Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

I had wanted to be online earlier today to post a report about lunch yesterday, but I received a phone call super early - even earlier than my shower time! - from a mom at Buddy's school. They needed someone to work the popcorn machine this morning and get that ready for each individual class.

See, once every couple of Fridays, the school offers bags of popcorn instead of the normal snack. The children can either opt for the popcorn for 25cents or another snack for 25 cents or bring one from home (free). The whole popcorn thing is a longstanding tradition and the kids really like it.

Apparently, the people who normally do it could not make it this morning, so I got the emergency phone call. I said I needed to shower and get myself ready, but could be there to help. However, I had never been involved in making the popcorn, so I wasn't sure how to use the machine and then how the snacks got distributed, but if someone could show up and teach me the ropes, I'd be okay after that.

Ok, a rushed shower, grab the baby out of her crib, dress her and hand her a waffle and a sippy cup of milk and we fly out the door. We did the popcorn thing, which was fun and finally, we are home!

Lunch with the Blonde Goddess and Buzzardbilly was awesome! I knew it would be.

Back Story: Buzzardbilly
The Evil Twin's maternal grandparents lived near Buzzardbilly's grandmother and parents, so he has known her since she was just a little girl. I met Buzzardbilly when I started dating the Evil Twin and we've all been friends for a kazillion years.

Back Story: The Blonde Goddess
After Sissy was born, I got a call from my brother who had started a MySpace page and had pics of his kids on it. Knowing that by creating my own page would be the most likely way for me to keep up with my niece and nephew, I also signed up for a MySpace page. Soon, I was reconnecting with old high school friends and college pals. In my searching for friends, I ran across the page for Blonde Goddess. After reading her page, I thought we'd get along well, so I wrote to say hi and introduced myself (both moms, lived nearby - both of us had a crazy and fun side) and we became MySpace friends, but hadn't met. Until yesterday that is!!!!

She is so sweet and funny - exactly like I thought she'd be. Easy to talk with and very sensible - while still having a handle on her "wild" side. A fun mom - which is always how I'd pictured her.

We talked - A LOT and tried to eat in between yakking. Sissy was in fine form being her usual whiny self (she wanted out of the high chair to roam free --- I don't THINK so! ). We all had so much fun, it was decided that we'd do it again soon and again and again. Our next vict, I mean, lunch date, will be with Ron. We're all looking forward to that.

Buzzardbilly operates on strict anonymity and while I did have my camera, I didn't want her to be in a shot she wouldn't approve of. Maybe next time, I'll get a pic and just put a big smiley face over her head. Or maybe she can operate the camera and get a shot of Blonde Goddess, Ron and myself.

At any rate, I think we've loosely formed the CCCBA - the Crazy Charleston Chicks Blogging Association. Non-Chicks are welcome to attend also!


  1. I was awfully quiet, wasn't I? I think I was awed by the incredibly intelligent women there and I was kind of out-of-it..after all I had rushed through a shower and still had soap in the crack of my ass.....

    I can't wait to watch was so nice of BuzzardBilly to loan me the DVDS. I REALLY liked her and felt immediately at ease. It was great. You both are such warm, down to earth I said...I think I was the presence of royalty.

  2. It was great and I look forward to Mayberry's and Ron becoming an honorary member of the CCCBA.

    I loved it when the Blonde Goddess pulled a tube of Carmex out of her tiny (and I do mean tiny) purse and said "my make-up". Normally, my make-up is Chapstick and nothing else, though to be in the presence of blog royalty (ETW, BG, and Sissy who will one day blog about all of us) I did wear full make-up (including eye shadow that was so bright it could lure Divine back from the dead).

    Popcorny side note: My grade school used to have popcorn day every day. The janitor ran one of those popcorn machines on wheels. It was yummeh.

  3. I look forward to joining the club. I'm sure it will be nervewracking and I will probably take forever to get my make-up on properly :)

  4. Do you have a ladies' auxiliary?


    Ya gotta grab Rebecca next time too - cuz she's local to y'all and has a toddler boy for Sissy to whine at.

  5. How about FORMER Charleston Chicks (and actually, truth be known a former chick)????

    Sounds like you all have a good time together, and I am looking forward to joining you in August!

  6. Well damn. Can I be the Huntington Chapter? LOL