Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yay - More Questions!

I received a few more questions via email. These are from my bud, Allclick. He totally should have made the effort to meet us at the restaurant yesterday - but I'll answer his questions anyway. Yes, I know they opened a new one in Hurricane. I can't imagine it's as good as my own, old hometown one (I'm sure it is... I know the Eggleton's and they rock).

Anyhoo - questions and answers below:

What are is your fondest memory of Marshall and least ,erm, fondest?
I’m going to break this down into (A) and (B). I’ve had lots of both.

(A) Probably my fondest time at Marshall was when I worked for the student newspaper, The Parthenon. I was lucky enough to be hired to do production work on the paper, which is work study (jobs typically only given to students in need of financial aid). The production crew would get to work about 4 pm and we’d work, doing hand paste ups, until the whole paper was ready to be driven out to Wayne County, where a print shop worked all night cranking out the finished product. At that time of the afternoon, most staff, faculty and students had all gone home so it was just the crew (about 4 or 5 of us), all seated at our individual light tables. We’d joke around, talk, listen to music and have a great time. This was wayyyy back when all the stories were laid out on a phototypositer then we’d have to measure the dummies (the rough layouts) and divide by 2 or 3 (columns) and cut the story to fit the space - computers didn’t do things like that for newspapers back then. I was always pleased to see the newspaper the next morning and admire my perfectly placed work (all done by hand).

(B) My least fond memory was realizing I’d have to re-take one class in order to graduate. I had to stay on an extra semester taking ONE night class. I worked during the day to have something to do. When I completed my course, I refused to attend the graduating ceremonies and instead arranged to just have my degree mailed to me at my parents’ house. It’s still in the little “leather” folder it was sent in, smooshed between books in my bookshelf.

Why West Virginia?
My dad was the district administrator for the Federal Highway Administration and this is where we landed with his promotion. We moved right before my sophomore year. I attended and graduated from Nitro High School. I never wanted to be too far from my mom and dad, so I chose MU and then met the Evil Twin, so here we are still….

Fame and Fortune or Respect and Penniless?
I think it’s more important to be respected and admired by your peers - your friends will always help you out in a tight spot if you’ve been good to them. So, I’ll say respect and penniless.

What do you like to do to relax?
I really enjoy reading (hence, my lengthy blogroll), but I also enjoy books. I also enjoy hanging out with friends or having a glass of wine (either by myself or with others).

Where else can I try for some good cheesecake??
I would try local bakeries (like locally owned and operated). Have you tried Aunt Bs in Hurricane (near the Putnam Hospital)? Or, try some upscale restaurants who have their own pastry chef (think Laury’s or Aubrey’s).

Blogs: Good for the soul or good for a rant?
I think they can be both, but I use mine as a “good for the soul” option. I’m not much of a ranter, but I have done that from time to time as well. Which reminds me that I have some shit to unload later on - maybe tomorrow. I feel confession time comin’ on.


  1. Mmmmm, cheesecake!

    My favorite cheesecake in this area is from the Black Hawk Grille in Barboursville. I used to be in grad school with their desert chef. It's out of this world (as is the rest of their food). It is upscale, but their menu is in the phone book so you can look at prices before you go. I love when they do that.

  2. I spent an interesting weekend at Marshall; probably before you were born....LOL

  3. Wow! I got my own blog post hehe Thanks for being so swift with your answers! I hope they were kinda thought provoking/fun.

    I'll get working on the next set.

    Aunt B's? hmm is that near Fox's Den?

    I would have come to Mayberry's but I'm in Huntington every week day :-( I hope you had a corndog on me.

  4. I spent 2 good years at Marshall living in 606 TTE. Imagine how overwhelmed I was coming from a small town (pop. 1500) in southern WV to the big city of Huntington. And I did read the Parthenon regularly.

    I did not graduate from MU, but transferred to WVIT and finally graduated.

    I liked Huntington and Stewarts Hot Dogs.

    One funny phrase I picked up is the description of a small Salisbury-type steak with gravy. At MU it was called a Marco honor of the school mascot.

  5. Isn't ranting good for the soul at times? LOL

    Can't wait for the confession :)

  6. I think instead of watching soap operas on TV, these blogs have replaced that. Call it the Truman show.

  7. I got lost at Marshall once. I was on my way back to "my" college from Clarksburg, and took a (waaaay) wrong turn.

    I endured much teasing over that one...

    [Which width tape did you favor on the layout board? Also, did you prefer the straight edge or the 'jazzy' styles? Which music did you favor in the editing den? "WE" were Toad the Wet Sprocket fanatics...]

  8. Great answers! Although I'd have picked respect and riches. Fame, don't care so much. But pennilessness sucks.

    I made a freakin' awesome cheesecake a while back, it was easy peasy. Think the recipe's around here somewhar, I'll post it when I find.