Friday, April 24, 2009

Somewhat Random

On Thursday evening, I had my birthday dinner. We didn't go out Wednesday evening because #1. That was my Juicy Juice party and I knew I'd be eating lots of pizza during the day and #2. That is the day that the Evil Twin always goes to the Chinese buffet with his co-workers and they eat until nearly comatose. We both realized that neither of us would be super hungry at dinner time, so we just decided to wait.

It was my choice - of course, but I couldn't really pin down where I wanted to go. Finally, I asked Buddy if he wanted to go to the "place where we can throw peanuts on the floor" (Logan's Roadhouse) and he was more than okay with that.

We left the house immediately after the Evil Twin got home from work, so we were there by 5 ish. I had a feeling, though, that most of the restaurants around town would be crowded because it was the first sunny semi-warm day we've had in forever and it was close enough to the weekend to pretend it IS the weekend.

I was right. But, we only had to wait a minute while they cleared a table off for us. I saw an unbelievable display of "humanity" walk through those doors in that one moment though.

We were seated and ordered. The kids had a great time cracking peanuts and then throwing the shells on the floor. Sissy would just bang them on the table until she cracked one, then would excitedly exclaim (each time, as if it was a new revelation), "Look, a PEANUT inside!" (what else might one find in a peanut shell???) LOL.

After our food arrived, a young couple with their little boy and infant daughter, in the carseat/carrier were seated at 2 o' clock from my line of vision. When she (the mom) sat down, I was treated to a full view of about 2 inches of her ass crack.

I said to the Evil Twin, "I don't want to hear another word about my low slung pants. Ass crack right behind you." And he said, "I'm not looking." Then, I said, "Sweet young thing." So, of course, he looked and kept looking! LOL. I even got my camera out at one point and took a pic of the Evil Twin and Buddy, then plotted to turn the camera quickly and snap the ass crack - not that I care, but I thought it was funny. I just couldn't stir up the courage. Her husband was sitting to her left and I was afraid to be caught by him. LOL.

We also saw lots of really morbidly obese people shuffle through. It was great. When we left, I remarked to the Evil Twin, "Wow! Nothing like mud flaps and butt cracks!"

On the way home, we stopped at a big box hardware store and bought 8 (eight) 50lb bags of play sand for the sand box we had bought the weekend before.

We chose this one:

The kids LOVE it!

I also got my new hammock in on Wednesday, but wanted to wait until Thursday evening to put it up:

Not the best shot, I know, but I need to wear it in a bit. I did sit in it for a moment and it's very comfortable.

And I did take pictures of my cake, but not until after it was cut. The kids were soooo anxious to; "get to it", I barely had time to make a wish and blow my one candle out! :-)

The side view, above. You can see why they call it a "checkerboard" cake.

And the top view:

Around here, we like to really maximize the celebration time for birthdays. So, I typically celebrate my birthday from April 22 to Mother's Day - whenever that falls (that second Sunday in May). I figure, "Why not?" Both days are for ME, ME, ME, right?

One more thing, before I go: one of the moms from my playgroup asked about a certain bush or shrubbery thing we have in our yard. She remarked how lovely it is and I agree that it's pretty, but I have no clue what it is:

Anyone know?


  1. Azalea. :D
    Tell her not to plant it near roses cause they like differnt soils,sunlight etc.

    Nice cake, ignoring some wenches butt crack.xx♥

  2. Oh Man! You guys have all the luck! The only butt cracks I ever see are those of the big people! Never a sweet young thing. I'll just have to keep searching.

    Nice cake, too.

  3. they don't have those "peanuts on the floor" in many places anymore because of the law suits. I loved those places. Whenever you walk around and things crunch under your to be a great place!

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  5. Cool sandbox. I finally took the plunge and got one for our kids, too. I hear the lid is very important! Anything I can do to keep them kids in one place after those first few weeks with a newborn! I love the cake, too. Makes me hungry.

  6. Yes, it's an azalea.

    That cake looks scrumptious.

  7. No picture of the nice young thing????? That sucks... And LOL at Sissy and the peanut surprises, so cute.

  8. We have the same sandbox. The kids love it. Now I just need to get my husband to buy me a hammock too!

  9. We have the same sandbox too! Lots of fun.

  10. That is an azella bush thingy lol. We have 2 in our yard, they smell great but just don't last long enough do they??

    LOVE TEXAS ROADHOUSE!! I love that you tried to get a picture of the ass crack..that is totally something I would do too. lol. Have a great day!!

  11. I was going to tell you its an azalea but I didn't know how to spell it!

    When I had time, back in the day, you know, when I remembered my friend's birthdays and such, I used to make checkerboard cakes.

    Now I just wish my friends belated birthdays! IT SOUNDS AWESOME!!! I'll help you keep on celebrating until Mother's Day.

  12. Natalie - thanks for letting me know. :-)

    Al - I could NOT keep my eyes off her ass crack. It was very interesting.

    JA - That crunch under the feet is really neat. I hadn't heard about the lawsuits... Sad.

    Gigi - Yes, a lid is important. We're keeping a brick on top of ours (we get high winds sometimes).

    kenju - it doesn't just "look" scrumptious - it's from Spring Hill Bakery!

    Ron - You know I wanted photographic evidence. I'm just too chicken!

    Lauren - check out I got the Island Bay XL. Right now, they have things on sale and free shipping!

    Paul - I love this one. It looks more "natural" than the big plastic turtle or ladybug.

    Lisha - I definitely need to get braver in my photography endeavors!

    Inanna - You better help me celebrate! :-)

  13. Don't be hatin' on the fatties.

  14. I am with the others...we need the ass crack! There's always next time!

  15. That sounds like an entertaing birthday dinner - especially for the kids!

    I was going to go w/ Rhodedendron for the plant. I think I have an azalea in my yard (the one plant that was too big to pull out) but it doesn't bloom that pretty!

    Have a great weekend.

  16. Mud flaps and butt cracks indeed!! LMAO........
    I'm a tad jealous of your celebration and that cake Ms. Hausfrau. You could have at least sent me a piece you know????
    How are the girls and when will they be making an encore visit?
    Sissy and Buddy sound too precious for words and thanks for the congrats on the better not call me Grandma.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  17. Azalea, and my husband gets all twitchy about my low-riders too, and I don't get to the butt crack point, ever, what's with that?

  18. Whenever I got to a restaurant I always have to sit near the back, facing the door. I'm pretty sure I was a gunfighter back in the day. Well, I know I was cause I'm a descendant of Frank James.

    Anyway, the benefit to this little habit is that I get to watch everyone else. People always put on a show and they don't even realize it.

    That cake looks yummy.

    So does the hammock, but I'm afraid I would go splat on the ground trying to get out of it. ;-)

  19. (K)arla - I'm talking about the people who are 30lbs away from being bed-ridden. Not just heavy set peeps. (If I meant that, I'd be insulting the Evil Twin).

    Warren - I *tried*, I really did! Something tells me you would have joined my nefarious plan to pose nearby and let me get the shot! ET wouldn't budge!

    Vinomom - we have a rhododendron here too. I knew that one! They have bigger white flowers.

    Reggie - I have plans for unveiling the girls soon!

    3C - It IS tasty!

    powdergirl - I often reach butt crack or lower, so he calls me on it. "I can see your entire asshole!" (exaggerate much, honey?)

    Jay - there is a learning curve to getting into and out of the hammock, but it's super easy. You'd be fine! :-)

  20. Cake looks awesome. I hate looking at other people's butt cracks. Especially when I'm eating. Have a great weekend !

  21. When The Husband and I both worked for one of Logan's competitors we had peanuts. And had to get rid of them because of lawsuits. They finally got them back again but you are unable to throw them on the floor. Which takes all the fun out of it IMHO.

    Love the hammock and the sandbox! Have a great weekend, hope the weather cooperates!

  22. Don't you just want to stuff a french fry into every available ass slot you see in the wild?

    Or is that just me?

  23. Nice lookin' cake, hammock & sandbox!! I'm comin' over to your house! Thank goodness there's no ass crack ,though! LOL! Yep, def. azaleas!! Have a great wknd. ETW! :)

  24. It's customary in my family that grandpa(my dad) build a sand box for all of his grandkids. Let me tell you all the hours of entertainment that provides..more time for you to lay in your hammock! Looks very cozy and the cake, oh good lord, sinful!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday! And YUM...that cake looks fantastic!

  26. Nice bush! sorry. not. ;-)

    I like the way you cut nice BIG pieces of cake. Yummy. Now I want cake too.

  27. It's an azalea.

    HAppy Birthday!

  28. " I can see your entire asshole"
    LMAO. Cheers for the week-end!

  29. Well, shame on me....I missed your birthday. Sounds like you had fun, ass cracks, gifts and cake. Even I knew that was an azalea....even with the black thumb that I have

  30. Happy birthday! Mine is tomorrow, and my wife's is next week, April ROCKS!

    MMm Chinese buffet to coma, the best ever. I like those "peanut on the floor" places. Your butt crack exchange sounds like my wife and I, too funny.

  31. The Girl - this was a very aesthetically pleasing ass crack. LOL.

    Bitchy - Yes, where is the fun if you can't make a big mess? :-)

    Tiff - I'm sure there are others, but it had never dawned on me. :-)

    TGG - My ass crack DOES hang out though, but you can deal with it. Come on over!

    Chandra - I'm already seeing the benefits of that sandbox! :-)

    RLL - Thanks! And it is good (not much left at this point!).

    Scott - that's actually just the piping on the cake, but we've been following the lines anyway. :-)

    K- Thanks, sweetie!

    Powdergirl - Yep, he's all class.

    rosemary - I'm terrible with remembering plant - flower - shrubbery names! You didn't miss my bday. I'm still celebrating!

    g-man - Yes, April babies are the best. Happy Birthday to you and your wife. Glad to know there are other couples out there like us!

  32. When you said you were going to take the picture at the restaurant, I thought we may all get a "view" of the view you got!

    Happy late Birthday, I love the hammock.. and hope you get some warm weather this weekend to use it!!

    Jan :)

  33. Oh, yes that sure looks like an Azalea..

    we have lots here in Washington.. they like a little more shade..which with our often gray sky's seems perfect for them to grow, kind of like a small Rhododendron!


  34. You have to master the photo ops, i am a pro at staging a photo, just put ET in front and have him smile while you zoom in on whatever it is you want to get. Saul is a pro now ha-ha

    Glad you had a Happy Birthday.

    yummmmmmmm... ummmm. num I want that cake LOL

  35. G'day from Australia,

    Hope you had a great birthday. Thursday was a very special day in our family too.

    Judging by those blooms and the leaves, I'd say that's an azalea.

  36. Rather than be the 94th person to say azalea, I'll just apologize profusely for missing your birthday. Even with it being so close to Curmy's I have no excuse other than having my head in muddleland. Happy Belated Birthday!

  37. Thank you! It helps to know i'm not alone. :) Thanks for the positives. Have a great weekend.

  38. I so do not know shribs and greenery, but I did know that was an azalea. We had several bushes around our house when I was growing up. That cake looks good enough to you did. Good job!

  39. Ooooh gurl, you should'a seen the hoochie mama I saw walking around Wally World today! Daisy duke shorts, tank top, some kind of sleeve things on her arms, and high heels. Klassy!

    My dad has azaleas like that all over the front part of his house.

  40. Cool sandbox! Good choice.

    Our Logan's no longer permits throwing peanuts. :( Weiners!

    Man, that cake looks yummy-licious. If I lived just a little closer I'd totally walk over and beg for a slab of that cake, baby! (Cakes come in SLABS where I'm from, okay. Slices are a tad too dainty.)

  41. HI, I just found your blog! Love it.
    I think your plant is an Azalea. We have one and that is what my neighbor told me what it is. I am horrible with plants and such, so I believe her. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your cake. I have never tried to make a marble cake. Now, I want to. I HATE butt cracks. My sister has a tendency to wear pants that do that. I got after her this last time in a good way. It is just nasty. What a world we live in!

  42. Happy belated birthday!!! That cake looks scrumptious... but butt-cracks notsomuch.

    Where did you get that AWESOME sandbox? I really need one -- the neighbors got one and Jonathan keeps sneaking out to visit it. eek! That one is gorgeous and would sort of jive with the garden decor. Score!

  43. Happy Birthday! Your celebration sounds wonderful but next time I expect to be invited over for some of that cake!!!! Yummmmmmy! And the hammock... heavenly!

  44. 400 pounds of sand sounds like you are skimping on the sand LOL

    I would have given you that much for free but the gas getting here and back would have been dear