Thursday, April 16, 2009

Open Floor

I've been so busy lately, and so short of material to blog about - all my busy is boring - I thought, "Hey, ETW, you have loads of new readers. Now is the time to open the floor for questions!".

So, that's what I'm gonna do.

Have a burning question about me that I haven't covered? Put it in the comments.

By now, you know I'm honest and not shy about most topics, so let's get those questions out there!

Basically, my current busy is our craptastic Easter Break week (Buddy is out of school this week), but the temperature has been less than "spring-y", so it's pretty sucky.

I'm still working on details for our trip to Walt Disney World coming up VERY soon. I want to have a game plan lined up so we can do as much as we'd like with as little lines as possible for our first visit. Having two children who are 8 years apart and won't be able to do the same rides is making me unglued!

There are also several appointments between now and then that are adding to the stress.


  1. WHAT IS YOUR NAME??????????????

    Love the little girl, future stripper! Classic.xx♥

  2. Hmmmm..... Let's see... Were you ever in a movie that involved a man getting his taint shaved??? ooops.. no fair I know the answer. :)

  3. Love the little reader pic..very funny!! I will get back to you on a good question. I am fresh out this morning. lol

  4. I have no questions, but I will sure love reading your answers!

  5. I'm feeling the same - boring busy, the usual stuff :)

    So I'm hoping you get some interesting questions, then I'll have something to read :)


  6. Don't stress about your trip! You're going to Disney, not a third world country. Relax dollface, the kids will have a WONDERFUL time!

  7. I'm so excited for you going to Disneyworld! I so want to take my son there, but hubby is resisting the commercial aspect, and the finances are resisting the financial aspect. Someday. :)

  8. No question right now, but just a Disney comment.

    My sister and I are 9 years apart and we had that Disney ride problem. It was solved by Dad taking me to the big kids stuff and mom staying with my sister at the baby stuff.

    After that trip when my parents went to Disney again, I stayed home with grandma and they just went with my sister. I was in my teens and too cool for Mikey and Princesses at that point.

    Of course as and adult I have been back with my friends.

  9. Oh I know the answer to the first question :) !!!! I can't think of what to ask, I've been chatting with you for a long time now, so I'll let the newbies do the asking.

  10. I can't think of anything to ask... but, I'm so excited you are going to Disney! How FUN!!!

    Hugs - Tiff

    PS- LOVE the stripper girl picture! Too funny!

  11. the stripper thing too.

    Related to that, what sort of jobs have you ever worked? What would you love to do if you were not a SAHM?

  12. Hahahaha, love the picture! Sorry, I can't think of anything to ask you right now that I don't already know the answer to!

  13. I can't think of any questions, so I guess I will just enjoy the answers to questions that other people ask. :)

  14. Sooo,
    Just wtf is your bra size anyway?

    Sorry, my only other burning question had to do with religion, it seemed a little heavy. I deleted it so that you wouldn't have to. ;->

  15. I just hav to say that is the funnies picture I've seen in a long time! Thank goodness I have little boys!

  16. Have you ever performed a rusty trombone? How about a Cleveland Steamer? LOL.....

  17. Ditto on the rusty trombone - lol

  18. My question is:

    You're still taking me with you to Disney, right??

  19. Would you rather:

    Have your parents walk in on YOU having sex, or, you walk in on THEM having sex?

  20. In your opinion, is or is not the Hokey Pokey what its all about?

  21. Ok.. I am fairly new to this blogging stuff.. and you are on my "FAV 5" .. oh wait..that is T-Mobile

    Back to question..what was my question?

  22. Oh.. I remembered my question..

    so you are almost at that magic 100, what wonderful gift will you be teasing us all with???

  23. Q: Life seems to be good. You have a wonderful family, a great husband (at least he draws good) and you seem to enjoy living the "glamorous life of a Hausfrau". Is there any thought of, once the youngsters are of an appropriate age, giving up the stay at home mom lifestyle and going into the work place?

    And if so, what line of work would you consider pursuing? Something simple like Wal Mart Greeter or part time librarian, or would you immerse yourself into a post child-raising career like real estate or brain surgery?

  24. Do you ever worry about always putting picture of the "girls" on you site and one day one of Buddy's friends or the parents run across you site and are offended? What would Buddy himself think of his own mother posting such pictures?

  25. jeeze... some people have some serious issues...

    annon.... did you not spend as much "naked time" with your mommy as you'd've liked?

    or maybe it was too much naked time?

    i dunno. i'm not a shrink.

    etw: here's a list of questions....

    #1 who's your favorite disney princess?
    #2 what's your view on porn?
    #3 if the evil twin was to demand that the livingroom/bedroom be converted into a startrek themed room... would it be the original series or the next generation? or would it be more like starwars?
    #4 do you know the difference between startrek and starwars (i'm pretty sure only about 30% of women do... )
    #5 what's the worst thing you've ever done?
    #6 can you give milk chocolate my number? i kinda have a thing for her....

  26. OMG, I just had to laugh at Fattie's comment to the Anon Douche ! That's too freaking funny. By the way ETW - if you got'um flaunt um ! Buddy would be proud to have such a beautiful mother.

  27. my question......Andy Rooney or Larry King? and you know what I mean......