Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Quick Check In

Ron made it safe and sound yesterday and we've been having fun. The Evil Twin brought home chinese food last night for dinner and Ron had brought desserts from a place near where he lives...there were a variety of things to pick from and they all looked great. It was hard to choose and hurt another treats' feelings.

But, we all ate like pigs and plan to do so again at lunch. Ron needn't worry about being kicked out. I know the owners and the waitstaff very well, so we're in like Flynn.

Of course, since Ron and I are too busy chatting, it's hard to read blogs and/or comment. I'm sure he and I will get caught up by the end of the week! ;-) We're having too much fun gabbing for now.

I'm off to get Sissy dressed for the day and the last few things I need to do myself...

I will get back later, either today or tomorrow, depending on my schedule and have pics.

Mwah! :-)


  1. She got pictures but none of her. I didn't think about it until after we'd left the freakin restaurant!

  2. Well, they've seen pics of me (my face and legs). The only thing I haven't shown is the meow-meow-meow. I am going to drive the Evil Twin nuts saying that. LOL.