turn those hard-boiled eggs into deviled eggs... although that may not be appropriate for Easter. :-)

  6. Have a wonderful Easter break. We are coming home to WV for a long weekend to celebrate Easter with the family. I'll be in Scott Depot!

    I can't wait to come home. I hope you have a wonderful break!


  7. Natalie - I'm sure to bring more shame on myself soon! ;-)

    kenju - I know! But, the kids like to color them...

    Ron - How well you know me. LOL!

    TGG - I'm going to try to keep up w/ everyone. We'll see how it goes. :-)

    Inanna - That is actually a VERY good idea. Thanks!

  8. Amy - Have a good trip in! How long will you be in? Email me at eviltwinswife at and maybe we can get together!

  9. enjoy your break.i rember how much i used to look forward to xmas break so i could just dis the routine for a while.......i somehow missed the foot happeneings and am about to read up now...........smooch xx

  10. I love Easter eggs! The boys don't like to color eggs, so I go to a neighbor's house to watch her kids color. There is always a ton of kids outside on Easter hididng eggs, so I watch them.

    Everyone needs a break honey. We know you are with us in spirit!
    Can't wait to meet you tonight!

  11. Shameless Hussies UNITE!

    I vote YOU for President.

  12. The hard boiled eggs can be mailed directly to me. If you would like to devil them first that is fine also! We know you love us and understand if you are busy! Enjoy the break.

  13. I love Easter ! When my kids were small the easter egg hunt was always here, I took over the forest area across the road for the bigger kids, and trapped the small one in the front portion of the yard. I had 14 kids the last year! With parents!
    It was nice, I miss those days!
    I still blow out the eggs for decorations, I make scrambled eggs for breakfast everyday, for weeks before the holiday!
    And man, my cheeks feel like I've been playing the sax.
    If you're going to act like a hussy, you should hop around the yard in a play-boy bunny suit when you're hiding those eggs.LOL. That'd make The Evil Twin so happy.
    Happy Easter.

  14. My mom always turns the hard boiled ones into egg salad or deviled eggs...yummy!

  15. Just hope that you don't 'hide' those eggs and forget where you hid them...come late April they tend to start smellin pretty bad if you run over them with the lawn mover...believe me I know!

    Have fun on your trip@!

  16. Yeap, my kiddos have started spring break today as well. They are in public school, but around here spring break always coincides with the Easter holidays. They are off until Tuesday, when they return to school, and my sanity will return again as well! Enjoy!

    Note to self: Buy eggs.

  17. I think it makes more sense to do the spring or Easter break the week after Easter. This week before stinks b/c Easter is on Sunday and then it is back to the grind Monday morning. I agree with the break in routine, however I SO needed a break. A break means I can relax a bit. have fun at the egg hunt!! :)

  18. I used to boil and dye eggs with my boys, but they enjoy the plastic ones filled with candy ever so much more...and it's easier on me! Have fun this weekend!

  19. Lisa - Just that quick break is enough to refresh me!

    JFab - my kids' love to color eggs. Depending on the weather, sometimes we don't even hide them!

    Tiff - I'm not cut out for leading other shameless hussies.

    Bitchy - Wish I could mail them to you... :-)

    powdergirl - I thought about blowing them out and just using the shells. Maybe I will.

    Warren - Buddy will eat a few, but I'm usually stuck with a bunch on their way to the trash... So, maybe this year, they get a second life!

    Chandra - if it's too cold on Easter morning, we don't even hide them... :-(

    Sujomi - Your crew doesn't get a full week off?

    Lisha - Thanks! I think we'll have fun.

    Ginger - I would be happy with the plastic ones too, but my two like the messy dye process!

  20. You shameless overworked housewife! Keep it up!!!

  21. I have to agree about the boiling of hundreds of eggs for them to hunt. I would much rather just stuff plastic one's full of candy! Oh well.. I guess it's fun for the kids to get their hands stained. We always do it on Saturday. We will be heading to Cabot tomorrow through Sunday.

    Hugs - Tiff

  22. Spring break started for us today too! I love a break from the routine - even for a couple days. Relax for a bit - we'll understand! XoXo

  23. My brat goes to catholic school as well and we have the same deal. Unfortunately, her friends from the neighborhood were all off this week. Hers' starts tomorrow.

    I am taking her to Washington DC next week to keep her from going stir crazy. SHould be fun.

  24. ME! Commenting for you NOW! For the last time. I'm leaving blogville and I just wanted to say I've enjoyed your blogging and the occasional glimpses of your girls. Take care, and God bless you and your family.